Tiger Woods Hits it O.B. (Out of Bounds)

In the game of golf the golf course is defined by Out of Bounds (O.B.) stakes or fences. These fences signify property lines, and if you hit your ball O.B. you are given a one stroke penalty and you have to replay the shot from the original position. This “stroke and distance” penalty is the worst kind to get in golf.

If you have played much golf you will from time to time play with people who ignore the O.B. fences and they will either play from Out of Bounds, or they will drop a ball and play on without taking a penalty. This is called cheating. If you are caught cheating in a tournament you are automatically disqualified, and if you get caught again, you are likely to be banned from playing tournaments, especially if the cheating was intentional.

In the game of life some people actually believe the rules do not apply to them. They will either ignore the fences, or remove them altogether. I love this quote by G. K. Chesterton:

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”

Good relationships and good marriages work best when people stay on the course and do everything they can to stay away from the O.B. fences. Like golf, a great score in life depends on staying in bounds, and going O.B. and ignoring it, or worse, removing the fences, is called cheating. Plus, sometimes the fences are there to protect you from the 2000 pound bull in the pasture next to the course (I literally learned this one the hard way!).

Dad’s late mentor, Fred Smith, had this quote: “All great failures in life are moral failures.” As you look forward to 2010, keep in mind that the moral fences in your life are there to protect you, and before you consider taking one of the fences down or climbing over it, take a look at the 2000 pound bull on the other side!

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3 Comments on “Tiger Woods Hits it O.B. (Out of Bounds)”

  1. Wendy Naarup Says:

    Tom, Great post. I found myself sitting on that fence trying to decide if there could be exceptions to the rule…there really aren’t. No mulligans either. However, sometimes its hard to do the right thing..don’t worry, I got off the fence and sent him home. Thanks for reinforcing that!!

  2. Set Therapist Says:

    This is good for us too, not just Tiger! Saw a man from church at the mall with his 2000 pound cow, (young & skinny) from across the fence! While his wife is sitting with their son at home!

  3. Valeria Pugliesi Washington Says:

    The fence that put bounds on us is the moral that we build since childhood – God, family and society are the structure and we build the fence from there.
    If someone wants to ignore any of the foundations of the structure this person shall build a wiggly, weak fence, easy to jump and that doesn’t hold any kind of intrusion.
    And from this point on this someone is on the way to the moral failure.

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