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The Top 5 Of 2009

January 2, 2010

Following are the Top 5 Ziglar Pure and Simple blog posts of 2009 with the number of hits.  Thank you for being a reader!  Let me know what you would like to see in 2010.

#5   The Purity Diet 3,200 hits

#4    I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Ziglar 4,875  hits

#3  So You Wanna Be A Speaker 5,065 hits

#2  Seven Success Keys 5,251 hits

#1  At The Foot Of A Giant At the Foot of a Giant 9,141 hits

I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Tom Ziglar and Ziglar, Inc.

February 22, 2009

First, let me introduce myself. I am Tom Ziglar, the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. You are most likely here because you found me on Twitter. I go by @tomziglar – clever, I know. If you found my blog other than through Twitter, that’s ok, you might like reading a bit about Twitter.

I thought you might enjoy and maybe even benefit from knowing why I have engaged in Twitter and how I am using Twitter to help our company, Ziglar, Inc., grow and prosper. Not only am I blessed to have the father that I do, but literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world have also been impacted by my father. That means I have lots of work to do!

My first objective is to find as many of the people who have been impacted by Dad as I can and follow them. My second objective is to convince those who have been influenced by Dad to help me continue to get Dad’s life-changing message out.

Lucky for me, Dad has made this really easy! Zig Ziglar may be about the most quoted human being in modern times! The way I find above average, intelligent, smart people (maybe how I found you) to follow is I use PeopleBrowsr to key word-search the name Zig Ziglar. If you quote Dad and give him credit, there is a good chance I will find you and follow you. Yes, Dad’s quotes are meaningful, true, and memorable all at the same time. Even his quotes have the ability to impact lives.

The second thing I do is I Tweet quotes from Dad and links to articles and free stuff that feature Dad. People love this because they get value from this and many times they will ReTweet my Tweet. This gives me more people to search out and follow, and many times people will look me up because they want to connect back with Ziglar and tell me how Dad impacted them. Nothing makes me happier than this!

Dad ‘s most famous quote is this: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

This quote really sums up my Twitter strategy, and it should be yours as well. Make your Tweets positive and supportive. Give valuable information. Build trust. Listen and respond to those in need. If you do, others will pass on your Tweets and people will find out about what you have to offer.

So, through Twitter I am hoping to reach the thousands who already know us and the millions who don’t, and I am hoping they will then link to our free podcast, blogs, newsletter, webinars, etc. It’s ok if you take advantage of all of our free stuff, we want you to have it. If you apply it and see a positive change in your life , then the day will come when there will be something of ours you will want to buy!

Please leave a comment if you have ideas on how to make the Ziglar Twitter strategy even better.

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Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar talk about Twitter and Business – Article and Video

UPDATE:  tip from @andymeadows – use to track links on twitter.  Thanks Andy, now I do and I love it!

UPDATE: tip from @namnum suggested that I link my Twitter page to this article on my blog which I have done now.  He got the idea from ProBlogger .  Like Dad says, always give credit – If they are right you look really smart, if they are wrong you have someone to blame!  @namnum thanks for taking the time for the tip – I know you are right!

UPDATE:  @jawar suggested I keep my tweets less than 140 characters so that RT (retweets) would fit and be much easier.  Funny how what you know and what you actually do don’t always match up.  Thanks for the reminder @jawar and for connecting the dots for me.

UPDATE: @kris_freeberg recommends that dark text should not be on a dark background. I agree 100%!  It is such a pain to highlight the page to read it that I usually just skip it rather than follow without knowing what the person is about!

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