“FEAR – it has knocked me sideways.  I am struggling with employment. What do you recommend ’cause I need to change!” Greg

This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast

Greg, I like how Dad talks about FEAR.  First, you have to understand it, and separate the good kind from the bad.  A little bit of it is good, because it gets you focused and, hopefully, moving in the right direction!  You can’t let it grow or consume you though.  Your answer to that “fear” in your heart should be an action plan followed up by action.  This transforms the fear into motivation.  You are now motivated to take action because you have a good plan, and you don’t like the consequences of doing nothing.

The second part of FEAR is where we all get in trouble.  Dad says FEAR is really False Evidence Appearing Real.  In other words, we allow our mind to play the “what if” game and we start to focus on all of the things that could go wrong.  This ends up paralyzing you and robs you of your energy and creativity.  This is why having an action plan and then acting on it is so critical.  When you start to doubt or worry, you need to literally tell yourself “Stop! I have a plan, and I am working 100% to get it done, and that is all I can do.”

Also, remember that Fear and Faith are close cousins.  They both believe that something is going to happen in the future, one Bad, and one Good.  When you have your action plan in place, and you are working it, you then need to transform your thought life from one of fear to one of faith.

A couple more ideas for you.  Check out Dave Ramsey to get information on how to create a financial game plan and check out Dan Miller on how to put together an employment game plan.  Both offer great advice and real solutions.

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4 Comments on “FEAR!”

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  3. Mai Amr Says:

    Thank you so much , you really helped me .

  4. Anthony Palevo Says:

    Yes, this blog is a tremendous / positive help.It keeps me going on those tough days.

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