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The Ziglar Stimulus Package

February 25, 2009

As you can imagine, we have spent a great deal of time as a company brainstorming how we can help and serve our customer base in these current tough economic times. Plus, it has been a little hard on us as well. Hard in two ways, actually. First, people need and want what we offer more than ever as we are hearing more pain than usual, which is hard to hear from your friends. And second, many of the companies we do business with have cut back, and training is one of the things that often gets cut first. I’m certain you can understand how this impacts us. The silver lining in this is that they are not saying no to our training, rather they are saying no to taking their people off the job and no to travel expenses.

We have come up with an idea, and I would love your feedback.

The Ziglar Stimulus Package

We are not offering this yet; it is still in the development phase, so your input will really help us out. The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include two live webinars each month plus access online to over 100 hours of Ziglar’s best video and audio programs through the Ziglar Vault.

One webinar will focus on personal development and staying motivated in this tough economy

One webinar will focus on selling effectively in this tough economy

The Ziglar Vault contains easy access 24/7 to everything we have developed to help companies and individuals be more successful

The compelling thing about the webinars is that they are live, real-time, and relevant. Participants are able to ask questions through our chat feature and even send in email requests prior to the events that we can cover during the training. When the webinar is over, we will send each participant an MP3 download and a transcript of the event – this way, even if they miss the event they have not really missed it.

At the end of each webinar we will also cover a five-minute self-study program where participants are given direction on where to find additional training in the Ziglar Vault.

As you can see, the Ziglar Stimulus Package concept answers the objection of travel expense and taking people out of the field. We also believe it answers the objection of relevant information in regards to the current business climate. Of course, the last main potential objection is price. Here is our current thinking on price, and once again your feedback will be very helpful.

If purchased separately you can get the webinars with the downloads for $17.00 each

The Ziglar Vault will be a subscription at $17.00/month

The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include both the webinars and the Ziglar Vault for a monthly membership of $17.00. Yes, we are thinking about including all three for the $17.

Our hope is that individuals and companies will see this as a perfect solution to sharpening their skills and getting a “check up from the neck up” twice each month via the webinars, and anytime they want via the Ziglar Vault. Plus, we will encourage companies to schedule their sales meetings around the live webinar so they can go through the information as a team.

I look forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment in the comment section. We really want this to work, and to make a difference in the lives of so many people and companies who are struggling right now. Thanks in advance for your input.

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2009  .  This Ziglar Stimulus Package is now here and is called Success 2.o. Check it out!


February 9, 2009

I asked Dad what he thought about the stimulus package.  He had a faraway look in his eye.  You could tell he was searching his 82 years of collective memories and wisdom.  “Son,” he said, “there ain’t no free lunch.”

I don’t know about you, but I am suffering from a severe case of Stimulitus.  Stimulitus is a condition brought on by borrowing money to be spent by people who produce nothing,for things we don’t need, to help people who either caused the problem or don’t believe in paying taxes.  Stimulitus is what you get when you realize that the people you have elected value self-interest first and foremost, and believe that common sense is a dreadful disease that can only be cured by printing money.

Stimulitus creates some very interesting math problems.  My daughter is in 8th grade and occasionally I help her with the dreaded math word problem.  Here is a word problem for you.  The current $750 billion Stimulitus plan (give or take $200 billion or more) says we will either save or create 2.5 million jobs. How much does it cost to save or create one job?  Dude, that is like $300,000 per job!  I want one of those jobs!

Here is an idea for you.  We elected a bunch of “smart” people.  Let’s tell them to cut $500 billion in government overhead and reduce our taxes by $250 billion this year.  That’s a $750 billion adjustment just like the current Stimulitus plan.  See, I can work with big numbers, too; the only difference is the reality that we are going to have to do with less for a time.  Of course, 90% of us have already figured that out, and for those of you without common sense, 90% is like, a lot.

The Economy – Yours, The Country’s, or God’s

February 4, 2009

I received an email today from a lady asking us Ziglar’s thoughts on the economy and when we thought it might improve. I thought you might like to see the answer.

Dear Deborah,

 Dad and I talk every day and I ask him about the economy from time to time. His answer is almost always the same (and I bet you know what I am going to say) in that the economy that really matters is the one between your ears! It is true that the country is going through an extremely difficult time and that times are tough and many are suffering. In an economy like this, the important thing is to remember that the right attitude, character, and work ethic are more important than ever, and the long-term rewards of these will be greater than ever, even though in the short term you may not see the financial results like you have in the past.

 There is a greater opportunity right now than ever before to make a difference in people’s lives. You may be blessed to be doing financially well and you are able to reach down and give others a hand up. Or you may be struggling financially and through your encouragement and example can give people in the same situation a boost up. In either case, this is what God’s economy is all about. Personally, we believe that it is going to remain tough for a while longer, but we are hopeful just long enough to get everyone focused on the things that matter and away from the things that don’t matter. The good news for you is that if you are in the top percentage of salespeople and you continue to do what you have been doing, you will continue to be successful (the top percentage of salespeople are there because they know how to innovate and meet people’s needs, no matter what company they work for). I hope this answer helps. I wish we could tell you exactly when it is going to get better.

So here is a tip to success in this economy. Make sure your economy lines up with God’s economy. If it does, the country’s economy doesn’t matter!

The Hot-Dog Solution

November 19, 2008

A few weeks ago I wrote about Anita Foss and her recommendation that we spend time in prayer about our economy (The Economy – What Would Zig Do?).  One of our readers, Deepak from Florida, took that idea one step further.  For him the answer, and the people’s need, was a hot dog.

Question – What need do you see right outside your window right now that you can fulfill?  The real economy you have to control is the one between your ears.  Take action and help a fellow man, and see how their personal economy improves, as well as THE ECONOMY BETWEEN YOUR EARS!

Here is what Deepak said:


very good idea . i read your article on ZIGZIGLAR newsletter .

i have a small convenience store in very poor neighborhood in florida . every lastfriday of the month a church group comes and gives away groceries and food to all the people around and prey in my parking lot . i let them use my parking lot to do all this activity whenever they want , as i have lot of space .
after reading your and ANITO FOS ,s advice to do something for the economy or for the other people . i have decided to give free hotdogs to all the poor people who come to attend the church meeting . although i am not very rich but blessed enough that i can afford to do this little thing for people .
so thank you very much for planting seed in my mind to do something for others .
iam great fan of your dad ZIG and my son reads all your bogs .

If You Were Me

November 1, 2008


If you were the CEO of Ziglar, what would you do?  Pick between these two choices:


1)     Would you offer a two-day live seminar on “How to Sell with Certainty in an Uncertain Economy?” for $1000 per person with a goal of getting 10 people?




2)     Would you offer a 90 minute webinar on “How to Sell with Certainty in an Uncertain Economy?” for $10 per person with a goal of getting 1000 people?


Please, just click on comments and let me know which one and why. 

The Economy – What Would Zig Do?

October 23, 2008

This article is inspired by Anita Foss, one of our subscribers.  She sent me an email yesterday with a great idea.  Here it is:


“Dear Tom –


 I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of hearing about the

 wretched state of our economy which is predicted to remain “in the

 tank” for the next 24 months. We cannot turn off the mike on Bernanke

 and the Doomsday Brigade, but we can have faith and pray. Rather than

 continuing to just pray in general for our economy, I have compiled a

 list of the companies that each family member works for. I have asked

 each person in our family to take this list and commit to pray for

 each company every day until Thanksgiving.


 Now, I realize if you were to do this with your family, it might be a

 very short list; 🙂 but I wonder if you might encourage other families

 and small groups to do something of this nature.


 Let’s pray for our companies to have discipline, wisdom and hope; to

 find opportunities and create solutions.”


 Faith, love and prayers for Ziglar –

 Anita Fos


This reminds me of what Dad says about times like this.  These are some great quotes and the wisdom contained in them is very deep.


Zig Says:


“It’s not the economy out there that is the problem, it’s the economy between your ears that is the problem.”


“Life is tough, but the tougher you are on yourself (self-discipline) the easier life will be on you.”


“How many of you today believe there is something you could do in the next few days that would make your personal life, your family life, or your business life…..worse?  Could I see your hands?  Doesn’t it makes sense that if you could make your life worse, you could also choose to do something that would make your life better?  You are in control and have the ability to make your life either better or worse, the choice is yours.”


“You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind.  You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.”


In a follow-up email with me Anita said this:


“Have you read “48 days to the Work you Love” by Dan Miller?  I love his ideas about work being an extension of our worship and the direction he provides for people to find the work God created them to do. His podcast, (available on iTunes/career) is full of ideas, inspiration and hope.

On one of his podcasts, he asked the question, “What is most commanded in the Bible?” I guessed it would be to obey or to love, but it was: 

“Do not be afraid.” What a great thing to remember at this time!”


This truth is something I have watched first hand with Dad.  His joy, his happiness, is not dependent on his circumstances!  The past year as he has had to Embrace The Struggle with his head injury, I can honestly say I have not seen him discouraged or unhappy about the situation at all.  Instead, he constantly reminds me of everything he has to be grateful for and he focuses on what he can do next to improve his situation and make a difference in someone else’s life. 


Dad is the happiest man alive not because of his circumstances here, but because of his faith and hope in our Lord.  The power in this is that circumstances are always changing, but God and His love for us never change. 


So how do you get out of the pit if your circumstances have knocked you down?  Another Zig quote for you (I think he quoted someone else on this one!):


“Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.”


So get busy!  You can start right now.


1)         Join Anita – pray for your family and their current work situation.

2)         Do what Dad does – write out a gratitude list and carry it with you.  I bet in a day you can think of 50 things you are grateful for.

3)         Change the economy between your ears – listen to Dad, Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey just to name a few.

4)         Develop an action list of things that will improve your life – and JUST START!


The Eight Things Everyone Wants – How Do You Get Them in a Tough Economy?

October 17, 2008


After years of study and working with thousands of people, Dad says that everyone wants to be or have these eight things:




Reasonably Prosperous



Peace of Mind

Good Family Relationships



So how is it that in any economy you have “rich” people who believe they don’t have any of these things, and you have “poor” people who believe they have more than enough of every one of these things?


Did you know you have a choice and you can make every one of these areas better in your life today?  What are you waiting for?