What to Say at a Tea Party

I have been invited to speak at a Tea Party in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on July 4.  Wow!  I am not a politician or a political activist.  I am, however, a personal responsibility activist.  Following are a few things I plan on talking about.  Feel free to comment and make recommendations – I can use the help!

•     The Wisdom of the Ages – Dad tells a great story about a great king long ago who ruled most of the known world.  One day he called the wisest scholars from his kingdom together and gave them an order: “Consolidate for me the wisdom of the ages and bring it to me.”

Several years later the scholars presented the king with a set of 10 large books that contained the wisdom of the ages.  “Nobody will read those books!  That is too much information.  Shorten them,” was the king’s response.

Six months later the wise men returned with one very large book.  “Still to much!” the king said.  “Make it shorter.”  The scholars hung their heads and went back to work.  Three months later they returned with a 20 page document.  “Better, but still too much.”

The scholars left again and returned a week later.  This time they handed the king one sheet of paper with once sentence on it.  The king smiled as he read it:

“There Ain’t No Free Lunch”

•    Our culture and the meaning of words – A friend of mine just happened to be reading his Bible on an airplane one day.  The man sitting next to him, wanting to start a conversation but also a little leery, said to him, “Are you a Christian?  Just so you know, I don’t believe there are any absolute truths.”  My friend replied, “Are you absolutely sure?”
For some reason our culture abhors absolutes.  Yet, without them, life would not exist.  Think about it.  What if gravity just decided to take a day off or water decided to freeze at 80 degrees?  Science depends on absolutes.  Human relationships also depend on absolutes.  Here are a few words to consider:

Integrity – When you think of someone with integrity you think of someone who always does the right thing in the right way.  You can trust them because when they give you their word, they keep it.  They will share the truth with you, even when the truth hurts.  They look at a situation and do what is right, not what is easy or popular.  Our culture today has redefined integrity and, unfortunately, now people will say someone has integrity when that person does what they want them to do, not when they do what is right!  People with integrity care about what is right, not WHO is right.

Tolerance and love – Tolerance is a huge buzz word these days.  Maybe the worst sin you can commit is to be labeled “intolerant.”  In fact, in the liberal dictionary being called tolerant is the equivalent of being called loving!  There are many things that you can never tolerate.  Terrorism is one example.  Here is the difference between tolerance and love:  Tolerance means that you will allow someone else to do whatever they want until it impacts you personally.  True tolerance means you wouldn’t tell a friend they were about to destroy their life because of the choices they were making.  Love is much different.  Love means you are willing to risk your friendship and warn your friend of the mistakes he is making.  In many cases, tolerance is a cop-out!  Here is one thing I don’t understand:  Why do the tolerant tolerate everyone but the intolerant? Wouldn’t you prove your tolerance even more by befriending the intolerant?

•    You can’t do a good deal with a bad guy —  People love to point out the exceptions to this one.  The main reason they like to do this is they don’t have a clear understanding of what “bad” means.  Please refer to integrity!  In my experience there are many good people and good deals out there – why waste your time trying to make a deal with a bad guy?

•     Take action, just start – What are you going to do with this information?  If you agree that there “Ain’t no FREE lunch,” that integrity is the key, that it is right to be intolerant as long as you are loving, and that you can’t do a good deal with a bad guy, then how do you get started?

Just start.

Two years ago I attended the memorial services for Fred Smith. Fred was Dad’s mentor and the wisest man I have ever met. Fred’s last couple years were very tough. He was bedridden, totally dependent, and in terrible pain. His mind was extremely sharp but he had very little energy. In a video he left for the memorial service, Fred talked about the lessons he learned in life, and especially in the last year before he died.

One thing Fred said really impacted me. He said that God doesn’t give you strength to overcome; He gives you strength while you are overcoming. Fred said that he realized that his only responsibility to God was to “just start” what God laid on his heart to do. In his last days, Fred impacted many lives through his writings because he “just started” each morning when he woke up. No fear, no pressure to finish the job, he “just started.” At the end of the day he would realize that God had indeed given him the strength he needed while he was overcoming. The awesome thing about this is this is exactly how God works. If we could do incredible things on our own, we really wouldn’t need God or learn to depend on Him.

•     Call to Action – Today you have a choice.  You can choose to be a person of integrity.  You can stand up with love for what is right and refuse to tolerate what is wrong.  You understand that There Ain’t No Free Lunch.  You have the power to pick the good guys, and to send the bad guys on their way.  Most of all, you realize that Today is the Day you Start.  You will start today because you know that God has the answers and will provide everything you need.  All you are responsible for is starting.

And never forget this – If you don’t start you will learn the hard way that There Ain’t No Free Lunch and You Can’t Do a Good Deal with A Bad Guy!

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19 Comments on “What to Say at a Tea Party”

  1. Karen Says:

    I love this article!!! I wish a lot of people were on the same page with me. All I get is dirty looks!

    • Geoff Koerner Says:

      Karen, you’re not alone. I too get dirty looks for doing the right thing in this world which hates goodness. The path we’ve chosen is hard, but it’s right and it’s worthwhile that we encourage each other to keep walking – That’s why Zig’s, Tom’s and others’ work is so vital to us. Take heart; go in peace (even when you’re in pieces.)

  2. Mimi Long Says:

    Dare to Prepare

    If you fly by the seat of your pants
    you will likely loose your britches…
    the bad guys will laugh and give you their glitches.
    Don’t go there.

    Prepare for an abundant life in all that you do.

    • Wow Mimi Long!!! What an outstanding and impactful statement!!! You can go from Rookie of the Year, Record breaker of most sales in a month – in the month of December – and Make “Top Selling National Salesman of the Year” the following year while enjoying a promotion to management and LOOSE YOUR BRITCHES without *enough* preparation! How by winning all that and taking a month off to relax and recouperate and lose the “Big Mo”. I appreciate the abundance mentality vs. scarcity remark. What a responsibility we have to Him who provides the abundance we are to just go out harvest… worrying little but just starting. (Is it ADD or excuses are useless! Arrggh!)

  3. Awesome article. Thanks Tom!

  4. Dawn Says:

    This has some great truths I needed today. Thanks Tom!

  5. Tom

    Great post – So Right on target about the concept of absolute and Integrity. I refer to The integrity you describe as the big “I” Integrity, that it has a real and absolute meaning. Most would think of integrity as honesty in spoken word vs honesty and alignment of beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. Thanks Tom

  6. Archie Winningham Says:

    Hey Brother. I’m glad you pointed out the good guy and bad guy in this post. I sometimes tend to be tolerant of the bad guy in hopes of reaching them with God’s love. But, I know I take it to far and sometimes even go along with them, which is wrong. And by doing this, integrity is at stake. Thanks for a clearer understanding of this Tom. You always come through for me. I am positive your Dad is very proud of you. Great job!

  7. John Gagne Says:

    I recently published the following open letter. You are welcome to use any part you feel may be helpful.

    Today I want to speak to you directly from my heart.

    Our society today is experiencing change, upheaval, crisis, opportunity; use what ever words you believe fit. But no matter what you think of what is going on, we may agree that tensions and emotions are rising. Patience is not as prevalent as it once was and the rhetoric used by broadcasters has become sharper.

    This is the world in which we now live. What can we do? I mean you and I. We all live in our own worlds that for the most part doesn’t feel like we have much influence in the larger world. We all want our world to be better. And that may mean quieter to some and more exciting to others. But we all need more faith, hope and love. The big question really is, how do we get them?

    Let’s start with the basics. What is true?

    God is alive and well. He is evident in nature itself beyond denial unless facts and rules of evidence themselves are denied.
    He created you. You are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made. Of the millions of people alive today or who ever lived, no one else is you.
    You have value for just being you. No matter what you do or do not accomplish, your value is intrinsic because there is only one you.
    The first rule of business is you do not receive anything until you first give something of yourself. Nothing is free, there is a price to pay for everything.
    You are fully equipped for success. Life provides the opportunities to utilize who you are and what talents you have.
    Ok, now what does this information mean?
    Prayer changes things.
    Know that you matter (who you are, what you think and how you feel) to everyone around you. Especially your family and those you have chosen to be your friends.
    Know that what you say makes a difference. Words do more harm than sticks and stones. Negative and hurtful words do damage that takes longer to heal than injuries from sticks and stones. But words also enhance life and healing to relationships beyond the effect of actions.
    Know that what you do makes a difference. Every action you take ripples to affect everyone else around you, good and bad.
    What can we do to make our lives and our world a better place to live?
    Use words intentionally. Only say what you mean and truly mean what you say. This is especially important when you err and seek forgiveness.
    Act purposefully. I’m not sure if that is even a word, but you know what I mean. Do only that which you will be proud of tomorrow. Act to build better relationships and leave the tearing down to someone else.
    When you make a promise, keep it. Be certain that once a vow is made, you will be held to fulfill it. Keep it even at great personal cost and your blessings will multiply.
    How does this look fleshed out?
    Take time each day to draw close to God and just be quiet with Him.
    If you are single, as opposed to being married, treat every date as though they are the most precious person on earth. They are to someone else already and soon maybe to you as well. Proper, respectful treatment will never come back to haunt you.
    If you are married then remember your promise. A marriage is not a partnership. For in a partnership there is a contract that sets the bounderies and keeps the partners separate and in their place. A marriage is more of a blending, where the two become one entity. In blending the individual components in the mix once blended can no longer be found. Individually they have ceased to exist, except as part of the one new whole. There are no you’s, there are no me’s, but there is only one “WE”. We start our life together with a “WE”d”DING”, and then live our lives together for a “MARRI” “AGE”! Meaning an age (or life) long journey of learning to love each other as we love ourselves.
    I am convinced if we do just these things, then a lot of other personal and extended societal issues will either resolve themselves or the way to resolve them will become clear, self evident and much easier to accomplish. For only then will we have the basic foundation required to rebuild a society that promotes faith, is the very evidence of hope and is full of love.

    John R. Gagne
    May God Bless You And All Those You Love

  8. BobbiJo Dinesen Says:

    Wonderful! Simply Wonderful! Good luck at the Tea Party! I believe all Americans should hear these reminders. Especially our Politicians. In God We Trust! Thank you for sharing them with us. God Bless America and God Bless You!

  9. Mika Wyatt Says:

    TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS – will engage more voters!

    At the Federal and State level we desperately need term limits. Perhaps a person that runs for office will have more integrity and be more responsible for all citizens if they know they will become “one” again.

    Currently we have life long politicians that make rules, taxes and regulations for everyone else except themselves and they start believing that they are above us all…..like kings and queens.


    Thanks and God Bless the USA!

  10. June Cainey Says:

    I received the June 30th Newsletter, what was being said made me ..click and click again. I know that God won’t give me anymore then I can handle …but sometimes I wish he didn’t trust me so much. If you have a prayer team…I would appreciate prayer so that I too will wake up each morning and ‘just start’. Right now I’m worrying about things that I really have no control over ..and I’m repeating the serenity prayer …but I don’t think I’m really ‘letting’ God take control. Powerful Prayer might just do that for me.

  11. Julie Says:

    All I can say is WOW! This article is awesome and I only wish I could be there for your speech. Your writing reminds me of your father and he is one of my favorite authors!!!

  12. Tom, Thank you for this article.
    I wish I was attending the Tea Party to hear you speak.
    The attendees and many more need to listen to what you are saying here.
    I appreciate the way you have aligned yourself with your dad. You are an amazing influence yourself, and I am clear Zig’s work will continue to bless so many, many lives – especially, with your presence alongside him.
    I am honored to have met you at one of the Monday morning devotionals, and honored to be influenced by Zig since 1973.
    Now, let’s all go out there and have some fun.
    Let’s be outrageous – outrageously happy and outrageously healthy!
    On We Go,

  13. Ken Says:

    I would suggest for all to look at the benevolent wisdom and simplicity of our forefathers when they
    adopted the ” Constitution “. Why must we take the
    very best human rights document of all time and keep
    adding to it so that you constantly recognize one group over another . This document was meant for ” every ” ( unfortunetly there were divisions still )
    single individual and allowed the most personal freedom for mankind . Let’s get back to basics and
    look to and cherish the simplistic truths that were
    founded on history , not whim . Simple is always best .
    May God inspire and bless your efforts ,

  14. Ted Lerich Says:

    Tom you hit the nail on the head. It is all about integrity. I have used that word over and over again when communicating to my congressmen. Even though my two senators are in the republican party they have not acted with integrity. They keep telling me they are doing what is best for the greater good of the country. I fell doing what is right is the best thing for the country not doing what benefits the most people. What they have done is make deals with the devil. I will use my option to impose a term limit on them at every election opportunity.

  15. Ken Ostrye Says:


    I met your father sometime in the late ’70’s; don’t remember where or when … I wondered for years what his children must put up with …

    Then in the early ’80’s I read ‘Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World’ and wondered more … through all the years of helping my children with positive forethought, and many other principles your father taught me, I continued to wonder … and now I see those fruits … it thrills me that you recognize the Blessings of your personal culture …

    I met a cousin, Jerry Ziglar in Montgomery, Alabama a few years ago and found your family tree to be huge … each sharing the positive Christian vision of life …

    Give ’em heck at the ‘Tea Party’ with the truths as you shared them with us … God will ‘give you strength while you are overcoming’ … it continually amazes me, the simple truth has always been to get back to the basics … the ‘un-fooled-around-with’ …

    And for my zinger, this past weekend I noticed the motto on Washington D.C. car tags is “Taxation Without Representation” … although I understand their point, the rest of the Nation is suffering this plight as well …

    Good Luck, and See You at the Top!

    God Bless You,


  16. Dave Filkins Says:

    Tom, thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for making the effort to prepare and share wisdom and truth with the public today. I wish I could be there to cheer you on.

  17. […] Ziglar is the proud son of Zig Ziglar and CEO of Ziglar, Inc.  Click here to make comments regarding this […]

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