The Economy – Yours, The Country’s, or God’s

I received an email today from a lady asking us Ziglar’s thoughts on the economy and when we thought it might improve. I thought you might like to see the answer.

Dear Deborah,

 Dad and I talk every day and I ask him about the economy from time to time. His answer is almost always the same (and I bet you know what I am going to say) in that the economy that really matters is the one between your ears! It is true that the country is going through an extremely difficult time and that times are tough and many are suffering. In an economy like this, the important thing is to remember that the right attitude, character, and work ethic are more important than ever, and the long-term rewards of these will be greater than ever, even though in the short term you may not see the financial results like you have in the past.

 There is a greater opportunity right now than ever before to make a difference in people’s lives. You may be blessed to be doing financially well and you are able to reach down and give others a hand up. Or you may be struggling financially and through your encouragement and example can give people in the same situation a boost up. In either case, this is what God’s economy is all about. Personally, we believe that it is going to remain tough for a while longer, but we are hopeful just long enough to get everyone focused on the things that matter and away from the things that don’t matter. The good news for you is that if you are in the top percentage of salespeople and you continue to do what you have been doing, you will continue to be successful (the top percentage of salespeople are there because they know how to innovate and meet people’s needs, no matter what company they work for). I hope this answer helps. I wish we could tell you exactly when it is going to get better.

So here is a tip to success in this economy. Make sure your economy lines up with God’s economy. If it does, the country’s economy doesn’t matter!

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4 Comments on “The Economy – Yours, The Country’s, or God’s”

  1. Well-said… and thanks for sharing the story. I need all the reminders I can get that God’s economy is different from ours – in good times and in bad.



  2. Bradley Says:

    Loved this article! Going to Retweet it!

  3. Dave Hurley Says:

    The answer is so simple.No sales tax on American made. Be American, buy American and restore Americas economy.

  4. George O'Neill Says:

    economics is the science which relates to the allocation of resources. how large a slice of the pie does America need?

    protectionism and isolation will only damage in the long run – it might have political appeal but will only serve to reduce international trade. for what benefit – prop up failing industries while harming successful exporters. there is no harm in looking to use keynesian fiscal stimuli in the times of recession but some of the proposals on this page – let america look after america and nonone else are hardly Christian values.

    i ask of america – who is your neighbour?

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