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The Power of Social Media and Customer Service

August 23, 2009

This past week I had a pretty crazy travel schedule.  Stuck in Chicago O’Hare airport I decided to get some work done while waiting for my flight.  Searching for the local wireless network I tried to log into for the local hotspot.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t connect to get their daily service.

So, doing what any Twitter addict would do, I pulled out my BlackBerry phone and using TwitterBerry I tweeted out my sad tale: “Boingo wireless works everywhere in the Chicago airport, except where I am!”  They made me feel much better.  But the real feel good came a few minutes later.

About ten minutes after my sad tweet, I got a DM (direct message) from Boingo on Twitter asking me to call their number and they would hook me up!  Now that is cool!  I happily Tweeted this sudden change of events out to my followers, praising Boingo for excellent service and for paying attention.

What a great lesson for all of us.  Keyword search your business name on Twitter to see what others are saying, and then empower your team to respond and make a difference.  Next time I need wireless in the Chicago airport, you bet I will give Boingo first crack at it.

The power of social media lives on.  Now this happy tale is a blog post and will be Tweeted out again and again.  It is even likely that others will link to the post and spread the news as a great example of how social media can work for you.  All because Boingo decided to pay attention and empower their people.

The Power of Amplification

July 21, 2009

Like it or not, our lives, all of our lives, are being amplified more than ever.  Run a red light and a red light camera takes your picture and sends you a nice little ticket.  Make a comment at lunch and good or bad it ends up on Twitter.  Even who you “friend” on Facebook can have others say something good or bad about you.  All of these “little” things amplify your image to the world.

The good news is that amplification can work in your favor.  Once you realize there is no such thing as a “cloak of invisibility” like in “The Lord of the Rings,” then you understand that every action or inaction you take, either positively or negatively, impacts the world’s view of you.  Doing the right thing has never gone out of style and in today’s WWW world it can ripple on forever.  Because of amplification, never before has it been so important to FLEE even the appearance of evil.
“Every Choice You Make Has an End Result.”  Zig Ziglar
In an amplified world Dad’s simple quote is, well, amplified!  So what is the secret to amplification?  I don’t believe there is a secret, but here are three things your really need to pay attention to:

1.     By far the most important is “Who are you plugged into?”  A powerful amp needs a powerful source.  What you put into your mind and who you spend time with are either power sources or power drains, or worse, they could be NEGATIVE charges!  When you choose to plug into a power source, it’s always good to see what power source that power source is plugged into, otherwise you might just get a NEGATIVE power surge and it will blow your circuits.  I have learned from Dad, who is an awesome power source by the way, that there is nothing better than plugging directly into the ultimate power source – God.

2.    Great amplification requires getting rid of the “noise” and clearing the channels.  Amplifying mixed messages is the kiss of death.  Your character and integrity must be without reproach so that you can always leave your volume on high.  Dad is 82 now and not prone to 20 minute answers like he once was.  Now his answers are short and pure – a reflection of his power source.  Remember, it is not good enough to amplify the right message most of the time for this will mute your impact.  Work on your character and integrity so much that when the tough times come a pure response is automatic.

3.    Great amplification is a choice.  You start by knowing your power source, then by being the right kind of person, and then by doing the right kinds of things.  In amplification the doing part is the combination of doing the right things – and then leveraging them.  First, determine what you want to be known for, what you want amplified, and then put in place a game plan to make this happen.  Some quick ideas for this include:  add a quote or adage or proverb to your everyday email, provide a link back to what is most important to you whenever possible, use social media by design to deliver value and tell what you stand for, and make it a point to make every interaction memorable and uplifting.

If you do these three things, then amplification will allow you to have more of the things in life you want.  Wow, amplification is all about Dad’s Be, Do, Have philosophy!

For ideas on Amplification check out Success 2.0

Twitter – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

May 6, 2009

A few days ago I read a post by one of my online mentors, Seth Godin, about Twitter.  I believe he is right in that by being free Twitter is potentially setting up for some major challenges.  I see no problem with Twitter offering different levels of use – free for people who want to connect with their friends and a fee for those who want to build or enhance their business.  The hard part is being able to tell the difference.  One thing is certain, the noise on Twitter is getting pretty loud. Some of my thoughts on Twitter:

The Good – Twitter has proven a great place to find people who have been impacted by Dad and then link them back to  I do this by following people who quote Dad, and by Tweeting Zig quotes which get re-Tweeted, enabling me to find others who have been impacted by Dad.  This is a perfect storm, finding those we need to find, and then equipping them to become megaphones for us.  Make no mistake, this does not happen by accident.  Our Tweets are a mixture of value and relationship-building designed to build trust so that people will link back to our business.

The Bad – the noise is getting really loud.  Now I see professional marketers operating numerous Twitter accounts using technology to Tweet automatically and build multiple followings at the same time.  I see this because I key word search Zig Ziglar and I will see the same Zig quote sent out at the same time by five different Twitter accounts, yet they all have the same picture or bio info.  This is spam and ruins it for everyone else.

The Ugly – I just discovered that we have a Zig Ziglar poser who is promoting a money-making scheme.  They “cleverly” posted Tweets linking to the real Ziglar website to make it seem like the authentic Zig, and then have promoted their own deal.  It amazes me that people actually believe they can steal integrity.  It is just not possible.

Whether you are on Twitter or not, here is the real-world application – integrity is the same in the real world or the virtual world.  If someone lacks integrity in the virtual world, you would be a fool to give them your real-world time and money.  Un-follow and Block are on Twitter for a reason, and you should use them in the real world as well.

Zig Ziglar talks about Twitter

May 2, 2009

Dad and I had a short conversation about Twitter and how it is impacting our business and our messaging. Check out the Video.

Many people ask me almost every day if Dad uses Twitter. He is not personally on Twitter, but he and I do talk about it regularly and he loves the fact that his message is reaching thousands of people in a new way. It always amuses me that people think Dad is “old school” just because he is 82 and has been in the public eye for over 40 years.

The reality is, Dad is one of the most creative, innovative thinkers of our time – not because he invented something, but because he is able to communicate the things that never change — principles, values, and truth — to a world that is always changing.

This is the sweet spot for Twitter and your business. Twitter is an awesome tool that enables you to reach a rapidly changing world real-time. If you ignore principles, values and truth, then Twitter will not work for you long-term. However, if you use it to share truth and to serve your fellow man first, then you will create a great Twitter reputation that will help you in everything that you do.

Like Dad says:

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

Success with Twitter is all about trust. Trust is built when you share truth and your focus is on helping the other person first. So the question is, is your Tweet, or your email, or your marketing piece, or your phone conversation, or your group presentation, building trust?

Birthday Fun With Twitter

May 1, 2009

 Mom turns 81 today! I mentioned this on Twitter and got covered up in well-wisher tweets. I copied just a few of them in an email to Mom to help make her day (see below). Maybe this will spark an idea for you. 

 From: Tom Ziglar
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 8:09 AM
To: Jean Ziglar FWD
Cc: Cindy Oates; ‘Julie Norman’; Katherine Lemons; Tom Ziglar; Laurie Magers
Subject: Birthday greetings from Twitter to you Mom!

Mom, just a few of the birthday wishes from Twitter.  I think you should get on Twitter, you already have a following!

Love, Tom

Houseonahillorg@tomziglar HappyBirthday Tom’s Mom!!!! Make it a GREAT day~

jarettrodriguez@tomziglar happy birthday to the redhead. I hope that she has a wonderful day.

judithbailey@tomziglar I do wish that your Mom has a very special birthday! May her day be blessed with honor & gratitude for everything she has done!

dlsHealthWorks@tomziglar Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂 ~Lori

GeneSzumowski@tomziglar Happy Birthday Mrs Ziglar – Hav A Grt One!!!

passionfruity7RT:@tomziglar :Today is Mom’s birthday. The Redhead is 81 today! Family lunches are always so much fun./ Happy Birthday fellow redhead 8; )

waynemansfieldRT @tomziglar: Today is Mom’s birthday. The Redhead is 81 today! Family lunches are always so much fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

DebbieLynnAVA@tomziglar Happy birthday to your mom. Enjoy the celebration.

JoeReneeVizi@tomziglar Happy Birthday Redhead!

kelvinringold@tomziglar Happy Birthday Mrs. Ziglar! 81 rocks. My mom will be 81 on May 11th. Don’t do too much dancing! You’ll scare the “youth” 😀

thefunkyfairy@tomziglar Happy Birthday Mom Ziglar x from the UK

rjsi@tomziglar Hpy birthday 2 her Tom. I met ur dad in the 80’s hre n S Florida & hve always respected him & his msgs. Lk frwd to mtng u 2 smedy

goLiveid@tomziglar wishing ur mum a very happy bday and may u have a fantastic day with ur family

aliholden@tomziglar Happy Birthday red-headed Mom!!

Vindicateornot@tomziglar This wouldn’t be funny except to oldtimers like me that listened to hundreds of hours of you Dad’s tapes. Happy Birthday!

texascoastal@tomziglar Happy birthday to your mom, and many more.

ponetRT @tomziglar: Today is Mom’s birthday. The Redhead is 81 today! Family lunches are always so much fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

jenetter@tomziglar Thanx to you “RED” there are a whole lotta happy women in the world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Tom Ziglar and Ziglar, Inc.

February 22, 2009

First, let me introduce myself. I am Tom Ziglar, the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. You are most likely here because you found me on Twitter. I go by @tomziglar – clever, I know. If you found my blog other than through Twitter, that’s ok, you might like reading a bit about Twitter.

I thought you might enjoy and maybe even benefit from knowing why I have engaged in Twitter and how I am using Twitter to help our company, Ziglar, Inc., grow and prosper. Not only am I blessed to have the father that I do, but literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world have also been impacted by my father. That means I have lots of work to do!

My first objective is to find as many of the people who have been impacted by Dad as I can and follow them. My second objective is to convince those who have been influenced by Dad to help me continue to get Dad’s life-changing message out.

Lucky for me, Dad has made this really easy! Zig Ziglar may be about the most quoted human being in modern times! The way I find above average, intelligent, smart people (maybe how I found you) to follow is I use PeopleBrowsr to key word-search the name Zig Ziglar. If you quote Dad and give him credit, there is a good chance I will find you and follow you. Yes, Dad’s quotes are meaningful, true, and memorable all at the same time. Even his quotes have the ability to impact lives.

The second thing I do is I Tweet quotes from Dad and links to articles and free stuff that feature Dad. People love this because they get value from this and many times they will ReTweet my Tweet. This gives me more people to search out and follow, and many times people will look me up because they want to connect back with Ziglar and tell me how Dad impacted them. Nothing makes me happier than this!

Dad ‘s most famous quote is this: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

This quote really sums up my Twitter strategy, and it should be yours as well. Make your Tweets positive and supportive. Give valuable information. Build trust. Listen and respond to those in need. If you do, others will pass on your Tweets and people will find out about what you have to offer.

So, through Twitter I am hoping to reach the thousands who already know us and the millions who don’t, and I am hoping they will then link to our free podcast, blogs, newsletter, webinars, etc. It’s ok if you take advantage of all of our free stuff, we want you to have it. If you apply it and see a positive change in your life , then the day will come when there will be something of ours you will want to buy!

Please leave a comment if you have ideas on how to make the Ziglar Twitter strategy even better.

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Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar talk about Twitter and Business – Article and Video

UPDATE:  tip from @andymeadows – use to track links on twitter.  Thanks Andy, now I do and I love it!

UPDATE: tip from @namnum suggested that I link my Twitter page to this article on my blog which I have done now.  He got the idea from ProBlogger .  Like Dad says, always give credit – If they are right you look really smart, if they are wrong you have someone to blame!  @namnum thanks for taking the time for the tip – I know you are right!

UPDATE:  @jawar suggested I keep my tweets less than 140 characters so that RT (retweets) would fit and be much easier.  Funny how what you know and what you actually do don’t always match up.  Thanks for the reminder @jawar and for connecting the dots for me.

UPDATE: @kris_freeberg recommends that dark text should not be on a dark background. I agree 100%!  It is such a pain to highlight the page to read it that I usually just skip it rather than follow without knowing what the person is about!

UPDATE: The Power of Social Media and Customer Service

“Your Dad is Pretty Dope”

February 20, 2009

Last week Dad and Julie were in Hawaii doing two big Get Motivated Seminars. (I am still trying to figure out how I got left at home!). I was very interested in how the people on Twitter were enjoying the seminar so I started following the event on Twitter by key word searching the name Zig Ziglar.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a real-time micro blog where people post their comments in 140 characters or less and it instantly notifies everyone who is following them. You can check out my Twitter account at (and my Twitter name is @tomziglar) to get a firsthand look at it.

Through my searching I found a young Hawaiian guy who was Tweeting updates from the event every 30 minutes or so; I decided to follow him. Later that night I got a direct message from him that simply said:

“Your dad is pretty dope.”

My first thought? “What in the world does that mean!?” So I Googled it. I discovered that in the online urban slang dictionary, “dope” means cool or awesome.

I have to agree, Dad is pretty dope! I bet Dad never dreamed as a young boy he would speak to thousands of people in Hawaii when he was 82 years old and be called “dope” by a twenty-something kid on a thing called Twitter. Time are charging right now. What are you doing today to prepare yourself for the opportunities these changes will bring?