The Link Between Attitude and Gratitude

This question came in from a Success 2.0 Webcast

“What is the best way to teach teens how to be more positive in this “me-me” society we live in?” Nick


I have a 15 year old daughter, so I know exactly what you mean!  The key is teaching kids gratitude, which is the healthiest of all human emotions.  The best way to learn gratitude is by serving others.  Here is the kicker — you can’t learn gratitude by watching others serve; you yourself have to serve.  Serving your kids and not requiring them to serve others will not do anything more than create for them the expectation that the world exists to make them happy.  Find a service project you can do with your teenager that requires them to sacrifice and serve those far less fortunate than themselves, and then talk about how grateful you are for the things that you do have.  Just talking about this is not enough – you must serve others to truly appreciate everything that you have.

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7 Comments on “The Link Between Attitude and Gratitude”

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  2. My wife and I were talking about this same thing. We have a one year old and we saying that we were looking forward to when they are old enough to take to a soup kitchen, especially around the holiday season, to let them learn from an early age that the holidays should be about serving and giving back rather only “getting-getting-getting … Me-me-me.”

    I, as a photographer, am looking forward to helping this year and giving back through the program on December 12.

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  4. Dr Wright Says:

    I think service is a great thing for even small children!

    Dr. Wright

  5. AJ Buerer Says:


    I work with teenagers at my church, especially jr. highers, teaching the JH Sunday School class. This blog post has gotten me thinking about how we can make our class about more than the “book” learning that usually takes place. Thank you so much.


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  7. Walter Says:

    Being an example is very important in teaching teenagers the virtue of gratitude. Unfortunately, many believe that conveying the words are enough. 🙂

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