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The Impurity of Politics

September 9, 2008


I was a political science major in college.  I always thought I would go into politics.  Watching the election process reminds me that I just don’t have skin thick enough to withstand the personal assaults.


My goal for this year is to live according to these three words:  Pure, Simple, and Transparent.


Pure – if you are in politics, how do you remain pure?  And if you somehow figure out how to do this on the personal level, you will be attacked for it for sure!  And when you are attacked, there is nothing harder than remaining pure in your response.  It is tough to never stoop to someone else’s level.  Politics demands that you fight fire with fire.  What our country needs is someone to rise above this.


Simple — as in the straightforward, blunt truth.  It seems like politics is all about “spin.”  You can’t be simple and have spin.  Plus, you would never be able to promote two different things that contradicted each other.  Like, for example, lower taxes and increased government spending.


Transparent – what you see is what you get, and oh, by the way, I am an open book so dig as much as you want and ask me any question you want.  Here is a wild idea.  What if a politician always told the truth?  They would have nothing to fear because they would have nothing to hide.  Much easier to be transparent when you’re not hiding anything.  And if you make a mistake, admit it. 


Besides personal attacks, a few other things that drive me crazy:


The media – can’t they just focus on the issues and the facts without giving their opinions?


Underground character assassination campaigns — I use to check out the top stories of the day.  Basically, it’s a news story ranking service where individual “diggers” make comments on different stories that come out on the Internet.  Anybody can be a digger.  The more digs, the higher the ranking.  This great tool has been hijacked by special interest groups who will post a character assassination article filled with lies and then email their lists to go and digg it.  This results in the top stories of the day by ranking being controlled by the special interest group.  Digg needs to figure out how to fix this or they will no longer be relevant.


Consistency – the way you answer questions, the way you vote, the issues and policies you are in favor of, should show consistency from speech to speech, day to day, and year to year.  If you change your position on something, why not write out an explanation as to why, post it, and move on? 


The Purity Diet

June 12, 2008

About this time last year (June 2007) I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It seemed that life was just throwing its oozy, crummy, icky, stuff at me.  Of course that is the nature of life, but why was so much of it sticking to me?

Well folks, even though I have been blessed with growing up in the “Garden of Eden” when it comes to positive environments, and even though I am the CEO of “Motivational Mecca”, I had been doing some things that made it easy for life’s slime to stick to me.

First off, the surface area of my body was WAY too big.  Being 5’9″ and weighing 255 pounds creates a lot of extra area for that slime to land on!  Plus, the stuff I was putting in my body just wasn’t so good.  Have you ever had a shirt that collected lint or hair like there was a reward for it?  Well, the food I was eating was pretty much collecting tiredness and grumpiness like there was a reward for it! 

Like many people, or should I say most people, I have pretty much tried all the diets out there.  I knew another diet wasn’t for me.  I had been working out for years, two or three times a week.  That’s impressive, isn’t it?  Of course, my goal when working out was to make sure I didn’t sweat and that I burned just enough calories to justify the lunch buffet that day.  Based on these obvious facts, I knew I had to change what I ate, and how I worked out.  (I will cover my workout in the next post.)

So, realizing my seemingly unlimited capacity to ignore the obvious, I made a foundational decision to change the way I looked at food.  I call it the Purity Diet.  And I made it very SIMPLE.

It works like this:

    Pure food = GOOD

    Impure food = BAD

What is pure food?  Pure food is simply food the way God made it.  No chemicals, no preservatives, no refining or processing, as raw and natural as possible.

I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and all kinds of meats.  Pretty much everything I was eating anyway!

The big difference is the no processing and chemicals part.  I don’t eat bread, pasta, flour, and other foods that are processed.  I am also picky about the oils I use to cook with.  No artificial sweeteners in my iced tea, either.

Does it work?  I have lost 66 pounds.  The first 50 pounds came off in about 5 months.  Best of all, I wasn’t hungry!  And I can eat almost anywhere.

Here are the questions I ask myself about food, and I do them in this order as well:

     1.  Is it pure?  See definition above.  If yes, proceed to number 2.

     2.  How many calories does it have?  Nuts are pure and they have lots of good calories.  Vegetables are pure and they have low calories.  The key is balance and variety.  Make low calorie/high nutritional choices when possible.

     3.  Is it organic and/or grown locally?  Number 3 is the bonus question.  I don’t go crazy on this one or limit myself if it’s not organic or grown locally.  But if you have the choice, this is better.

So that’s it.  Oh yeah, I forgot the benefits.  I feel great, look much better, sleep soundly, haven’t been sick in a year, have way more energy, and food tastes great!  I am sure I will lose a few more pounds as the last four months have lost about two pounds a month – without even trying!