I asked Dad what he thought about the stimulus package.  He had a faraway look in his eye.  You could tell he was searching his 82 years of collective memories and wisdom.  “Son,” he said, “there ain’t no free lunch.”

I don’t know about you, but I am suffering from a severe case of Stimulitus.  Stimulitus is a condition brought on by borrowing money to be spent by people who produce nothing,for things we don’t need, to help people who either caused the problem or don’t believe in paying taxes.  Stimulitus is what you get when you realize that the people you have elected value self-interest first and foremost, and believe that common sense is a dreadful disease that can only be cured by printing money.

Stimulitus creates some very interesting math problems.  My daughter is in 8th grade and occasionally I help her with the dreaded math word problem.  Here is a word problem for you.  The current $750 billion Stimulitus plan (give or take $200 billion or more) says we will either save or create 2.5 million jobs. How much does it cost to save or create one job?  Dude, that is like $300,000 per job!  I want one of those jobs!

Here is an idea for you.  We elected a bunch of “smart” people.  Let’s tell them to cut $500 billion in government overhead and reduce our taxes by $250 billion this year.  That’s a $750 billion adjustment just like the current Stimulitus plan.  See, I can work with big numbers, too; the only difference is the reality that we are going to have to do with less for a time.  Of course, 90% of us have already figured that out, and for those of you without common sense, 90% is like, a lot.

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14 Comments on “Stimulitus”

  1. Your dad is one smart dude! The $300,000 job does sound very inviting, but I think that’s the problem.

    Maybe starting with cutting the Department of Energy created under the Carter Administration to get the U.S. off of foreign oil (that’s worked well) that has an annual budget of over $24 Billion and doesn’t even have a product or a service.

    I’m not impressed with the stimulus package and can only hope and pray that their answer doesn’t become more of the problem.

    My brother thought they should stimulate the economy by putting to use the existing automotive and aircraft companies to bolster our military, producing something that is needed and useful, AND keeping jobs and money flowing through the economy.

    Of course, if you’re anti-military, that would be a very bad idea, but otherwise makes some sense to me.

    And not only is 90% “a lot”, but so is $750 billion!

  2. Tiffany Moore Says:


  3. Don Pinger Says:


    The porkoloid package is is still out of wack!

    They are throwing all those billions of dollars in “hopes” of creating 2.5 million jobs in a few years. Why is that out of wack you ask? just this past weekend it was reported the 11.5 million people are now out of work.

    I don’t know much about math but I do know this. 2.5 million jobs filled leaving 9 million Americans out of work…still.

    That’s missing the targe by 78%. I’m not very good with math but I do know that’s still a big number…just like 90%.

    For the people who don’t know 78% is a big number too.

  4. babbo Says:

    I’m over stimulated as it is!

    If everyone held themselves accountable for their actions, this problem would not exist. If everyone had more integrity than greed, millions of lives would be saved. Forget the money, priceless lives would be saved, and enriched.

    It seems that stupidity is contagious, but more likely it’s just convenient…



  5. Hal Alpiar Says:

    Tom –

    You and your Dad couldn’t be more on target!

    Thanks for the inspirational analytical spin on the disgraceful numbers game being played out at the expense of us all.

    It’s like the big guy (Mr. Stimulitus) comes over and puts his arm around your shoulders and says, “I’m the one can help you. Just trust me and vote for me and my $ave The U$ $timulu$ package. You won’t believe how great it will be. All the problems that everyone else created will go away in the blink of an eye. Honest they will. What’s that? Oh, yeah, ‘small business?’ I wouldn’t worry about small business; it’ll just stay small, that’s all. Trust me. I’ll make all that other stuff go away, then, HA! You never know, maybe small business will be able to get big. Anyway, just vote fo. . .”

    Will your 8 year-old look back on this one day as “The Dumbing of America”? I sure hope not. Small business is the best preventive medicine. It needs to KEEP being our biggest source of job creation. And THAT, I believe, is the only “stimulous” that will make a difference!

  6. Lee Murray Says:

    I am not surprised at your comments – I took Zig Zigler’s courses for business in the 80’s and those lessons help me still today – yet again I find words that I can live by! Thank you!

  7. Dan Says:

    There are many short comings of human nature brought out in this discussion. When given opportunities for a “free lunch” or frivolity, we react negatively to the temptation. We won’t be successful by passing new laws to prohibit certain human behaviors. Instead, we need smaller government. Adam Smith wrote of the “Invisible Hand Theory” as it relates to free enterprise. Laws and government inhibit the invisible hand.

  8. I can’t agree more. I have yet to figure out why we are giving money to the people that caused the problem. So, now they will have more money to spend on other bad ideas. The best thing about it all is we get to pay for it 3 times by the time it is all said and done.
    I would love for our government take the stand on the people but don’t see that happening anytime soon.
    Maybe they could take the lead the the CEO from Best Buy and just give what the government is planning to give to the companies that have already taken money they have been given and give it to the people who put the money in the pot to begin with the 40 percent of american who pay taxes to begin with.
    They could cut the 750 Billion and only give us 250 Billion and see what we can do. Most would pay off all the debt they have and then save some and spend the rest.

    That would put money back into the banks since they don’t have any to lend, credit cards would be paid helping them too. More then likly several cars would be sold too, so that would help them.
    Most of the people pay taxes are also the same people who give to charity so, that would help them too.
    Lot of the tax payers would like to start their own business and or increase the business they own, so there is the jobloss problem solved.

    Seems so simple to me, but what do I know I am just another dumb tax payer.

  9. The only real word I would like to add to this blog post Tom has already been spoken. That is the word that Tiffany said “AMEN!”

    My personal opinion is that we can’t buy our way out of debt with, you guessed it “more debt”.
    I believe our government and everyone needs a good dose of my friend John Miller’s teachings. John is author of the neatest little, and straight to the point, book “QBQ!” and “Flipping the Switch”.
    Check his web-site out gang and you’ll see what I mean:



  10. Gail Says:

    I totally disagree. It would be nice to have bridges that don’t fall, firefighter and police officers to keep their jobs, teachers to continue to teach and schools that are of the 21st century for a change. Yes, the problem was caused to others who were greedy and some who were irresponsible. Not everyone falls in that category.

    Some of the stimulus goes to small business to stay afloat because right now they can’t. Since they are the innovators and job creators it would be prudent for them to get funding for the projects.

    Since investors and businesses and consumers have stopped buying, the only resource left is government. It is not the only way but it is the best way right now.

    I’ve always admired your dad’s work and have always been inspired by his wisdom, but he does not have the weight of the entire country on his shoulders and I am sure he knows where his next meal is coming from. Unlike so many other, hard working people today.

  11. Walter Harry Says:


    I trust you are the same Tom from TCA and Sky Ranch. Was thinking of our adventures in riflery, archery, and snapping turtle wrestling and wondered where you are, what you are doing, and how you are doing?

    Walter, class of ’84.

  12. Anna Says:

    Obama Signs $787 Billion Stimulus, that’s a whole lot of money, isn’t it?

  13. Paris Vega Says:

    I agree Tom,
    We should let companies be responsible for their own performance and allow them to reap the consequences of their decisions. Focusing on efficient government spending and avoiding debt as a nation would do a lot more good than throwing money at failing companies.
    -Paris Vega

  14. Mark Cotter Says:

    Wow! I wish I had said that! So well put and simple to read. Thanks for your insight. This is the most disagreeable, destructive act our ‘representatives’ have done to the very fabric of our country. The individual struggle for liberty and happiness is what makes the wheels turn, the cycle work. Give a man a fish and he is dependent on you forever teach a man to fish and he is self reliant and liberated. How did we come to this where it is someone elses job to care for us. Keep up the great work Tom!

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