Getting Knocked Down

This question came in from a Success 2.0 webcast.

“When your mind takes a hit after working hard at getting better, how does one get back?”  Chris

Chris, good news and bad news on this one.  The bad news first.  We all get knocked down!  Everyone has to deal with taking a mental hit, even if you are working on staying mentally strong and staying positive.

Here is the good news.  You can decide NOW how you are going to respond when you take a mental hit.  Here are a few things to remember.

“Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.”  Zig Ziglar.  You can not “just” think your way out of a mental hit.  It is important to recognize that you have taken a hit, and then you have to take action to get back on track.

Have on hand your favorite books and audio recordings, and when you take a hit plan some time each day to absorb the good stuff.

Call a friend or mentor who is positive and ask them for a little motivational feedback.  It’s great if you can also be this person for someone else.

Create a victory list of all of the things you have accomplished and the goals that you are in the process of achieving and review it when you get knocked down.  This will remind you that you have been knocked down before and you can get back up and achieve great things.

Pray.  Tell God exactly what is going on, ask Him for direction, and then be still and listen.  It is amazing how many times getting knocked down really means that you just stand up and start again, in a slightly new direction!

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3 Comments on “Getting Knocked Down”

  1. Rip Walker Says:

    All very true. I’m sure that just about everyone has taken a kick in the teeth at least once. I’m fifty one and have been through this myself. I lost one job about 15 years ago and at the same time I lost my older brother and I had to sell my house at the time. Moving my young family out of a house and into a small apartment didn’t do anything for my self esteem either. It was terrible to go through.

    Many suggest that we can control our thoughts and we should just think positive. That doesn’t work for me. As Zig says, you need to take action. Do something! At that time, I picked up a book,”Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!,” by Robert Schuller. It’s an easy read and it’s inspirational.

    The words come back to me now at another tough spot in my life. I lost my job and am now divorced. I did the self pity thing for awhile and am now getting back on my feet.

    Going the positive route, I have: written my first book, joined a film group in Charlotte, taking an inexpensive writing class at the local college, built a web site, built a wall unit for my wife, exercising daily, and I am continuing to take action.

    I have also been in sales for over forty years. (I started selling Christmas Cards and newspaper subscriptions at eleven years old.)Sales has it’s ups and downs.

    In one sentence and in a few word,”Take Action.”

    Rip Walker

  2. William T Sprague III Says:

    This is what I do! It totally works. The key is turning your life over to God!

    Thanks for what you do,

  3. anita Says:

    “You can decide NOW how you are going to respond when you take a mental hit” – this is awesome. Thanks for continuing to clarify the difference between reacting and responding and for this list of suggestions. I see that having a plan doesn’t just apply to goal setting. ….now I just need to find a friend or mentor who is positive, …it’s sad how challenging this can be!

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