The Ziglar Stimulus Package

As you can imagine, we have spent a great deal of time as a company brainstorming how we can help and serve our customer base in these current tough economic times. Plus, it has been a little hard on us as well. Hard in two ways, actually. First, people need and want what we offer more than ever as we are hearing more pain than usual, which is hard to hear from your friends. And second, many of the companies we do business with have cut back, and training is one of the things that often gets cut first. I’m certain you can understand how this impacts us. The silver lining in this is that they are not saying no to our training, rather they are saying no to taking their people off the job and no to travel expenses.

We have come up with an idea, and I would love your feedback.

The Ziglar Stimulus Package

We are not offering this yet; it is still in the development phase, so your input will really help us out. The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include two live webinars each month plus access online to over 100 hours of Ziglar’s best video and audio programs through the Ziglar Vault.

One webinar will focus on personal development and staying motivated in this tough economy

One webinar will focus on selling effectively in this tough economy

The Ziglar Vault contains easy access 24/7 to everything we have developed to help companies and individuals be more successful

The compelling thing about the webinars is that they are live, real-time, and relevant. Participants are able to ask questions through our chat feature and even send in email requests prior to the events that we can cover during the training. When the webinar is over, we will send each participant an MP3 download and a transcript of the event – this way, even if they miss the event they have not really missed it.

At the end of each webinar we will also cover a five-minute self-study program where participants are given direction on where to find additional training in the Ziglar Vault.

As you can see, the Ziglar Stimulus Package concept answers the objection of travel expense and taking people out of the field. We also believe it answers the objection of relevant information in regards to the current business climate. Of course, the last main potential objection is price. Here is our current thinking on price, and once again your feedback will be very helpful.

If purchased separately you can get the webinars with the downloads for $17.00 each

The Ziglar Vault will be a subscription at $17.00/month

The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include both the webinars and the Ziglar Vault for a monthly membership of $17.00. Yes, we are thinking about including all three for the $17.

Our hope is that individuals and companies will see this as a perfect solution to sharpening their skills and getting a “check up from the neck up” twice each month via the webinars, and anytime they want via the Ziglar Vault. Plus, we will encourage companies to schedule their sales meetings around the live webinar so they can go through the information as a team.

I look forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment in the comment section. We really want this to work, and to make a difference in the lives of so many people and companies who are struggling right now. Thanks in advance for your input.

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2009  .  This Ziglar Stimulus Package is now here and is called Success 2.o. Check it out!

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24 Comments on “The Ziglar Stimulus Package”

  1. Bryan Flanagan Says:

    1. Should there be a minimum number of months for the $17? ie, a minimum of 3 months req’d
    2. If we stress to the sales managers to use this to train their sales teams, will this cut into our class room training opportunities?

  2. Good ideas ,How about the idea of a positive “Ziglet” text message each Monday as a reminder to be positive. Could use Zigs phrases and have all your speakers add to this also . A reminder that the “Kids” today are way more tech savy than we Silver Foxes. If we don’t spread the word in the new medium we might as well be nailing “Lost Dog” signs on telephone poles

  3. Judy Says:

    I think this is an incredible offer!I think it’s a direct reflection of Mr. Ziglar’s most famous quote, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. Thank you for making it possible for so many of us to get the help that we so desperately need in these stressful economic times.

  4. babbo Says:

    I have some initial thoughts and a question, too.

    Will an entire company be able to utilize these Webinars for only $17?
    Or is it per person, or some other formula?

    If it’s the former, it certainly sounds like a very good deal, indeed. Especially because there will be such value attached to it with full archive access. I’m assuming the idea is to have people continue to subscribe after the initial month, and of course buy some product from the site as well.

    Possibly marketing the 2 Webinars as “free with your monthly subscription,” might appear to be more enticing. Or free monthly subscription with the purchase of these 2 Webinars. I guess what I’m asking, is what is the strongest way to offer the perception of the greatest value? That would also depend on what your largest client base is.


    Offer the first Webinar (or a mini-webinar) for free, making each viewers’ e-mail mandatory @ sign up, then promote the $17 deal after the Webinar. Zig is so compelling & so helpful that I think many people would jump at the chance.

    Hope my quick thoughts help. Feel free to give me a call if you think I can be of further help…


    Joey Guido
    608-216-6760 (cell)
    “I’m super, working on duper!”

    • Tom Ziglar Says:

      Joey – each subscriber will get a link to the webinar and a password to the Ziglar Vault. Playing the webinar on speaker phone for the team and using the Ziglar Vault in training with the entire team watching the videos on the computer is exactly how we hope it will be used. If people are in different locations, or want to access the Ziglar Vault on their own, they will need to subscribe to the Ziglar Stimulus package as well.

  5. Katherine Says:

    I like this idea, it seems very detailed as if it might need lots of time to plan and prepare. I can’t wait for it to come out, but I will becuase I know your ops team needs to put a lot of work into this amazing offer!

  6. Ed Says:

    Sounds like a great idea. While a great deal for teams at $17, it may prove a little pricey for me as a lone wolf, but would probably be willing to give it a trial run.

  7. Susan Dumas Says:

    It’s a wonderful program. I feel $17 is a tremendous bargain for the material offered.

  8. I really like the idea because I also believe that continual training is key to keeping sales teams on track especially in these difficult times where they may be feeling more pressure from management and more difficulty converting new prospects.

    My question is regarding your target market. Do you see this as something larger corporations may be interested in or small businesses?

    I am interested to see how this works for your organization. It is a great idea!

  9. Tammy Says:

    I could really use this and the price is fair.
    I lost my job last March, after working for the same employer for 25 years. Hoping that the field would start hiring again, I have patiently been waiting to go back to work but the continuing downturn in the economy is not making that happen.
    So I am now pursuing a career in sales…and have never had a job in sales.
    A friend just gave me several Ziglar cd’s to listen to, which led me to this website for more information.
    Please let me know about the webcasts…I would be very interested. Thank you

  10. Jeff Weese Says:

    It’s a no brainer from a customer prospective. For $17 a month that is an incredible value! I think it’s a great idea, as long as it’s cost effective for Ziglar.

  11. Continues sales training is a must in today’s market. Webinars are a great way to do that and keep costs low.

  12. Hal Says:

    Today I feel great because I have decided to get back on the bandwagon. After getting married, I got snioped into getting away from what I really loved. I thought I could retain all the knowledge without the daily listening or reading. Slowly but surely my life has gone downhill, and right now, I have hit bottom. Slowly but surely I let the negative thinking creep in. I have prayed and prayed and racked my brain for solutions for about five years now. Last night while walking my dogs it occurred to me to find Zig Ziglar on the net. My negative thinking was telling me not to bother because that stuff won’t work for me anymore. After seeing Zig on the video today, I know I am back, and will soon be living the truth once again. I am totally excited for the first time in a long time, and ready to go back to Automobile University. In my home I’ll also be taking in the good, the clean, the pure and the powerful, and to eliminate stinkin thinkin, I am truly ready for my check up from the neck up.

  13. Hal Says:

    Seventeen dollars a month is a small price to pay for food for the soul. Count me in.

  14. Andrew Mason Says:

    Hi Tom,

    This is something I would sign up for. $17 is a great price to pay for great information. Being based in the UK the time difference may hinder the live webinars.

    Interested in hearing more!

  15. Alf Says:

    What time will the webcast normally be? I’m from the Philippines.

  16. Stew Carson Says:


    This is a great idea and I would definitely take advantage of this as an individual. Well worth the $17/mos and allows a lot of people access to great techniques, perspective, and inspiration while not requiring them to travel and add expenses.

    Rock N Roll!!
    Stew Carson

  17. lifeatthetop Says:

    I love it! Sign me up for the Zig Ziglar Stimulus Package. It is the best idea (with the words stimulus attached) that I have heard in a long time!

  18. […] have the words of Zig Ziglar been truer, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they […]

  19. I would love to participate! $17 per month on a month-to-month basis would be great for moms such as myself who are on a very limited budget yet trying to grow in knowledge and know-how and positive mindset.


    Cynthia Spencer-Clark

  20. Jeremy Janes Says:

    I think it is a wonderful deal! Great savings with 2 webinars a month for only $17.00.

  21. Jaime Says:

    A few things.

    1.If the Zig Vault is currently $15, $2 more is a bit cheap for 2 more added live webinars.

    2.If the bulk of your companies content is available online through the Vault then why would I as a business owner pay thousands to have one of your speakers come & train me on the same content that is available online with a few exceptions?

    3.Is the webinar going to be similiar to that of a live conferrence call that can only be seen that one time or is the webinar going to be more like a video, in that we do not have to view the same time it is being prodcasted.

    4. Who will be doing the webinar, Zig or one of the other speakers? Will the name of the webinar speaker be announced prior to subscription being made,so depending on the speaker determines if I subscribe that month? Some of your speakers like Brian is better then others so knowing this information in advance is important.

    5. Suggestion: Make the webinars seperate from the Zig Vault. Make them more like a live conference call/real seminar in that whoever pays is allowed to ask the instructor up to 3 to 5 questions & the instructor has 5 days to answer these questions. This will make the webinar more like an consultant & should easily warrant $50 to $100 per person. Business advice from these experts is well worth the price. Include in the price 2 months free subscription to Zig Vault.

    6. You have an ‘Ask Zig’ link on your website with no way to accuatually ask any of the speakers anything.

    7. Maybe have included in the blog/Vault an ‘Ask the Expert’ link which people pay extra for; they get there questions answered by one of the companies trainers, & are able to view prior questions/business advice that others have already asked.

    8.If the webinar is going to have/discuss financial advice on how to make it through the tough economic times then you all should probally bring in a financial expert with credentials in this field, instead of the speakers that you all currently have on your website that mainly deal with time manangment, motivation, sales, 24hr champion, etc topics…

    9.I hope these suggestions help. For future consulting/advice from me I may consider charging. 🙂

    10. You guys are great. I have loved listening to Zig & Brian over the years. Hope you have a ‘Better then Good’ day!

  22. Layne Gebers Says:

    I would like to find out more about this.

  23. I think this is fantastic, even in New Zealand dollars it is an incredible offer. Obviously for the webinar we of the Southern hemisphere get stuck when you put things on in the middle of our nights or very early morning, but I am sure this can be overcome with some great planning.

    I am really interested please put me on your mailing list.

    kind regards,

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