Integrity and Tiger Woods

Posted December 26, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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I love this quote from Dad:

“The number one tool in your sales arsenal is your integrity” Zig Ziglar

This past month we have seen Tiger Woods loose hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements for one simple reason: he has lost his integrity.

Growing up I was keenly aware of some very “old fashioned” rules that Dad set for himself. Things like never having a meeting alone with a woman, or allowing a woman to pick him up from the airport. As a business person in this day and age I am sure a lot of people thought Dad was just little to hard core. But you see, Dad is a master of the game of life, just like Tiger is a master of the game of golf.

In golf, if you have a short par 4 with water in front of the green, the wise shot is to lay up with a club that will not reach the water hazard. It would be stupid to hit driver, and besides, you can still make birdie from the center of the fairway and you take double bogey out of play.

Life is the same way. Sure, you can live close to the hazards of life without going in, but all it takes is one miss-hit and you have lost your integrity. Why take the chance?


I Believe in Christmas

Posted December 25, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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By Zig Ziglar

It’s the first Christmas I can remember. It arrived just seven weeks after the deaths of my father and baby sister. To make matters worse, it was in the heart of the Great Depression. Things were tough. All of us children who were older made what income contributions we could, but the truth was my mother had eight of her eleven remaining children still living at home, and six were too young to work. Understandably, the Ziglar kids were concerned about what kind of Christmas it would be!

The good news is that though our grief was fresh, we still celebrated Christmas. We received no toys that year, but much to my delight in my gift box I found three English walnuts and something I had never tasted before—raisins! They were absolutely delicious.  Mama prepared her wonderful molasses candy and we had a small cedar tree. And my mother read the Christmas story, like she always did.

My sixth Christmas will always have great meaning to me. We celebrated the birth of Christ even in hard times because we believed in Christmas.


Unfortunately, over the years things have changed. The cheerful “Merry Christmas” of yesteryear has been replaced by the politically correct “Happy Holidays!” In the minds of many people we celebrate “holidays.” Not only is Christ not at the center of the celebration, he isn’t even considered to be the reason for the season!

If I seem upset about the changes that I see taking place in regard to Christmas, it is because I am! It’s not because an old tradition is being changed. No, I’m upset that the event that made it possible for me to have a life I could never have imagined is being hidden from view with decorations, wrapping paper, parties and political correctness!


You see, I believe it’s worth celebrating that Jesus came to earth—His birth signaled hope for all mankind. I believe that as he lived out a perfect life before God and mankind, he showed that he truly was God’s Son. And I believe that by giving his life up on a cross, he completely paid the penalty that my sins—and yours—deserve before a holy God. And it was made possible because of that first Christmas.

How could I not believe in Christmas? Because Christ was born as a baby in a manger that’s more than enough reason to celebrate Christmas for what it is—a joyful occasion.  I’ve experienced forgiveness of my sins and have the assurance of eternity in Heaven!

If you don’t know Jesus Christ, let me say that He tells us in John 14:6, “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  How do you do that? First, understand that I’m talking about a relationship, not a religion. All the world’s major religions emphasize that you qualify for heaven by your good works—the things that you do. Such “religion” is spelled “d-o.” Christianity is spelled “d-o-n-e.” Christ already paid for our sins when He died on the cross. “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). And he rose from the grave proving that the punishment for our sins was fully paid.

Nothing we could ever “do” could qualify us for God’s forgiveness and reserve our place in heaven.  That’s why Christ himself said, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him who he has sent” (John 6:29).


God forgives us, saves us from our sins, and gives us eternal life based on our belief in what Jesus did for us. Why? Because God is gracious beyond measure! The Bible says that it is “…by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works…” (Ephesians 2:8-9). Though “the wages of sin is death” [eternal separation from God], the greatest Christmas gift we could ever have is “the free gift of God…eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

With gift-giving like that from God, I don’t want to lose the significance of Christmas. I believe in Christmas!

I urge you to accept the greatest “Christmas gift” you’ll ever receive: If you’re convinced that God’s way is the only way to meaningful life now and eternal life in heaven, you can tell him in words like these…”Dear God, I do believe Jesus died for me, and took the punishment my sins deserved. I want to receive your free gift of salvation and eternal life. Thank you for making this possible!”

Then join me this year in celebrating Christmas like you’ve never celebrated it before!

Merry Christmas!

This article can be found on a Christmas tract from the good folks at Good News Publishing.  You can buy it and share with your friends and neighbors.

Staying Positive in a Struggle When Others Are Frustrated

Posted December 22, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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“What can you do to enable positive attitudes as the struggle continues so those around you don’t get frustrated with your struggle recovery?”  Marla

This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast

Marla, here are a couple of ideas for you:

Be an example and have the attitude you want others to have.  Those who are around you the most will respond to whatever attitude you have the most.  If you are going through a struggle and they see you embracing it, moving forward, looking for the bright side, and working hard to improve the situation, this will encourage them.

Express gratitude.  Let those around you know that you are thankful for many things, including their support, love, and encouragement.

Understand you can’t change everybody.  Some of the people around you may continue to react negatively and remain frustrated.  By being the right kind of person and doing the things you need to do to help the situation, you have the peace of mind to understand that they are not frustrated with you, but with the situation.  They may “take it out” on you from time to time, and after this occurs you may want to have a talk with them.  The purpose of this talk will be to ask them, “Are you frustrated with me, or the situation?”  Then listen.  Chances are good that it will be the situation, especially if you are doing all you can.  If they say it is you, then you will need to understand why.  Perhaps you are doing something that they see as making the situation worse that you have not considered.  If they are right, this is great news because you have more room to improve.  Maybe you just need a time of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Or maybe they are the ones with the problem.  In any case, you need to find out if they are part of your struggle and recovery.

Embrace The Struggle!

Debt Free!

Posted December 21, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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2009 was the toughest, and yet the most rewarding, year in our company’s history.  For the last 10 years we have been dragging around a huge anchor of debt that we had gotten the old fashioned way – we earned it!  Like a boil on our backside, this debt always seemed to make itself known just as we were about to move into position to do something big.  There were several times when we put a lot of padding around it so we didn’t notice it so much, but still every time we needed a little extra help or we were ready to go to the next level, the protective bandages would come off and it would ooze its poison throughout our company.

A few years back I started listening to a dude named Dave Ramsey.  From the minute I started listening to Dave I knew he was a good guy (mainly because he quotes Dad a lot!) and he knows what he is talking about when it comes to debt.  I started reading his books and listening to his podcasts, and before I knew it I was infected.  Then, in 2008, I got to attend the Entreleadership program in Cancun.  That’s when I realized two big things:  Debt was killing us and keeping us from achieving our mission, and getting rid of it was MY CHOICE and MY RESPONSIBILITY.

There is no doubt that the Dave Ramsey system for getting rid of personal debt or business debt works.  But here is the key:  If you have a big boil like we did, nobody can lance that sucker but YOU! Dave can provide the lance, but YOU have to take it in your own hands and OWN it.  It’s no fun to start lancing away, but the immediate pressure release is amazing, and soon, as the poison is squeezed out of your body, you find you can sleep in any position and run as fast as you want.

Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for all that you and your team do.  We officially became 100% debt free in November of 2009.  We owe more than you will ever know to you guys, possibly even our company’s future.  You see, while we were getting out of debt, the economy took a turn for the worse and our revenue went down 40%. I mention this to let everyone who is reading this know that the time to start getting out of debt is right now, and no matter the circumstances surrounding your situation, you can do something to improve your position.

No matter what 2010 brings, I know this:  Our chance for fulfilling our mission as a company is infinitely better because we are DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Zig’s Greatest Gift

Posted December 18, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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“Zig, when did you find out your gift was to help others help themselves?”  Bev

This question came in on a Success 2.0 webcast.

Bev, Dad learned this early in his sales career over 50 years ago.  As he became more successful in sales he was asked to conduct sales training.  At first he taught sales skills, but then he realized that while sales skills are important, most people struggle with basic personal development issues like attitude, goal setting, and confidence.  He then realized that these things had to be developed on a foundation of character in order to work for the long term.  When Dad began to teach these foundational things, he started to see people’s lives change in significant ways.  This inspired him to become passionate about teaching these truths, which allowed him to develop even greater his gift of helping others help themselves.

Please note that Dad is not unusual in that he has a gift.  We all have gifts.  Dad is unusual because he relentlessly works on developing his gift.  The true lesson here is not to copy Dad’s gift, but to relentlessly develop your own gifts.

Getting Knocked Down

Posted December 17, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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This question came in from a Success 2.0 webcast.

“When your mind takes a hit after working hard at getting better, how does one get back?”  Chris

Chris, good news and bad news on this one.  The bad news first.  We all get knocked down!  Everyone has to deal with taking a mental hit, even if you are working on staying mentally strong and staying positive.

Here is the good news.  You can decide NOW how you are going to respond when you take a mental hit.  Here are a few things to remember.

“Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.”  Zig Ziglar.  You can not “just” think your way out of a mental hit.  It is important to recognize that you have taken a hit, and then you have to take action to get back on track.

Have on hand your favorite books and audio recordings, and when you take a hit plan some time each day to absorb the good stuff.

Call a friend or mentor who is positive and ask them for a little motivational feedback.  It’s great if you can also be this person for someone else.

Create a victory list of all of the things you have accomplished and the goals that you are in the process of achieving and review it when you get knocked down.  This will remind you that you have been knocked down before and you can get back up and achieve great things.

Pray.  Tell God exactly what is going on, ask Him for direction, and then be still and listen.  It is amazing how many times getting knocked down really means that you just stand up and start again, in a slightly new direction!

Do It, and You Will Feel Like Doing It

Posted December 15, 2009 by Tom Ziglar
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This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast

“I’m in the Insurance field and not doing as well as I expected and I could blame it on a lot of different things but they would all in some way point back at me. I’m great with people, I always put my clients first, but there are days that I simply don’t want to get out of bed and take on that daily struggle to make that happen. My question is, have you ever been in that situation and, if so, how do you over come it?”  Thank You, Tommy

Tommy, I guess this makes you normal!  Dad has a couple of quotes that really hit home with this one.  “Logic will not change an emotion, but action will,” and, “Do it, and you will feel like doing it.”  Not very complicated I know, but still it is true.

Here is a quick tip for you – plan the next day before you go to bed at night.  Make sure you have your morning detailed out and your priority list in order.  As you write this out, envision exactly how you want the day to go.  Then, when your opportunity clock goes off in the morning, start working your plan right away.  Don’t hesitate or procrastinate, just start doing.  The act of doing will then create the motivation to keep doing.

When Dad put this tip in action his career took off!  He made an appointment (with himself) to be knocking on a prospects “door” everyday at 9:00 a.m. sharp.  You will find that when you commit to action, and then follow through, your results will go through the roof!