The Power of Amplification

Like it or not, our lives, all of our lives, are being amplified more than ever.  Run a red light and a red light camera takes your picture and sends you a nice little ticket.  Make a comment at lunch and good or bad it ends up on Twitter.  Even who you “friend” on Facebook can have others say something good or bad about you.  All of these “little” things amplify your image to the world.

The good news is that amplification can work in your favor.  Once you realize there is no such thing as a “cloak of invisibility” like in “The Lord of the Rings,” then you understand that every action or inaction you take, either positively or negatively, impacts the world’s view of you.  Doing the right thing has never gone out of style and in today’s WWW world it can ripple on forever.  Because of amplification, never before has it been so important to FLEE even the appearance of evil.
“Every Choice You Make Has an End Result.”  Zig Ziglar
In an amplified world Dad’s simple quote is, well, amplified!  So what is the secret to amplification?  I don’t believe there is a secret, but here are three things your really need to pay attention to:

1.     By far the most important is “Who are you plugged into?”  A powerful amp needs a powerful source.  What you put into your mind and who you spend time with are either power sources or power drains, or worse, they could be NEGATIVE charges!  When you choose to plug into a power source, it’s always good to see what power source that power source is plugged into, otherwise you might just get a NEGATIVE power surge and it will blow your circuits.  I have learned from Dad, who is an awesome power source by the way, that there is nothing better than plugging directly into the ultimate power source – God.

2.    Great amplification requires getting rid of the “noise” and clearing the channels.  Amplifying mixed messages is the kiss of death.  Your character and integrity must be without reproach so that you can always leave your volume on high.  Dad is 82 now and not prone to 20 minute answers like he once was.  Now his answers are short and pure – a reflection of his power source.  Remember, it is not good enough to amplify the right message most of the time for this will mute your impact.  Work on your character and integrity so much that when the tough times come a pure response is automatic.

3.    Great amplification is a choice.  You start by knowing your power source, then by being the right kind of person, and then by doing the right kinds of things.  In amplification the doing part is the combination of doing the right things – and then leveraging them.  First, determine what you want to be known for, what you want amplified, and then put in place a game plan to make this happen.  Some quick ideas for this include:  add a quote or adage or proverb to your everyday email, provide a link back to what is most important to you whenever possible, use social media by design to deliver value and tell what you stand for, and make it a point to make every interaction memorable and uplifting.

If you do these three things, then amplification will allow you to have more of the things in life you want.  Wow, amplification is all about Dad’s Be, Do, Have philosophy!

For ideas on Amplification check out Success 2.0

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4 Comments on “The Power of Amplification”

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  2. I must say – that was a unique article and very powerfully written. I really enjoyed it. The more we can stay connected the more our source energy impregnates everything we do, the more creative we are, the more energy we have. Every time I reconnect… I think to myself, why have i been disconnected this is good!… great advice on the little things that keep us AMPLIFIED. thanks!



  3. Dr Wright Says:

    Amplification is important to remember. Anyone can be paparazzi with a cell phone!

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

  4. Kilanko Oluwaseun Says:

    Great piece! As i read through, it dawn on me the great impact little things we overlook can make. This now we should be mindful every thing we do and know that someone is watching and it is been recorded.
    I will leave by saying that how history is daily written no one else but us, by the way we live our lives.
    Regards to dad-I am a great fan of his.

    Kilanko Seun,

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