If You Were Me


If you were the CEO of Ziglar, what would you do?  Pick between these two choices:


1)     Would you offer a two-day live seminar on “How to Sell with Certainty in an Uncertain Economy?” for $1000 per person with a goal of getting 10 people?




2)     Would you offer a 90 minute webinar on “How to Sell with Certainty in an Uncertain Economy?” for $10 per person with a goal of getting 1000 people?


Please, just click on comments and let me know which one and why. 

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34 Comments on “If You Were Me”

  1. lyndaspix Says:

    #2, because it’s the best way to reach the people who need this information the most. Those who have $1000 to attend an exclusive seminar probably don’t need to attend.

  2. Roger West Says:

    Obviously, the latter option is the best, “The greatest good for the greatest number” reccomends it.

  3. Brian Says:

    I agree with the others, you reach more people with the 90 minute webinar. I would be more willing to pay $10 and sit at my desk for 90 minutes than spend 2 days away from the office, plus travel, for $1000.

  4. dianacacy Says:

    #2 – They are the ones who need it the most.

    And it provides a list for the higher end in-person seminar for next year, as a follow-up to what they learn and use in the webinar.

  5. I would go with #2 ,because you would defenitely reach more people

  6. Todd Rozakis Says:

    #2 is the most efficient use of time. After all, I beleive your company is all about changing lives. 1000 people knowing this information will share it with a lot more people than 10 ever could. You would also be able to entertain a much larger group that can afford $10 and really need this life changing info.

  7. Archie Winningham Says:

    $10 is more in my budget, not your aren’t worth $1000. Your seminar would actually be worth much more than that. But in the end, I believe you will make much more than that via the web.
    #2 would be my choice at present time.

  8. Pete Says:

    Why does it have to be “OR”?

    Do both!

    Option 1 works well for those who prefer the more personal touch.

    Option 2 works well for those who prefer just the facts.

    Heck, add a third option: web streamed after the fact for $5. Over time you’d reach 10,000 people.

  9. barry Says:

    I think you should do the first one! Only let the elite of society get the benefit. Besides you;ll make more money in the long run.
    ok ok
    let’s see this is from the ziglar organization. Zig likes helping EVERYONE so I don’t know why you would need to even ask this question. Unless…. you want to check out your audience?!

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  10. Mike Carillo Jr. Says:

    Why choose? If I must choose, I like choice #1. Leaders always find a way to target the people in their companies who are most likely to extract the highest yield from your products and will send these individuals to the seminar instead of going themselves. Those leaders realize that to share the principles you teach with key motivators is the most efficient way of spreading the word to the masses. This is, I believe, the easier of the two choices.

  11. Teresa KK Says:

    I’m sure this information is worth 10s of thousands of dollars.
    If given the choice between staying in my own house or traveling, I choose staying home and attending a webinar. (My family prefers that I stay home too)

  12. Martha Says:

    I like Pete’s comment. Offer both. That way, whichever option seemed best would be the one people would choose. (I would choose #2, BTW.)

  13. Veronica Says:

    I have to say option #2. It’s not the cost of the seminar, but the value thats taken away from it. I think the more people you reach, the better the results.

  14. Suzy Flute Says:

    The webinar is the only way to reach the newer generation of learners. However, the webinars can be viewed as a lower quality of information. So maybe you meet in the middle and you do the 2 day seminar for $500 (because of the hard economy right now and pitch it that way – discounted by half) and then offer a members only webinar link off the seminar that the attendees can get to as an added value deal or possibly charge the $10 to get access to them. Could be highlights to the convention or possibly just the main topics that were most important. And then you can try for the 20 people and still net out the same. I’ll give you a hint, almost any selling industry needs this seminar right now – real estate, multi-level marketing, retail sales, etc.

  15. Jeff Weese Says:

    Both, but if you had to pick just one I would pick number two. I think you could get a lot out of a smaller group where the session is tailored to their market, their business, and their needs. It would be well worth the $1,000 per person. However, I know a lot of people don’t have $1,000 for that right now that could greatly benefit from this, especially at a time like this with so many people suffering from stinking thinking. So in the end I would say #2 first, but would like to have #1 as an option.

  16. Chris Says:

    Of the two choices, I’d pick #2.

    Given that the subject nature is dealing with an “Uncertain Economy,” some undertones that need consideration are the fact that people are also dealing with the uncertainty of their own job security, etc. People may be less comfortable with: parting with $1,000, being away from work when they are feeling the most pressure.

    Additionally, there is a saturation of ‘Professional Development’ or ‘Self Improvement’ offerings lately, and having access better access online allows people to quickly evaluate the worth of a program, in both time and money.

  17. Richard Genovese Says:

    I would clearly do the latter because it allows my sphere of influence to expand exponetially. The opportunity to speak with and share my ideas with 90 people leveraging technology would be a great service to those that are interested in and could benefit from the subject matter. It is a much more democratic way to communicate and ultimately a much more lucrative opportunity financially. Who wants to limit oneself to 10 people when 90 are possible?

  18. Kristal Brown Says:

    I would suggest number 2. It’s affordable and allows you to reach the masses.

  19. Frederick Says:

    It is about perceived value – I would align my goals accordingly. Both could be done simultaneously with the in-person ticket being an exclusive including additional benefits. The webinar reaching the other end of the spectrum that you would not get otherwise.
    I’d review the price points while consider other delivery and support media.

  20. Anita Says:

    Although a webinar might be hard-pressed to deliver the energy of a live seminar, a webinar seems well-suited to the specialized content you mention. What you can pack into that 90 minutes will be an incredible value for $10. Sign me up!

  21. Mike Says:

    I really like Suzy Flute’s recommendation. I would be willing to spend $500 on a conference, to include travel and then have a follow up webinar.
    I learn and retain best in a live environment. When I participate in a webinar, I usually put my newfound knowledge on the shelf and don’t use it.

  22. Archie Says:

    The Ziglar philosophy as I understand it has always been about helping the most people get the most from life. Option 2 clearly does that.

    Many people will be unable to take up the first option either due to lack of financies or logistics (I live in Britain for example).

    If people find that they don’t learn so well from a webinar surely that is a personal challenge for them? Maybe a blog or two outlining how to get the most from the webinar would help there along with some guidance on how to implement the knowledge afterwards.

    It does seem to me that that particular challenge is easier to overcome than finding $500 or $1000 and flying halfway round the world!

  23. Don Says:

    Personally I would prefer the second but I truly like the idea of web casting the in person event. If the webcast were a few more dollars it would be worth it to many who cannot take the time to travel and people all over the world could get the info. Thus webcast the seminar

  24. Kara Says:

    While I personally would love nothing more than an opportunity to spend two full days soaking up every ounce of information I could, the price tag of $1,000 for the seminar plus any traveling expenses, would make it impossible for me to attend, as I suppose it would most people who are just beginning their network marketing/sales careers.

    For this reason, and many others, I believe the $10 webinar is the best option – not only for the participants, but also for the company. Remembering that Zig’s philosophy is that “you can have everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want” is extremely applicable to this. In this tough economic times, a $10 webinar is more accessable and speaks more to the trust-factor than a $1000 live seminar. It will be perceived by others that your interest is only in your own pocket book with a ticket price that high; however, at the webinar price, they will see that you understand (empathize) with their current problem and have a solution that is accessable to them.

  25. The second one of course. The people who need to hear what you have to say are the ones with only $10 extra to spend on a seminar. I don’t have $1000 to spend on a seminar but I’d got o one for $10, because I can afford it. I don’t put a price on learning, however for most people it would be the difference of affording it or not.

  26. #2 because it is easier to get a little bit of money from alot of people than to get alot of money from a few people. Plus the satifaction of helping that many people would be more encouraging for yourself. Let me know when and where.

  27. I would like to add this though. Most people equate cost with value. Some may think it’s not worth much because of the price. The only thing you have on your side is your name. The fact that it is Zig Ziglar should relieve that issue.

  28. #2 Get the meessage out to more people to create greater success for the world, and you will still make the smae money and look after the environment- less travel! And yourself.

  29. Jeff Says:

    It will be #2 without any doubt….hovewer….I would offer both on the different time and different areas. The reason is…well, you know the reason. If not,,,then let talk about it and get out ogf the EGO. Great ideas, Tom!

  30. Liz Says:

    Take option 2. You’ll get more people involved and spread your blessings farther. Then, once they’ve seen how awesome you are, even more of them will buy the next phase from you at $1000 a pop.

  31. Kathy D Says:

    A 2 day live seminar is great and you get to network with people but I like the option #2 because it will touch more people. Zig’s philoosophy is that you can get everything you want in life if you help enough other peple get what they want! 1000 is always more than 10!

  32. Tina King Says:

    Although I like the option #2, I think for the best results option #1 will be more effective. My reasoning is this… People normally pay more attention live than webcast. Live is more personal, and is remembered well, especially if there is interaction among the group. And the price alone will show a certain amount of determination and motivation by those attending. In my opinion, those attending can then personally spread that vision more effectively than 1000 watching a screen. Jesus had 12 disciples and said go unto the ends of the earth and tell. Anyone have a statistic on the number of people, thousands of years later, that have NOT heard the name Jesus?

    The other side is…. You can rent a movie for the $10 you would pay for a webcast. Do you get up for a snack, leave the room for a break? How much of the movie do you remember? And, if you don’t remember the small details of a movie that you paid for, how much will you remember of a webcast that is impersonal and lasted 90 minutes?

  33. Ryan Jambeau Says:

    Tom, Love the blog, keep it up! I would suggest doing both, and I would raise the cost of the webinar. Maybe $14.95? Sometimes you see the cost of an item and think “Why so cheap? Must not have much value.” I think raising it a bit higher will get more to sign-up. Also, in the webinar offer, explain that you will send a power-point, or some type of word file that can be printed out, so that the viewer can have a hard paper in their hands to follow along with during the webinar. The document gives more standing to what you are saying. Thanks, Ryan Jambeau

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