The Power of Social Media and Customer Service

This past week I had a pretty crazy travel schedule.  Stuck in Chicago O’Hare airport I decided to get some work done while waiting for my flight.  Searching for the local wireless network I tried to log into for the local hotspot.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t connect to get their daily service.

So, doing what any Twitter addict would do, I pulled out my BlackBerry phone and using TwitterBerry I tweeted out my sad tale: “Boingo wireless works everywhere in the Chicago airport, except where I am!”  They made me feel much better.  But the real feel good came a few minutes later.

About ten minutes after my sad tweet, I got a DM (direct message) from Boingo on Twitter asking me to call their number and they would hook me up!  Now that is cool!  I happily Tweeted this sudden change of events out to my followers, praising Boingo for excellent service and for paying attention.

What a great lesson for all of us.  Keyword search your business name on Twitter to see what others are saying, and then empower your team to respond and make a difference.  Next time I need wireless in the Chicago airport, you bet I will give Boingo first crack at it.

The power of social media lives on.  Now this happy tale is a blog post and will be Tweeted out again and again.  It is even likely that others will link to the post and spread the news as a great example of how social media can work for you.  All because Boingo decided to pay attention and empower their people.

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