How Do You Keep Your Business Going In The Midst of a Family Trauma?

This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast.

“My dad has recently been very ill and my question is how do you keep the momentum going in a personal business with a family trauma? The blessing of a home business is that I can be there for Mom and Dad, but my business is suffering.”  Jeannie

Jeannie, wow, I think I understand a little bit about what you are going through.  The first step is realizing that you are in a season of struggle, and because of that your priorities will need to change.  Take an inventory of everything that you are doing, and postpone everything you can that is not essential.  Stepping back from obligations that are not critical to your business and your family is a good first place to begin.

Ask for help.  I am not sure what kind of support your family, friends, and church can provide, but don’t hesitate to ask.  Keep in mind that many will assume that you can carry the majority of the load because you are “self-employed” and your schedule is “flexible.”  Let your family know that just because you might have more flexibility, it doesn’t mean that you can go it alone without their help.  Everyone needs to pitch in.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, nutrition, and exercise.  Protect your physical health so that you don’t get burned out.  Not taking care of yourself will make every other struggle that much tougher.

Maximize your work time.  Plan very specific goals and objectives with a priority list.  Plan your work and work your plan.  And now, more than ever, make sure you are getting filled up with good powerful and positive information.  Reading and listening to encouraging information now is critical in this tough time.

Cherish every moment with your family.  Don’t worry about your family when you are working, and don’t worry about work when you are with your family.  Instead, plan when you are going to work each day so that when you are with your family you are 100% present.

Spend time with God every day.  Now, more than ever, prayer is essential.  Let Him know what is on your heart and where you need help.

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2 Comments on “How Do You Keep Your Business Going In The Midst of a Family Trauma?”

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  2. Gypsy Hicks Says:

    This is truly a blessing to my life! In the middle of restarting my business, my mother became ill and me being the primary caregiver, I know what the writer is going through! I am learning to take one day at a time & your blog has given me instructions on how to prioritize my life during this season but more importantly just to enjoy my Mom & be a blessing during this time. God will not forget our labor of love!

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