The Most Important Trait in a Struggle

This question came in from our Success 2.0 Webcast last week.

“What is the most important trait that someone could have to remain positive in this economic environment?” Gary

In any type of struggle, faith is the most important thing you can have.  I have heard Dad say many times, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.”  When you know this and believe this, it gives you hope.  And as John Maxwell says, “When you have hope in the future, you have power in the present.”

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4 Comments on “The Most Important Trait in a Struggle”

  1. MarDeck Says:

    I try to live by the same thought. I think this is why my glass is always half full and never half empty. I have been this way since a child and fell fortunate enough to have been able to listen to Zig Ziglar in person many times as a young adult. Your life is what you make it.

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  4. Jose Says:

    I totally agree! I would like to share a card I read today that touched my heart.
    Today I let go and I let God take charge of this life of mine. Now in the dark corners of my soul, His light is beginning to shine. All of the cares and worries that I have carried around for so long He has lifted them from my shoulders, and filled my heart with love. Problems that were overwhelming suddenly seem very small, and come what may, starting today, I know I can handle them all.
    If you are troubled, “Let Go and Let God”
    take charge of your life for you, and however dark life’s shadows seem, His light will come shining through.
    D.A. Orth

    Just wanted to share. This confirmed my “FAITH” and hope today…

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