The Recession Attitude

I was traveling this week and had the pleasure of spending some time in the airport.  We only had about 20 minutes to make it from security to our gate and I needed to grab some food since I was on the back of the plane.  I stopped and picked up a pre-packaged salad, some water, and some nuts.  Luckily, I was the only one in line.

I say “luckily” because the dude serving me was in no hurry!  In fact, all he had to do was take my money as I had brought all of the stuff from the self-serve display (oh, he did hand me the salad dressing).  Looking at him, I realized it was also my job to grab one of the bags left on the counter and bag my own food.

Walking away from the counter I started to think.  In this tough economy does any company have to employ somebody with a lousy attitude?  I think not!  As customers we should be getting the best service of our lives right now.  If you work for a company, or own your own, think hard about this – there is a long line of people who would love to have your job or work for you.  Don’t settle for adequate competence and a bad attitude.

If you are hunting for a job right now and you have the good fortune of an interview, make sure you focus on both your competence and your attitude (you could even mention this post!), and how you are focused on solving their problems and their customers’ problems.  So many people have caught the Recession Attitude of PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) Disease that you can really separate yourself by having the attitude of gratitude!

Like Dad says, “The bad thing about pity parties is that very few people attend and those who do don’t bring presents!” – Zig Ziglar

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12 Comments on “The Recession Attitude”

  1. Eric Napier Says:

    Hey Tom.
    Great post. I doubt he was thinking about retail, but Gandhi’s words still apply: “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

  2. Hi Tom – As your blog is very positive and motivating to me, I am sharing an airport concession experience that was the exact opposite, one that compelled me to blog on it:

    I agree with you on what you experienced, as I too – like just about everyone else reading – has experienced it. But there are those who shine, and I am sure it is reflected in the overflowing tip jar at their counter!


  3. Tom,

    Your words ring so true. I had to repost your dad’s quote all over my social media pages. Funny and yet enlightening…always a trademark of Ziglar.

    In ALL times (and ESPECIALLY in slower economic times), we should be thinking ‘what can WE do to BE better, DO better, do MORE.’ As a general rule, I strive to give more than I get. Quite honestly, sometimes I find that really difficult. I feel fortunate and blessed in so many ways. And I hope I can just live up to my bargain of trying to give more (because I SURE GET A LOT OF GREAT STUFF! 🙂 ).

    I hope the sun is shining brightly upon all that you do…


  4. One Smart Woman Says:

    It does appear as if airports have not caught on to the fact that there is a recession going on, and to treat every customer like they’re lucky to have them.

    US Airways is acting as if we’re expendable: don’t allow it!

  5. Lita Daniel Says:

    It’s amazing how prevalent that attitude is no matter where you go. It’s worth the time to either complain to the manager or file a complaint online on the company’s website. I’ve had to do that after repeated bad experiences at a local fast food restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised when the local manager contacted me. A manager cannot fix a problem it they are not aware of it.

  6. Madhu Says:

    Great post Tom! Attitude of gratitude comes first in all areas of life especially during these tough times. Thank you for reminding us about how important this is.

  7. Kathryn Lang Says:

    PLOM Disease – I like that phrase a lot and I’ll have to pass it on so people will know how to protect themselves.

  8. […] down turn in the economy has given rise to PLOM disease. I’d like to thank my friends over at Ziglar Pure and Simple for making me aware of the spread of PLOM disease and giving me some ideas of how to combat its attack and its […]

  9. velocitydesign Says:

    I am pleased to report that Greenville has not been too affected by PLOM disease! While I am sure there are some exceptions, we have experienced positive service and more-than-competent employees almost across the board. You can go through a drive-thru and almost always have a pleasant well-groomed attendant and orders are being processed quickly and correctly! Yeah for those getting off their butts and finding work anywhere possible instead of sitting at home complaining and living off the government!

  10. […] can read his full post The Recession Attitude and I’d recommend subscribing to the […]

  11. Good point. Crappy service especially now can make or break a business. When I consult I tell people to splurge (time and or money) where others are cutting back. Market and have good people working with you.

  12. J.B. Says:

    Thank you for the thought-provoking post. I actually have been struck by the opposite perception: I’m getting really considerate and thoughtful customer service at stores, restaurants and other venues (with a very few exceptions.) It may be due to the economy — bosses emphasizing great customer service to make sure they don’t lose any customers — but a lovely experience nonetheless. Wish it could be this way all the time!

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