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Ziglar Success 2.0

May 19, 2009

(a sneak peak at today’s newsletter announcement)

This week is a momentous week at Ziglar as we introduce our new cornerstone program – Success 2.0.

The name Ziglar is synonymous with success, so much so that in 1998 the publishers of the … for Dummies books invited Zig Ziglar to write Success for Dummies.  In fact, all of Dad’s writings, speeches, and recordings center on the subject of success – how to get it and how to keep it!  But not just success as the world sees it; rather, as balanced success that covers every aspect of life – physical, mental, spiritual, personal, family, career, and financial.  As a reader of the Zig Ziglar Newsletter you know that we cover all of these areas on a regular basis.

So how is Success 2.0 different?  As you know, we now live in a 2.0 (two-point-oh) world where things are changing rapidly.  The economy, the political landscape, globalization and technology are rapidly altering the way we live our lives and impacting the decisions we have to make.

Success 2.0 recognizes that the foundational keys to success never change – honesty, character, and integrity — but that the way to access, learn and adapt success principles is changing at nearly warp speed.

Success 2.0 is simply a program that delivers the truths that never change on a technology platform that brings live, interactive webcast training to your computer.

Last year we surveyed you, our newsletter subscribers, and asked this question:  How can we better serve you? The answer that came back over and over again was this – Can you deliver personal and professional instruction through the Internet so that we do not have to spend so much time and money getting access to what we need?

Oh, and you asked one more thing:  Can you make it personalized and timely, based on what is going on in the world today?

I am proud to say that this is what Success 2.0 delivers.  Live, interactive video training on your computer.  Here is how it works:

*Have you ever watched a video online, like on YouTube?  Success 2.0 is live streaming video delivered in very high quality.

*To access the live Success 2.0 webcast all you do is register and then log in at the time of the event. Life-changing training is delivered to your computer – live.

*Success 2.0 training is interactive.  Once you register for the event you can send in questions ahead of time to the presenter.  Not only that, but our special chat feature allows you to ask questions during the presentation. Every Success 2.0 session will conclude with answering your questions.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I sure would like to go to that event, but I just don’t have the time or money,” then Success 2.0 is for you.

Success 2.0 comes to your computer, live, and you get to ask questions!  How sweet is that!

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing the first Success 2.0 webcast event in the next couple of days.

Best of all, your first experience will be as our guest!  We want you to experience the benefits of Success 2.0 first-hand.  I look forward to seeing you soon, live, on Success 2.0.

To your Success 2.0 future!

Tom Ziglar
Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

Watering Your Business Part II

July 3, 2008


“I want my garden to be the best in the neighborhood,” the man thought as he ran down to Home Depot to buy some water hoses and sprinklers.  Less than an hour later he was out watering his garden. 


Each morning he started the watering and changed the sprinklers around.  This plan worked well for the first few days until he had to start traveling.  He asked others to help out, but they just didn’t care as much as he did.  Some plants got too much water, some none at all.  Then, over several months, most of the plants started looking yellow and sickly.


Realizing the best he could do just wasn’t cutting it, he decided to call the Green Gardener again.  After hearing the dilemma, the Green Gardener said, “You have several things going on in your garden.  Have you thought about putting in a sprinkler system that automatically gets the right amount of water to each type of plant?  Also, have you taken a soil survey to make sure your plants are getting the right nutrition?  It’s wrong to assume that all plants will thrive getting the same amount of water and the same nutrition.  Most important of all is you will need to check up on your garden yourself on a regular basis.  No one is going to care as much as you do!”


Think about how these gardening tips work in your own business.  Each of your people needs different amounts of water (motivation) and nutrition (skills training), and they need it on a regular basis.  Most of all, they need their manager to check in on them on a regular basis.  Even people who are mostly self-watering and feeding do better when the right leader inspires them and gives them power food!

Watering Your Business

June 27, 2008



Once there was a man who had a vision to build his dream home.  He made every preparation, consulted with the finest architects, and used the finest materials.  The glory of his home was his garden.  Not just any plant would do, he selected the finest specimen of each variety.  His garden shouted “welcome!” to everyone who saw it.  People came from all over to marvel at its beauty.


Not too long after he finished the garden the plants started to wither.  The temperature turned hot and a dry wind blew steadily.  “Hopefully, it will rain today,” the man said to himself.  A week went by, and then two.  The plants were brown and dying,   “I have to do something!” the man cried out.  At great expense he paid for a water truck to come in and he personally watered every plant for two straight days.  The yard drank it up readily and the green returned almost immediately.


The garden was fine for a week, but the hot wind never stopped.  Soon it was worse than before.  The man had heard about another man whose garden was always green.  “I will call him and see what he does,” the man thought to himself.  He got on the phone and asked the man with the green garden how he did it.  “I water my garden on a regular schedule, some plants every day, others once or twice a week,” the green gardener said.  Before the green gardener could finish the man hung up and put together a plan to water his garden regularly.  “This is going to be a lot of work,” he thought.


I know, I know, this story is painfully obvious, but don’t you see it played out every day in businesses all around you?  We certainly do at Ziglar!  A big part of our business is speaking engagements at corporate conventions.  Companies call us because they want us to be the water truck with the fire hose.  We do a great job, get great reviews, and get asked back year after year.  Yet, all too often we get hung up on when we bring up the automatic sprinkler system.  Most businesses think they can drag a hose out in the yard and take care of the problem when needed.  That’s why most businesses don’t experience steady, even growth throughout the year!


Are you regularly watering yourself and your people based on individual needs?