Big Scar, Little Man

My GREAT nephew, Benjamin Fair, recently had a run-in with a sliding glass door.  He lives in Mexico with his mom and dad, two brothers, and another sibling due any day now.  The Fairs are a missionary family.  Ben is the oldest at six years, so he has learned early how to lead by example and help others who are in great need.

A few weeks ago young Ben, playing with the intensity of a six-year-old, managed to put his arm through a sliding glass door.  A trip to the hospital and 50 stitches later, Ben was the proud new owner of a really big scar!  After he got settled down and realized everything was going to be ok, he sat back and watched everything.  This picture will give you an idea of what he was watching!


Picture of Ben's arm the day after.

Picture of Ben's arm the day after.

After it was all done, Ben turned to his mom and said, “It’s pretty amazing what a young boy can do!”, commenting on the fact that he had managed to put his arm through a sliding glass door.  Yes, it is, Ben.  And what an example you are to all of us, because in life we all encounter sliding glass doors of one kind or another.  Your scar is a testimony to the fact that what happens to you is not nearly as important as how you handle what happens to you, and it bears witness to the reality that walking in faith every day like your family does makes it so much easier to respond in faith when you encounter a sliding glass door.

Check out this website to learn more about how Ben is helping his parents make a difference in Mexico

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10 Comments on “Big Scar, Little Man”

  1. In reference to your last post – Perhaps this was one of the “door’s” Ben should’ve been more fearful of! Hope he heals quickly. Thanks for the post.

  2. Cindy Oates Says:

    I am working on improving my attitude and being more like Ben!

  3. @Danielle I believe being fearful keeps us safe but also keeps us from having amazing experiences. Many people would be frozen with fear after the experience but Ben actually moved beyond fear and into growth from the situation. It’s all about how we experience things and he chose to experience it in a way that empowered him. Not imprisoned him.

    Great post Tom!

    • Anonymous Says:

      @Tony what you classify as choice wasn’t really a conscious decision. Ben was reacting to the situation in a manner consistent with what he has learned. He has been taught, by the actions of those around him, to see things in an empowering way. People are who they are because of what they learn from their circles of influence. People that are imprisoned don’t choose to be, they learn it.

      We were all free at birth, but sadly for so many that was also the day the cage went under construction.

  4. That is an amazing scar! He will have some cool stories to tell as he gets older!

  5. Archie Winningham Says:

    Uggg, yuck!!!
    The good news of this is we can always find the good in every “negative” situation. In this case; bad scars can make a life-long positive difference in out lives.

  6. Dr Wright Says:

    This is so true, we can not let our scars be the evidence of what we CAN NOT do!
    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

  7. […] Another “plug” for my favorite roadside Knights – AAA. “Just got great service from AAA roadside service. Replaced my battery in 105 degree heat.” Per @TomZiglar […]

  8. Jahm Mitt Says:

    How come you don’t have a “contact me” anywhere link in this site?

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