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Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

June 7, 2009

How much time and money do you invest in yourself?  I am always amazed at the thousands of dollars individuals will spend on making themselves feel or look better that has no impact on them actually being better.

The Ziglar Be, Do, and Have philosophy is simple and straightforward.  You have to Be before you can Do, and you have to Do before you can Have.  Becoming the right kind of person starts when you put the right things into your mind.  If your thinking is wrong, the new clothes, the new car, the new relationship, the new job, all of these things will bring only temporary satisfaction.

Every day millions of dollars are spent by people buying the “pill” or the “system” that is going to make them skinny and rich.  Newsflash!  There is no “pill” or “system” that will work – unless you do.  And your ability to carry through on the work, long after the initial burst of hope promised in the marketing copy is long forgotten, depends 100% on your thinking.

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life.

Would you like your life to be better?  It can be, and the choice is yours.  You are the only one who can change your thinking.  In fact, choose right now to improve your life by putting the right stuff into your mind.  Imagine if your doctor told you that unless you spent 20 minutes every day stretching you would live your life in excruciating pain.  In fact, if you missed stretching even one day, the next day the pain would be so unbearable that you wouldn’t be able to open your eyes.  It would take only one day of pain to justify the stretching!  Twenty minutes would be an incredibly small price to pay for a pain-free life.

Millions of people are “living in pain” because they are not “stretching their brain” with the good information.  Instead, their brains are filled with “toxins” that cause incredible “brain spasms,” resulting in broken relationships and lost opportunities.

When you choose to do nothing – you have chosen to live with the pain.
Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life.  The choice is yours.  Do you have 20 minutes a day?

Be – Do – Have….CanDoGo

May 11, 2009

Zig Ziglar (Dad) is famous for his Be, Do, Have philosophy.  You have to “Be” the right kind of person first, then you must “Do” the right things before you can expect to “Have” the things in life that really matter.  Dad keeps it pretty simple – Be, Do, Have.

Keeping it simple pays huge dividends in today’s world.  With so many things to remember and keep track of, it just makes sense to boil the complexity down to a few simple truths.

What are you going to do today to “Be” the right kind of person?  What specific character quality or skill are you going to work on?  What are you going to listen to or read?  Who are you going to spend time with that will help you “Be-come” the right kind of person?

What actions are you going to “Do” today so that you can expect to “Have” the things that matter?  “Do” is a great word because it is all about action.  “Be-ing” the right kind of person is essential, but until you take action, until you “Do,” you are not impacting the world around you in a positive way.  Don’t let the “Do-ing” in your life happen by accident; instead, plan purpose in your “Do-ing.”

CanDoGo.  Here is a tip for you – CanDoGo is a great place for you to get daily insights into “Be-ing” and “Do-ing” the right things in your professional career.  CanDoGo features thousands of one to two minute videos featuring 150 professional authorities (including Dad).  Just type in your problem like “customer says price is too high” and instantly dozens of short videos will pop up from the experts on how to handle this problem.  The answers are integrity based (Be) and action oriented (Do).

“Be-ing” the right kind of person starts with putting the right things into your mind.  Tell us your story about a word or a message that changed your thinking and allowed you to “Be-come” the right kind of person. You can post your comment in the comment section on my blog right here ……