The Attitude Misconception

This question came in from a Success 2.0 webcast.

“As a small business owner, I struggle with maintaining a positive attitude during this challenging economy.  I do believe, but when I receive my P & L at the end of the month, it is frustrating.  Help!!”

Chuck, Dad says, “A positive attitude will not let you do anything, but it will let you do everything — better than a negative attitude will.”

Here is what this philosophy means in regards to your P & L at the end of the month.  When you see the P & L, your response should be, “Do I have in place, and am I executing, the right plans to turn this thing around?”  If the answer is yes, then keep the good attitude and look at the progress you are making, because a good attitude will help you get in the positive numbers faster than a bad attitude will.  If the answer is no, then use your positive attitude to do whatever it takes to create the plan that will get you on the right track.  Once again, the positive attitude speeds up the process.

Here is the big misconception – far too many people believe that a good attitude can replace the need for a good plan!  Bottom line is you need both.  A good plan with a good attitude will always take your farther than a good plan with a bad attitude, or a good attitude with a bad plan.

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3 Comments on “The Attitude Misconception”

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  3. Rip Walker Says:

    I can only agree with what’s been said. My father would say,”Wish’n for it ain’t gonna make it happen.” A good plan and action needs to accompany a good attitude.

    Rip Walker

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