A Question About Changing Careers

This question is from a Success 2.0 Webcast we did this week:

“What is the main focus for someone to have during a career change?”  Donnie

Two simple things to keep in mind with a career change, Donnie.

First, make 100% sure it’s the career you want.  Dan Miller has written several great books that will help you determine this.  You might want to check out No More Mondays and 48 Days To The Work You Love.

Second, go for it 100% with every ounce of passion and energy you have.  Spend an extra hour every day learning about your new career by asking great questions, reading, listening, and researching the pro’s in your industry.  If it’s sales-related, create as many customer interactions as you possibly can.  Massive activity, combined with great listening skills and a positive attitude, will shorten your learning curve.  Make sure you set weekly goals that you want to accomplish in regards to learning about your new career that are above the expectations of your company or your peers, and keep these to yourself.  Much better for others to comment on your behavior than your intentions!

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2 Comments on “A Question About Changing Careers”

  1. Harry Tucker Says:

    This is a great blog entry, Tom.

    I also think that faith is an important element here. There will be times when the person making the transition is pushed to the edge in one area or another and they may ask the question “Should I have done this – life seemed so comfortable in my old way of life”.

    A faith that offers hope, guidance, sources of wisdom and inspiration and strength in perseverance is essential for the person in transition, especially during those quiet moments when someone looks at the challenges before them and perhaps doubts whether they are doing the right thing.

    Their heart knows what is right but sometimes their heart needs some help, whether it is from a friend or from a Greater Power, to persevere and ultimately harvest the fruits of their service.

    Take care and create a great day.


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