Seven Success Keys

 Right now with the economic meltdown going on, or not going on, depending on if it’s Monday or Friday, I think we all want our individual success to depend on us, not on the economy, not our employer, and certainly not the government!  So here are a few keys to consider:


  1. “You have to be before you can do, and you have to do before you can have,” Zig Ziglar,   Dad lays it out pretty clearly right here.  Success starts with being the right kind of person first.  Build the proper character foundation in your life, then apply it with great work ethic, and only then can you have the things in life you want. 
  2. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want,” Zig Ziglar.  This is the philosophy that guides your be, do, and have mindset.
  3. “All great failures are moral failures,” Fred Smith   Dad’s mentor Fred Smith points out that anytime you see a great failure, it is not because of their intellect, but because of some great moral failure.  The current economic crisis is a perfect example of this.  Greed and instant gratification are the two primary reasons we have a crisis right now.  Isn’t it morally wrong to knowingly encourage someone to take a huge risk?  Isn’t it morally wrong to take a huge risk for no other reason than instant gratification?
  4. “The five predictors of success for someone starting and running their own business are passion, talent, determination, self-discipline, and faith,” Dan Miller, No More Mondays,  Do you have what it takes to be your own boss?  Dan is the go-to guy for advice on this.  How cool would it be to wake up every day doing what you are passionate about? (Trust me, it’s COOL!)
  5. “Debt is dumb, cash is king,” Dave Ramsey, Imagine having no debt in your life.  Would you sleep better?  How much freedom would you have?  Being debt free is a choice and Dave gives you a specific plan of action on how to become debt free.  I must warn you though; the plan is very simple, although not necessarily easy because there are no gimmicks or shortcuts.  It only requires common sense and uncommon discipline!
  6. “Eat pure,” Tom Ziglar,  The Purity Diet. The most important asset you have is your health.  The best thing you can do to benefit your health is to eat right.  If you “eat pure” every day you will be amazed at the results.
  7. “I’ve heard it, too: Motivation is temporary, and I agree. But then, so is bathing and eating, but if you do both of them on a daily basis you will live longer and smell better in the process,” Zig Ziglar.  What kind of fuel are you running your brain on?  Put the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive into your brain on a daily basis and the amount of good stuff that comes out will astonish you!
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12 Comments on “Seven Success Keys”

  1. melanie robinson Says:

    Zig, I just wanted to say from the moment I heard one of your recordings I found you truly inspiring. I tell my friends and family about how you continue to inspire me with your stories, words of wisdom and your powerful positive attitude. My goal is to one day come to one of your seminars although I live in Australia and not sure how often you get out here. I’ll be keeping an open heart and an open mind and look forward to seeing you one day. You truly are my absolute favourite motivational guru 🙂 god bless you and thank you for touching my life!

  2. ART BAKER Says:

    Dear Zig: I trust that this message of support finds you doing well.
    In the twenty years that I have followed you. your message of
    positive thinking and positive expectations have carried me
    through some very challenging times. To say you have made a
    difference in my life is a understatement. You are a national treasure and we are so blessed to have you for these many years.
    May God bless you and your family. Please know that you are in
    my prayers always. Thank you for all that you have given us.

  3. susan Says:

    susan Says:

    September 21, 2008 at 6:51 am
    Tom says
    we all need encouragement and a reminder from time to time. That’s why Dad says motivation is temporary, just like eating and bathing!
    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Zig Zigler for his motivational work.
    I was blessed to be in his sundayschool class at fbc in Dallas in 1984-1986.
    What a blessing that was as I went through a terrible time in my life and his motivation
    carried me through all of that. I have always carried a pieice of his thoughts with me
    and many of his princiapls I have taught to the children I work with.
    I had to leave my home very very close to Galveston Bay as Ike was paying me a visit. I accepted the worst that could have happened to me and didn’t worry about anything. (I am in Gods hands) My home was spared even though less than a mile away there was total destruction. I have a generator and am going back tomorow to help my neighborhood. Zig Ziglar has helped me again. I am so grateful I went to his class all those years ago. When he goes to heaven and gets to see how many people he has blessed he will be amazed. PLEASE TELL HIM THANK yOU FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR HUMANITY!!

    I went back home generator lasted 6 hours and went out .
    I was so happy this happened as my 17 year old son learned any many lessons from this experience. (NO ELEC IS TOUGH)
    There is devestation all around me but my home was spared.
    Electriciity was just restored.
    My son is going to read my Zig Zigler books (praise the Lord)!!!!

  4. Archie Says:

    A timely blog.

    It is so important for people to remember that fixing the economy starts with personal prudence. The economic situation simply mirrors the personal situation of so many people. Now is the time for us all to walk more lightly on the earth!

    And Tom thanks for your email – I really appreciated it. Best regards Stephen

  5. Catherine Says:

    My prayers are with Zig!

    My feelings, for what they are worth, are that the economic “down-turn” is a timely warning to WORK for what we desire, rather than have today and pay whenever (or never!) I have this suspicion that the thing ought to run its course, but I realise that innocents will suffer along with the greedy. “We” have brought the disaster on ourselves.

  6. Thanks for these bits wisdom.

  7. Thanks for the comments
    Today I hear people examining Obama’s first 100 days instead of evaluating on their own last 100 days. Let us examine ourselves and see what we have done to make ourselves, our communities, our families, our business, our churches, etc. better.

    As Zig says when your help others get what they want, it will help you get what you want.

    Victor Swindell

  8. Mom Says:

    I especially like the comment above about examining our own last 100 days and asking ourselves what we have done to make our communities,families, churches, businesses, and country better.

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