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All Great Failures Are…

March 5, 2009

Dad’s mentor, Fred Smith (, said that “all great failures are moral failures.” When I first heard the explanation to this statement by Fred it made perfect sense. We all know the stories of very successful athletes, business people, politicians, and religious leaders who take a great moral fall. Drugs, lying, stealing from their companies and cheating on their spouses result in losing their reputation as well as their wealth, and often destroy their key relationships, impacting the lives of everyone around them. Pride, greed, and the desire for instant gratification cause people to make morally bad decisions, and these decisions destroy them and oftentimes many others.

Now that we are going through an economic meltdown as a country and as a world, I started to consider Fred’s statement on a much larger basis. Is this great economic failure really a moral failure? The more I hear and read, the more convinced I am that it is. Choosing debt to support a lifestyle driven by instant gratification is a moral failure. Well-intentioned do-gooders who create policies that allow people to purchase things they cannot afford are ultimately moral failures. Spending money we don’t have is ultimately a moral failure. A society that says “go ahead and get it now, everybody is doing it,” is a society that justifies their own moral shortcomings by getting everyone to participate.

This economic meltdown that we are all experiencing is not a technical glitch, it is the direct result of many morally bad decisions piling up until, by their own weight, they can only come crashing down.

So here is the real challenge we face as a nation. The way out of this mess is not a series of technically creative political and financial policies. The way out is realizing we have to make good, sound moral decisions around money. Debt is bad. People are not entitled to things they cannot pay for. Hard work is the solution. Living on less than you make builds character, lessens risk, and provides a foundation of rock, not sand, for your future.

This all seems so simple, even too simple, but the truth is really always pretty simple, we just don’t like to admit it. Ultimately, to recognize that this economic collapse is really because of breaking moral laws means that we, and our leaders, must recognize that there is a moral law-giver. The bully pulpit in our country right now is controlled by the media and the politicians. They fancy themselves as the moral law-givers, and they certainly don’t recognize a truly moral law-giver unless they agree with him!

Never forget: Just because you are of the opinion that something is not true doesn’t mean that you won’t be governed by it if it is true. When people and countries make enough morally bad decisions, failure is a certainty. Here is the good news. The opposite is also true!

The Ziglar Stimulus Package

February 25, 2009

As you can imagine, we have spent a great deal of time as a company brainstorming how we can help and serve our customer base in these current tough economic times. Plus, it has been a little hard on us as well. Hard in two ways, actually. First, people need and want what we offer more than ever as we are hearing more pain than usual, which is hard to hear from your friends. And second, many of the companies we do business with have cut back, and training is one of the things that often gets cut first. I’m certain you can understand how this impacts us. The silver lining in this is that they are not saying no to our training, rather they are saying no to taking their people off the job and no to travel expenses.

We have come up with an idea, and I would love your feedback.

The Ziglar Stimulus Package

We are not offering this yet; it is still in the development phase, so your input will really help us out. The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include two live webinars each month plus access online to over 100 hours of Ziglar’s best video and audio programs through the Ziglar Vault.

One webinar will focus on personal development and staying motivated in this tough economy

One webinar will focus on selling effectively in this tough economy

The Ziglar Vault contains easy access 24/7 to everything we have developed to help companies and individuals be more successful

The compelling thing about the webinars is that they are live, real-time, and relevant. Participants are able to ask questions through our chat feature and even send in email requests prior to the events that we can cover during the training. When the webinar is over, we will send each participant an MP3 download and a transcript of the event – this way, even if they miss the event they have not really missed it.

At the end of each webinar we will also cover a five-minute self-study program where participants are given direction on where to find additional training in the Ziglar Vault.

As you can see, the Ziglar Stimulus Package concept answers the objection of travel expense and taking people out of the field. We also believe it answers the objection of relevant information in regards to the current business climate. Of course, the last main potential objection is price. Here is our current thinking on price, and once again your feedback will be very helpful.

If purchased separately you can get the webinars with the downloads for $17.00 each

The Ziglar Vault will be a subscription at $17.00/month

The Ziglar Stimulus Package will include both the webinars and the Ziglar Vault for a monthly membership of $17.00. Yes, we are thinking about including all three for the $17.

Our hope is that individuals and companies will see this as a perfect solution to sharpening their skills and getting a “check up from the neck up” twice each month via the webinars, and anytime they want via the Ziglar Vault. Plus, we will encourage companies to schedule their sales meetings around the live webinar so they can go through the information as a team.

I look forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment in the comment section. We really want this to work, and to make a difference in the lives of so many people and companies who are struggling right now. Thanks in advance for your input.

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2009  .  This Ziglar Stimulus Package is now here and is called Success 2.o. Check it out!