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What Is Your Legacy?

December 31, 2009

I was asked recently what my Dad’s greatest legacy was.  Today I read Harry Tucker’s post about legacy and came up with this definition:

Your legacy = the sum total of the impact you have on others, and the impact they have on others, and so on…

What Is Your Legacy?

(If you would like to add to your definition of Legacy, please comment, I would love to see it!)

When Zig Ziglar Became “Dig Digler”

May 16, 2009

I got a great “Zig” story from Harry Tucker and he gave me permission to share it.  If you have your own humorous “Zig” story please feel free to share it in the comment section.  Thanks Harry for sending this in, it’s classic!

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your email – a quick story.

Before I retired my strategy brain to devote my time to important challenges in the world, especially the needs of children, I used to work at Microsoft in NYC as a strategy advisor.

During difficult meetings or when teams would get stuck, I would often quote a story or two of your father’s to help people see things in a different perspective.  At some point, people began to call me into meetings that I wasn’t a member of to hear me share a story or two from your father’s incredible repertoire.  I helped create a lot of fans of your father’s work.

At some point, people started calling me “Zig”, after your father’s stories and one day someone said “There is only one Zig Ziglar – we will call Harry “Dig Digler” because we really dig the stories he shares with us from Zig Ziglar’s collection”.

At that time I was living on the road in a corporate apartment and on the day it was time for me to leave the apartment, I took the last of my stuff and went to a local Starbucks to relax.

A couple of hours later, a good friend of mine called my cell phone and he was very angry that I hadn’t told him I had left the apartment.  I replied that I didn’t think it mattered but apparently it did and here’s why.

Jonathan and I are very close, having worked together in NYC for about 15 years – our spontaneous banter and humor was well known.

Apparently, a fine southern gentleman had taken occupation of my corporate apartment after I moved out.  Jonathan called the apartment, he answered and Jonathan asked to speak to Harry.  The gentleman indicated that there was no one there by that name and Jonathan made the incorrect assumption that I was trying to impersonate your father’s southern accent.  So, being the spontaneous person he is, he asked to speak to Zig Ziglar.  The gentleman indicated there was no one there by that name either so Jonathan then asked to speak to Dig Digler.  The gentleman said there was no one here by that name and feeling a little frustrated, asked Jonathan who he was really looking for.

My friend was getting frustrated also since he thought I should have stopped playing games by now and so he said “I’m looking for you and I’m coming over right now”.  The guy replied “I’m calling the police” and hung up.

Apparently he used the caller id to call the local police and they stopped by my friend’s house just to make sure my friend was “ok”.

It was after the police left that he called me.

So I love your father’s stories and the way he presents them – they have been a great source of inspiration for me over the years and I have been blessed with the opportunity to connect many people with your father’s work.

However, when I think of your father, I also think of my friend and the day police visited him because he was trying to find “Dig Digler”.

Thank you for letting me share this story, Tom, and thank you to you, your father and your supporting teams and families for making this world a better place.  We need the work of people like you more than ever.

God bless you.


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