Pressing Through When Times Are Tough

This question came in from last week’s Success 2.0 Webcast

“How do you keep pressing through when things look the worst, and your financial situation is moving in the wrong direction?”  Chris

There are several things you need to do when things look very bleak and seem to be getting worse.

Start by stepping back and realizing that you may not know what the future holds for you, but that you do know Who holds the future.  Knowing God is in control and having faith in Him gives us hope, and hope gives us power to take action.

Stop digging!  Take a reality check on your situation and do everything you can to dump the things you cannot afford.  Dave Ramsey has a proven formula for this and I recommend you check out his program.

Create a plan of action and work it.  Do everything you can every day to reverse the trend.  Have a garage sale, deliver pizzas, whatever it takes.

Fill your mind with the good stuff every day.  Read or listen to encouraging and positive messages.

Draw your loved ones close to you.  Tell them you love them and that you are doing everything you know how to do.  Encourage them, and ask them to encourage you.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Did I give it 100%?” If you did, then sleep well knowing that you have done all that you can.

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5 Comments on “Pressing Through When Times Are Tough”

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  2. Daniel Tardy Says:

    Great post Tom! It’s easy to get in a rut and forget that putting positive stuff in our mind actually does change how we look at life and ultimately the results we get.

    A lot of times when I get in a funk there is a direct correlation between what I’ve been listening to and watching and reading.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Daniel Tardy

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  4. Matt Says:

    I was not able to make the webcast, but I used to be a financial advisor and I spoke with a lot of people who ran into some trouble with the recession that started in ’07. Many of the clients who found themselves in trouble were living beyond their means. They had counted on money coming in from investments, but always imagined it as the best case scenario. When they hit rough times, they found themselves underwater and confused as to the next step.

    When I got married, one of the best pieces of financial advice I heard was, “live as if you only had one of your incomes.” The logic is that it is much easier to live on more than it is to live on less. It’s easy to get a new car… but not as easy to get rid of a new car. That piece of advice has set up a hedge for my wife and I against possible unemployment, medical emergencies, and other disasters. Will it ultimately save us? Maybe, but at least we have that flexibility to save and splurge as necessary.

  5. Archie Winningham Says:

    1. Trust in the Lord Jesus always, no matter what happens.
    2. Give God back his no matter what else happens. Dave Ramsey tithed into bankruptcy and back out as he gained wealth back.
    3. Always take care of you family’s needs first. When I say that I mean; food, clothing, shelter and transportation. This is before you pay credit cards or anything of that nature.
    4. Go from there and build a foundation. Make sure to get with a good financial coach, preferably someone with the expertise of a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor. A couple that come to mind are; Justin Lucassvige at: or Chuck Bowen at: Or of course you can get in touch with the great folks at Dave Ramsey’s at
    God bless and I would say good luck but you won’t need luck with these guys walking with you on your journey to success!
    Tell them Archie said hi!

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