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Zig Ziglar Goes Negative

October 6, 2008


Yesterday Dad began working out with a personal trainer.  Getting started is always the toughest part, and he hasn’t really worked out at all since his surgery in April.  I had no idea Dad was so out of balance.


Angie Katz is his trainer, and the first session was really pretty much a strength and balance assessment.  Angie is a great trainer who comes highly recommended.  At the end of the hour-long evaluation she gave Dad and me her findings.  It was shocking but not at all surprising.


First she explained that Dad is very strong and that he may want to consider wearing a t-shirt that says “All Natural” when he is working out so that others won’t think he is “on the juice.” (“On the juice” is a gym term for steroids.)


Then she explained that his positive strength moves (when you are pushing with your arms or pressing with your legs) are very strong, but the negative move (returning the weight back to its position) is fairly weak.   When lifting weight you must control the weight throughout the exercise, and Dad needs some help on the negative movement.


In short, Angie said, “Zig is out of balance.”


Just to make sure I heard what Angie said I asked, “So what you are saying is that Dad is out of balance.  His strength is much too positive, and his negative strength is not negative enough.  In other words, Dad needs to focus on the negative?”


“You got it!” she said.


It’s official.  Dad is physically out of balance, much too positive and not negative enough.  I will keep you posted on how well his negative workouts go!


(In case you are trying to figure out what this really means, here is a pure and simple explanation:  Stepping up stairs Dad does great.  He is very strong on the “positive” push going up.  Stepping down the stairs Dad needs to build some strength.  The “negative” move coming down is not as strong as it should be and this creates a lack of stability and not as good balance as he should have.)


I never dreamed that Embracing the Struggle would mean focusing on the negative!

Zig and Angie - the bike

Zig and Angie - the bike

Zig focuses on the Negative - let it down slow!

Zig focuses on the Negative - let it down slow!

Angie says – the “positive” side of muscle contraction is known in biomechanical terms as concentric, and the “negative” is eccentric.

I always new Dad was not eccentric enough! 

The Purity Diet Sprint to the Finish Line

September 28, 2008


I started The Purity Diet in June of 2007 and as of today I have lost 71 pounds!  It feels great to be on the north side of 70 pounds lost.  I started at 255 pounds and for a while now my goal has been to get to 175 pounds.  Only 9 more pounds to go!


So now I have a short term goal – to hit 175 pounds before I attend the Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership seminar in Cancun on November 9th .  This means I have got to get “gazelle intense” as Dave would say.


Sprinting Through the Finish – Five things I am doing to up the intensity.


  1. I am making sure my last pure food of the day happens before 7:00 p.m.  Not only do you sleep better, but it is an easy way to loose a few extra pounds over the course of several weeks.
  2. Increase my workout intensity and the number of workouts each week.  I am doing 30 minutes five days a week of the interval training I talked about in The Simple Workout, and I am going at it hard.  This is up from an average of four days a week and a 25 minute average.
  3. Fasting.  I plan on having a couple of one and a half day fasts between now and November 9.  I have been doing this all along and I do it mainly for spiritual reasons, but it also helps you break weight loss plateaus as well.  The day I start the fast I plan on having a larger than normal lunch.  My favorite is a sushi buffet with lots of fresh fish and not much rice at all.  Then I start drinking a bunch of water and iced tea.  Hey, I am from Texas and I was weaned on iced tea!  Only now I drink it straight, no sugar, no sweeteners, just good old iced tea.  The second day I do the same.  If I start to feel a bit sluggish I will make a lemon water drink and add some organic grade B maple syrup to it.  Sipping on this gives you a boost of energy over time.  You can also add the cayenne pepper to it like they recommend in the Lemon Cleanse.
  4. I started taking Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 Blend.  My sister Julie got me on this.  It is supposed to be the perfect combination of Omega Fatty Acids.  I will let you know how I feel after being on this a few weeks. 
  5. I also just started taking locally grown bee pollen and locally grown oney.  Just reading about these two things makes your pure!  Google them booth and see what I mean.


Not in the top 5, but I did discover an amazing statistic.  Researchers are now saying that for every hour of exercise you do, it is estimated your life expectancy goes up by two hours.  I am making plans right now to start working out 12 hours a day!


I will keep you posted on my weight loss over these next seven weeks. I just need to loose a tad over a pound a week.  Didn’t someone famous say you can make radical changes in minute steps?  (Thanks Dad!) As you can see, all I am doing is adding a little bit here and a little bit there, but I am also making sure I am adding the right kind of fuel into my system, and I am still listening to and reading the good stuff every day.


By the way, if you have a pure weight loss tip, or if you have done the bee pollen or the 3-6-9 oil would you leave me a comment?


Here is another fat picture of me.  My sister Cindy loves sending them to me.  The lady in the picture is my sister Julie.  (You can go here The Purity Diet – Before and After  to see the thinner me!)