Attitude or Skill?

What is going to make the difference in your personal or professional life?  Every day at work, at home, and out with friends, the same subject seems to come up –

“When is this economic beat-down going to end?”

My answer – “Why not today?”

The reality is, we all have at least the same skill level, and likely even more skills than we did when this “economic beat-down” started.  I believe learning new skills is important to continued success, but this is a distant second to having and MAINTAINING the right attitude.

The Attitude Difference is simple:

The “beat down” attitude believes that no matter what I do it won’t make a difference.  This guarantees that whatever skills you have will remain hidden, which guarantees that nobody is going to buy them!

The “opportunity” attitude believes that when times are tough, people need more help than ever.  Even better, a creative and positive attitude stands out and inspires hope.  Hopeless people don’t take action.  Hope-filled people take action.

Start today creating the hope-filled “opportunity” attitude in yourself.  Then, in your next meeting at work, or with a client, or conversation with a friend, share your hope with them.  Offer them a creative solution delivered with skill and based on hope.  Today, more than ever, people must have hope first, before they will take action with skill.  Be the hope people need.

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8 Comments on “Attitude or Skill?”

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  2. Brian Says:

    So how does one overcome the beaten down attitude? I used to think differently, but in the past few years I’ve lost hope. How do I get it back?

  3. Attitude is definitely required to be successful in this current economic period however, attitudes must be strong enough to fight through the negativity. A person can have the most upbeat positive attitude, however depending upon the surroundings it can begin to wear one down. Unlike laughter, sadly positive attitudes aren’t really infectious. The one little shiny bright star can be crowded out by the dark clouds. In saying all of this, one must remember, that although hope is a faith-filled emotion, it takes SKILL, to continue to push through no matter what. So with that says it takes an “skilled attitude” combined with skill to overcome anything! Have a great day. Start with a smile and pass it on! : – )

  4. Gene Says:

    Great post. My wife recently quit her job to stay at home with our daughter. I feel blessed that we have that opportunity.

  5. AJ Buerer Says:

    What do you think is the most important part of maintaining an opportunity attitude?

  6. I agree whole heartedly Tom!

    I think one of the biggest things (for me anyway) to help keep the “hope” going is to have clear goals set for yourself. Whenever I feel a bit beat down I can look to those goals as a reminder to keep throwing punches at the world!

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