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What Makes Zig Such a Strong and Positive Person?

December 8, 2009

This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast

“I’m really amazed at how this very inspiring man, in the person of Zig Ziglar, survived and overcame this struggle. What made him a very strong and positive person?”  Yolly

Yolly, I think there are several things that contribute to Dad’s strong and positive nature.

First is his faith. Dad knows his future is secure so this takes away his worry and doubt.

Second is his family.  Dad has the home court advantage and he knows his family is with him.

Third is his attitude.  Dad really believes that attitude is a choice, and he has chosen a positive attitude.

Fourth is his action.  Dad takes action on what he believes.  He spends time every day working on his faith, spending time with his family, and reading things that develop his attitude.

Faith, Family, Attitude, Action – pretty simple!

What To Do With A Negative Family Member?

November 29, 2009

This question came in from last week’s Success 2.0 Webcast:

“What can you do if an immediate family member does not share the same positive beliefs as you do?  I know the best answer is prayer, but any other suggestions? – Michael

Michael, it can be tough when a family member does not hold the same positive beliefs that you do. As you mentioned, prayer is always the place to start.  Like most things of this nature, it is unlikely you can “win” this argument with words.  Better is to live out your life so that they want what you have.  For me, I focus on what gives me the realistic best chance for success and happiness.  And the reality is, when you study successful people they all have an incredible will to keep trying until they make it, and this force of will is based on the hope and expectation that they will succeed.

Ultimately, people need to understand that settling for the lemons life gives them, or determining to make lemonade, is a choice.  I love the question that Dad asks, and maybe you can ask your family member this question: “Is there anything in the next few weeks that you can do that will make your personal life, your family life, or your business life worse?”  People chuckle when they hear this question because they know the answer is YES.  And when they understand they can make things worse, they then have to admit they can make things better, and the choice is theirs.

Zig Ziglar in the News

November 28, 2008

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Playing Dominoes with Dad

August 13, 2008


 One of my favorite sayings from Dad is “Love is spelled T-I-M-E.”  We have the joy of getting together as a family to play dominoes every so often, and there is nothing like the T-I-M-E we have during those games!  We razz each other days before the game, during the game, and for days after the game. 


Our last game was really awesome.  Mom, “The Redhead,” was all giggles and instructions.  My brother-in-law Jim “The Intimidator” Norman as usual had us all convinced he had won days before we started.  My daughter Alexandra “HelloKittyBallerinaGirl” Ziglar was fully engaged in the game while texting her friends and occasionally doing dance moves while sitting down.  My niece Katherine “I Can Impersonate Anyone” Lemons always makes the game more fun because you can leave the table to take care of business and while you are gone she will “be you,” meaning people can laugh at you without really laughing at you!


My sister Cindy “You Only Think I Can’t Tell a Joke” Oates had us all rolling with her pirate jokes and her friend Laurel “I Didn’t Know You Can’t Do That” Marshall was up to her usual tricks of deception and distraction.  Meanwhile, The Dynamic Duo of Dad “Embrace the Struggle” Ziglar and my sister Julie “The Editor” Norman had teamed up and Julie was doing what she does best – editing Dad’s moves!  (My nickname is Tom “I Am Not Coming In Last This Time” Ziglar.  We did have a couple of spectators for the big event.  My wife Chachis “I am not a game person” Ziglar and my brother-in-law Richard “I Am Not A Game Person either” Oates. 


This game was one for the ages, over four hours of T-I-M-E together.  Several great things happened:  I didn’t come in last, Jim Norman didn’t win, and Dad and Julie did win!  (By the way, Dad really likes to win!)


Here was the big win for me.  About every hour Dad would say “Nothing makes me happier than to be with my family.  I can’t imagine anything being more fun or better than this.”


Turn off the TV and play a game with your family and see how much T-I-M-E can add to your life.