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The Top 5 Of 2009

January 2, 2010

Following are the Top 5 Ziglar Pure and Simple blog posts of 2009 with the number of hits.  Thank you for being a reader!  Let me know what you would like to see in 2010.

#5   The Purity Diet 3,200 hits

#4    I Tweet, therefore I …… The Twitter Strategy for Ziglar 4,875  hits

#3  So You Wanna Be A Speaker 5,065 hits

#2  Seven Success Keys 5,251 hits

#1  At The Foot Of A Giant At the Foot of a Giant 9,141 hits


What Is Your Legacy?

December 31, 2009

I was asked recently what my Dad’s greatest legacy was.  Today I read Harry Tucker’s post about legacy and came up with this definition:

Your legacy = the sum total of the impact you have on others, and the impact they have on others, and so on…

What Is Your Legacy?

(If you would like to add to your definition of Legacy, please comment, I would love to see it!)

Tiger Woods Hits it O.B. (Out of Bounds)

December 28, 2009

In the game of golf the golf course is defined by Out of Bounds (O.B.) stakes or fences. These fences signify property lines, and if you hit your ball O.B. you are given a one stroke penalty and you have to replay the shot from the original position. This “stroke and distance” penalty is the worst kind to get in golf.

If you have played much golf you will from time to time play with people who ignore the O.B. fences and they will either play from Out of Bounds, or they will drop a ball and play on without taking a penalty. This is called cheating. If you are caught cheating in a tournament you are automatically disqualified, and if you get caught again, you are likely to be banned from playing tournaments, especially if the cheating was intentional.

In the game of life some people actually believe the rules do not apply to them. They will either ignore the fences, or remove them altogether. I love this quote by G. K. Chesterton:

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”

Good relationships and good marriages work best when people stay on the course and do everything they can to stay away from the O.B. fences. Like golf, a great score in life depends on staying in bounds, and going O.B. and ignoring it, or worse, removing the fences, is called cheating. Plus, sometimes the fences are there to protect you from the 2000 pound bull in the pasture next to the course (I literally learned this one the hard way!).

Dad’s late mentor, Fred Smith, had this quote: “All great failures in life are moral failures.” As you look forward to 2010, keep in mind that the moral fences in your life are there to protect you, and before you consider taking one of the fences down or climbing over it, take a look at the 2000 pound bull on the other side!

Integrity and Tiger Woods

December 26, 2009

I love this quote from Dad:

“The number one tool in your sales arsenal is your integrity” Zig Ziglar

This past month we have seen Tiger Woods loose hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements for one simple reason: he has lost his integrity.

Growing up I was keenly aware of some very “old fashioned” rules that Dad set for himself. Things like never having a meeting alone with a woman, or allowing a woman to pick him up from the airport. As a business person in this day and age I am sure a lot of people thought Dad was just little to hard core. But you see, Dad is a master of the game of life, just like Tiger is a master of the game of golf.

In golf, if you have a short par 4 with water in front of the green, the wise shot is to lay up with a club that will not reach the water hazard. It would be stupid to hit driver, and besides, you can still make birdie from the center of the fairway and you take double bogey out of play.

Life is the same way. Sure, you can live close to the hazards of life without going in, but all it takes is one miss-hit and you have lost your integrity. Why take the chance?

The Key To Preparing For Success

December 2, 2009

This question came in from a Success 2.0 webcast.

“What is the key to preparing for success?”  Karl

Karl, the key is to determine first what you really want to accomplish in life.  When you determine this, then you can put together the game plan that will help you prepare for success in the area you really want to be successful in.  Nothing worse than winning the wrong game!

Social Media and Our Kids

November 5, 2009

I am a big fan of social media and how it can really make it easy to spread ideas worth spreading.  Of course, this is also its biggest danger – bad ideas (that seem appealing) spread even faster.

When I was growing up, Dad bought a pool table for our game room. Why?  So Mom and Dad could keep an eye on me, listen in on my conversations, and see who I was hanging out with.  We had one phone line, which made it easy for them to “overhear” what I was talking about.

Now parents don’t overhear conversations any more unless they grab the cell phone and look at the text messaging or go online and check out Facebook.  Technology is creating a communication gap between parents and their kids, and it is about to get much worse.

The new trend among young people is to completely abandon computers and do everything on the new social media phones.  The iPhone and the new Google Motorola Droid, which releases tomorrow through Verizon, are prime examples of this.  Now kids can keep their whole life, all of their “friends,” in their pocket.  Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, pictures — everything, all in one place.

When I was a kid I remember a public service announcement that would come on the TV.  It said “It’s 10 p.m.  Do you know where your children are?”  So my question to every parent out there is:  “It’s a social media world.  Do you know what your child is saying, and what others are saying about your child, in cyberspace?”

Embrace The Struggle – Romans 8:28

October 30, 2009

Dad’s life verse from the Bible is Romans 8:28.  It is written on his heart.  I know this for a fact.  In 2001 Dad nearly died from a severe diverticulitis attack and the resulting blood loss.  Required surgery removed 75% of his colon (this is why we sometimes call him semi-colon!).  Because of the length of the operation it took Dad several hours to fully awaken from the surgery, and during that time he was partly conscious.  I heard him repeat Romans 8:28 numerous times while he was in this “twilight” state!


Because of Dad’s faith, and his 100% belief in Romans 8:28, it has been natural for him to embrace his struggle.  I filmed this short video of Dad sharing Romans 8:28.  How lucky am I to have this example?!


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Embrace The Struggle movie!