Ziglar Pure and Simple is a blog that I hope gives you idea’s on how to take Zig Ziglar’s philosophy and apply it to your every day life.


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I’ve been wanting to email you for sometime just to tell you how I appreciate your Daddy! He’s such a fantastic man of The Word! I have his book on my ‘shelfari’ in my blog site. I’m glad to see your new blog.

    My husband is a John Deere guy that you know (thru business) and I have been receiving Zig’s newsletter b/c of that relationship, although I’m a stay at home Mom (of 4) and not in any particular business outside the home.

    Your Father’s wit and wisdom is such a precious gift and I recommend his books many times as I am involved with women’s ministry.

    I think I’ll create a new web page called ‘Motivating Moms’ and have plenty o’links to your Dad’s product line….hmmmm.

    In Christ,

  2. Tom Ziglar Says:

    I will make sure Dad reads your post. Thanks for recomending his books and spreading the word. What is your blog so I can check it out?


  3. Tom,

    Just wanted to say this is a nice website. I have been an “student” of Zig Ziglar pretty much since my high school years or maybe even before (a long time). Some one asked me the other day why I always seem to be so encouraging & positive. I always tell them that when you have Christ in your life and you surround yourself with people and knowledge that stretches you to grow and live your best life, that causes you to celebrate who you are as well as other people-you can’t help but stay positive and embrace life’s journey. Zig Ziglar has had a powerful impact on my life!

    I recently crossed over into “40ville.” I’m excited about this next level of my life. I’m continually looking for ways to make an impact and encourage everyone that I can.

    Thank you Tom for words of wisdom that I receive through the Ziglar newletter. You are a wondeful inspiration and example of the love of God.

    Know that I have been praying and will continually pray for your Dad and family. I join my faith with yours and believe that with God, nothing shall be impossible (Lk. 1:37).

    Stay encouraged!

    Wendy Reynolds

  4. Bisi Says:


    I have just been introduced to your website and am so blessed by our blog. So nice. I know Zig Ziglars books, read some many years ago. I will like to know more about the Ziglar opportunity, someone told me about it In Uganda. We give 270 dollars, get some products and introduce to two people and earn some commissionand the chain continues

    I will like to know more from you, please. Thank you.

    Bisi Osademe

  5. Bisi Says:

    You can send me a mail via my email. Thanks


  6. Tom Ziglar Says:

    Bisi – thank you for checking out my blog. Currently there is no Ziglar opportunity sponsored by the Ziglar Corporation as you describe. We do sell some of our products to other companies who in-turn resell them. Perhaps it is another company that has some Ziglar products that you are referring to. Please let me know the name of the group you are talking with.

  7. Marvin Says:

    How do I subscribe to the daily emails?

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