On Saturday I had a great chair massage with Eric Miller while Dad was working out at the gym (shhh, don’t tell him!).  It was brought to my attention, painfully I might add, that my rotator cuff was being set up for a major injury.  Because of my posture, the muscles that support the rotator cuff are weak, even though the surrounding muscles are strong.

What surprised me was this is the perfect setup for a major injury. Because of the good strength in the rest of the muscles, it is more likely I will do a movement bearing a heavy load, or with more repetitions, than my weak muscle can handle.  This means that the rotator cuff will get the stress directly, and it will likely rip or tear.

I was taught a few good exercises to build up the muscle supporting the rotator cuff and to balance my upper body.  Even more importantly I was made aware of this issue, and I was reminded of it all day Sunday every time I moved!  (It was a deep massage that released the trigger points.)

To top things off we had a great devotional speaker at our company first thing Monday morning.  Shuronda Scott spoke about awareness and how important it is to get feedback from your family, friends, and co-workers about how you are doing.  Knowing how you are perceived and what qualities you need to work on are critical to long-term relationship success.

Just like a deep massage, it may not be fun to get feedback, but ignoring the problem just guarantees that you will rip or tear a key relationship.  Shuronda asked this simple question to determine if you should ask for feedback: “What could go wrong if you don’t know how you are perceived?”

Can you afford to “blow out” a key relationship with your spouse, boss, friend, or customer?  Ask them how you are doing, and then work on the exercises to build up your weak muscles.

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