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How to Lose Weight and Reduce Sexual Promiscuity and Just About Anything Else Worth Doing

December 8, 2008

 Dad is famous for a lot of great quotes.  Somehow, he has the “knack” for saying really big things in really simple ways that are easy to remember.  One of my favorite quotes from Dad is this one:


“You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind.  You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.”  Zig Ziglar


In other words, what you put into your mind impacts everything you do!  The chain of events works like this:


What goes into your mind determines your thoughts.


Your thoughts determine the words that you speak.


The words that you speak determine your actions.


Your actions determine your habits.


Your habits determine your character.


Your character determines your destiny.


I wish I had a really sophisticated reason as to why The Purity Diet worked for me.  All I can say is I was fat for over 35 years and then I decided that I needed to focus on eating pure, unprocessed foods and not eating any artificial chemicals.  My ability to stick to this idea was not because I have incredible will power or the pure food was easier and tastier, but because for six months before I even started the diet I was focused every day on putting the right things into my mind.  Then, when the “idea” of the Purity Diet popped up in my mind, I started a quest to learn about all of the pure and best foods available and the benefits of them.  I started talking about them to everyone and then I started making pure food choices.  Before I even realized it, this became a habit and my taste buds even changed!  Now eating pure is really a character quality I have, and I can tell you that my physical destiny has really changed since I have lost 80 pounds.


In my article, “Do They Care…Continued,” I gave a negative example of the exact same principle.  A new study shows that promiscuity in young girls goes up directly relating to how much adult-themed, sexually-oriented TV they watch.  Here is how the above principle plays out in the minds of young girls who put the wrong message into their heads.  “Hmm, seems like all the cool and successful people are ‘fooling around.’  I think I will talk to my friend about it. Yeah, everybody is doing it, I think I will give it a try.  I mean, why not, I will be careful…”


So, you see, the thought was inspired by what had gone into the mind and this led to words and then actions and so on.  Of course, many argue that watching TV isn’t that big a deal and really doesn’t influence what people do.  How much are Super Bowl ads again?


Dad boils all of this down into the Be, Do, and Have philosophy.  You gotta Be before you can Do, and you gotta Do before you can Have.  The Be part starts with what you put into your mind.  Until you BEcome the right kind of person, DOing the right things consistently will be very difficult, and HAVING any type of consistent, long-term success will be nearly impossible.


Whatever you want to accomplish starts with what you put into your mind.  Simple, I know.  Might as well put the pure stuff in if you want to get pure stuff out.

Do They Care…Continued

November 25, 2008


Earlier I wrote about a new study that shows promiscuity in young girls increases directly in proportion to the amount of adult themed sexually oriented TV that they watch, and I posed the question to those who put out this type of TV and star in the shows, “Do they care about the influence they are having?”  We know that promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted diseases and to unwanted pregnancy, and both of these lead to many issues in young girls, the most severe of which is suicide.


I had the opportunity to talk with Rabbi Daniel Lapin about this issue.  He spends a great deal of time on the public stage debating and discussing these issues and points out how a faulty point of view leads to dire consequences in our society.  For example, he explained to me that there is massive statistical evidence that when sex education is taught in schools promiscuity goes up, and along with it sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  Of course, when you mention this in a debate format the defense is always, “They are going to have sex anyway, so we need to teach them to do it safely.”


Rabbi Lapin then went on to explain to me why the teaching of sex education in schools is not about what is best for our kids, but rather it is about indoctrinating them into a secular world view.  He poses this question: “If it is true that sex education will help prevent kids from getting sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant, then we should also teach gun safety in the schools.  After all, kids are going to find a gun anyway, and then a tragedy will happen.”


We have had some great comments on the Do they care? post.  I agree with Drew that much of what is on TV is a result of greed.  I did some research on liberal and conservative and the definitions of each and I have to disagree with Drew on his assessment of my use of the term, but in the end that is not really important.  What is important is: Do We Care?


Do we care enough to prevent unwanted consequences?  After all, if you believe in gun control because the unwanted consequence is that a child will find a gun and a horrible tragedy will take place, then you should absolutely want to stand up and fight the trash that is on TV because the scale of tragedy is a thousand times greater in terms of destroyed lives.  Saying “parents have the ability to put a parental lock on the TV is enough defense” makes the case for those who believe gun owners are responsible enough to secure their own guns.