Zig’s Greatest Gift

“Zig, when did you find out your gift was to help others help themselves?”  Bev

This question came in on a Success 2.0 webcast.

Bev, Dad learned this early in his sales career over 50 years ago.  As he became more successful in sales he was asked to conduct sales training.  At first he taught sales skills, but then he realized that while sales skills are important, most people struggle with basic personal development issues like attitude, goal setting, and confidence.  He then realized that these things had to be developed on a foundation of character in order to work for the long term.  When Dad began to teach these foundational things, he started to see people’s lives change in significant ways.  This inspired him to become passionate about teaching these truths, which allowed him to develop even greater his gift of helping others help themselves.

Please note that Dad is not unusual in that he has a gift.  We all have gifts.  Dad is unusual because he relentlessly works on developing his gift.  The true lesson here is not to copy Dad’s gift, but to relentlessly develop your own gifts.

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2 Comments on “Zig’s Greatest Gift”


    I need an sponsor to walk across Australia to help old people in prefference baptist care. That is a long story of why i want to do that.


  2. Matt Says:

    I think people like to discount soft skills sometimes, but I see the essential nature of winning people. After all, if you can’t convince people to listen to you, you won’t have a platform to even start your “sales speech”.

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