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Radical Changes in Minute Steps

November 25, 2009

This question came in from the blog post, “Why Do So Many People Fail at Self-Help?”

“When I focus on changing only one major area of my life, that’s unfulfilling and hurts the other areas.  But trying to change everything at once with a ‘balanced goals program’ leaves me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, getting nothing done very well and quickly running out of energy.  How can I become what I want to be without focusing on doing the right things?  Can Be and Do really be separated?  And I agree, just focusing on doing the right things isn’t the answer either.” AJ

AJ, Dad says, “You can make radical changes in minute steps.”  We got a question this week about what the number one discipline would be to achieving success, and Dad answered, “Consistency coupled with tenacity.”  I understand your frustration because real change does take time and often you can’t see or feel the progress while you are doing it.

The key to becoming the right kind of person is the combination of being and doing.  One of our team members, Bryan Flanagan, says success is “an inside” job.  In other words, you have to put the right information into your brain until it replaces and overwhelms the old bad stuff.  The good news is it doesn’t take hours and hours every day to accomplish this.  The bad news is it must be done consistently and daily, if possible.

The being part, or internalizing the right thoughts until they become you, is dependant upon where you spend your thinking time.  What you listen to and read, and who you associate with, will, to a large degree, determine your thought process.  Don’t leave this to chance.  The doing part should be an outflow of your thinking.  If you believe setting goals is important, then you are far more likely to set goals.  If you believe giving 100% is important, then you are more likely to give it your all.  If you believe finishing what you start is important, then you will finish far more things.  Unfortunately, these beliefs do not come automatically, they are really muscles that need to be exercised and developed.  And, until we believe they are worth the effort to develop, we are unlikely to exercise them.  This is why success is “an inside” job.

To simplify this, think of it this way:  In order to change and do new things, I have to believe it will work, or trust someone I believe in who says it will work.  In order for the believing part to take hold, I have to have the hope that by making the change I will be better off.  Without the hope part, there is little internal motivation to keep me focused.  Hope is created when your mind gets new information and says, “That makes sense, I can do that.”  If you never give your mind that new info, or if you stop feeding it the new info, the motivation to keep going dries up.  So, hope drives the reason to change the beliefs, the new beliefs result in the doing part.

Now, back to your question and a simple action plan.  Since consistency is the key discipline to achieving success, and you need to build your “success” muscles, I would suggest that you focus on two or three daily goals that each take you only five minutes or less, and do them every day for a week.  Then, on the second week, add a minute or two to each goal, and so on for the first month.  Make one goal either listening to or reading good information.  Make another goal a physical goal that replaces a negative with a positive, such as having a glass of water instead of a soft drink with your meal, or taking a five-minute power walk instead of a high-carb snack during the day.  Your third goal could be a professional goal like creating your daily priority list, or a relationship goal like writing a loved one a note of encouragement.  Remember, the key is consistency.

I hope you are seeing the hope in this concept, and the belief that you can do this.  In the second week of this you will start to think, “what if I could..?” and this is where it takes off!  When this happens, spend your reading or listening time with an expert who knows how to do what you want to learn to do.  Thanks for your great questions!

A Question About Changing Careers

November 20, 2009

This question is from a Success 2.0 Webcast we did this week:

“What is the main focus for someone to have during a career change?”  Donnie

Two simple things to keep in mind with a career change, Donnie.

First, make 100% sure it’s the career you want.  Dan Miller has written several great books that will help you determine this.  You might want to check out No More Mondays and 48 Days To The Work You Love.

Second, go for it 100% with every ounce of passion and energy you have.  Spend an extra hour every day learning about your new career by asking great questions, reading, listening, and researching the pro’s in your industry.  If it’s sales-related, create as many customer interactions as you possibly can.  Massive activity, combined with great listening skills and a positive attitude, will shorten your learning curve.  Make sure you set weekly goals that you want to accomplish in regards to learning about your new career that are above the expectations of your company or your peers, and keep these to yourself.  Much better for others to comment on your behavior than your intentions!

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

June 7, 2009

How much time and money do you invest in yourself?  I am always amazed at the thousands of dollars individuals will spend on making themselves feel or look better that has no impact on them actually being better.

The Ziglar Be, Do, and Have philosophy is simple and straightforward.  You have to Be before you can Do, and you have to Do before you can Have.  Becoming the right kind of person starts when you put the right things into your mind.  If your thinking is wrong, the new clothes, the new car, the new relationship, the new job, all of these things will bring only temporary satisfaction.

Every day millions of dollars are spent by people buying the “pill” or the “system” that is going to make them skinny and rich.  Newsflash!  There is no “pill” or “system” that will work – unless you do.  And your ability to carry through on the work, long after the initial burst of hope promised in the marketing copy is long forgotten, depends 100% on your thinking.

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life.

Would you like your life to be better?  It can be, and the choice is yours.  You are the only one who can change your thinking.  In fact, choose right now to improve your life by putting the right stuff into your mind.  Imagine if your doctor told you that unless you spent 20 minutes every day stretching you would live your life in excruciating pain.  In fact, if you missed stretching even one day, the next day the pain would be so unbearable that you wouldn’t be able to open your eyes.  It would take only one day of pain to justify the stretching!  Twenty minutes would be an incredibly small price to pay for a pain-free life.

Millions of people are “living in pain” because they are not “stretching their brain” with the good information.  Instead, their brains are filled with “toxins” that cause incredible “brain spasms,” resulting in broken relationships and lost opportunities.

When you choose to do nothing – you have chosen to live with the pain.
Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life.  The choice is yours.  Do you have 20 minutes a day?