At the Foot of a Giant

I will warn you upfront that this is a very difficult post for me to write.  My good friend Amy Jones is at the end of her fight against cancer.  Sunday night we went to say goodbye.  Life is hard.

Sitting in the waiting room, talking to Amy’s friends and family, brought back so many memories.  Just about eight years ago Amy showed up at our company.  All 108 petite pounds of Amy filled the room as her smile and laugh lifted everyone around her.  She led us in a devotional meeting and shared how she was overcoming several tragedies in her life through God’s grace and love.  We all fell in love with Amy that day.

As usual, Dad was sitting in the devotions room on the first row, taking notes.  When Amy was done he hugged her and said she needed to be a speaker, and then he called Peter Lowe and got her on the Get Motivated Seminar!  Amy’s first speech was on the big stage in front of thousands.  We always teased Amy that she was given 22 minutes to talk about time management, and she took 38 minutes to give the talk!

Amy and Zig

Amy and Zig

Soon Amy became a fixture around our company.  Christmas time with Amy is special.  She starts shopping the day after Christmas for the next one, and if you are on her list it’s likely you will get not 1, not 2, not 3, but multiple gifts that are perfect for you.  Best of all, each gift is a reflection of how much and how often Amy is thinking of you because they are seldom bought at the same time.  That’s just Amy.  Another thing that is just Amy is that somehow she finds all of the perfect gifts for less money than any single gift you find for her!

As Amy’s speaking career was growing she came on board full time at Ziglar to spearhead a new program called Ziglar VIP.  Amy led this charge and overcame many challenges to make Ziglar VIP one of our most successful programs ever.  Without Amy this program would not exist, and our company would look much different today.  Amy was our secret weapon – “Send Amy,” we would say – you fall in love with Amy when you meet her, and through that love you have a chance to work through the objections and the needs of the client.  For Amy life is about relationships, so talking to people about what you believe in is really just about loving them and understanding their needs.  Amy keeps things Pure and Simple – I love that about Amy.

Amy and the Ziglar Team girls

Amy and the Ziglar Team girls

A couple of years ago we started to reorganize the company and I created for Amy what I thought was the perfect role for her.  She would continue to lead the Ziglar VIP charge, but she would be more commission-based.  I was excited about my plan – I just knew Amy was about to get rich!  When we met with Amy, everybody was excited about the plan – but Amy!  With grace and love and after a great deal of prayer, Amy came back to me and said this was not the plan for her.  Instead, she moved back into an Independent Contractor role as a speaker for us.  And she started her ministry.

Amy and a couple of her friends started a ministry called the Journey of Sisters.  The Sisters are a group of women who have overcome incredible tragedies of all types in their lives.  Amy became the leader, organizing events at homeless shelters and battered women’s’ shelters.  More importantly, Amy became the mentor and coach for the other Sisters.  Now there are 14 women in the Journey of Sisters, every one of them touched by Amy.

Amy with some of the Sisters

Amy with some of the Sisters

Last year we were doing a book with Mac Anderson, the founder of Simple Truths and Successories.  I mentioned to Mac that I knew this lady named Amy Jones, and she would be perfect to do a book on time management.  I set up the call for Amy and Mac, smiling to myself that it was a “done deal,” because when you meet Amy you fall in love with her.  That book, titled How to Do Twice as Much in Half the Time, came out six weeks ago.  Little did we know how prophetic that title would be.

In March this year Amy was speaking at a Get Motivated Seminar in Lubbock, Texas.  She was accidentally knocked down on stage.  Several days later, her side hurting and with a fever, she went to the doctor.  What she thought was a bad bruise from the fall ended up being a tumor the size of a grapefruit.  Ten years to the day that her dad died from kidney cancer, Amy was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive Stage 4 kidney cancer.

As I sat in the waiting room Sunday night reflecting on all of this, Amy continued to fill the room with her love and grace.  The doctors had given her an incredible amount of pain killers and stimulants so that she would be able to say goodbye.  For well over an hour, Amy spoke God’s love into the lives of the 14 Sisters as they gathered around her bed.  She told each one of them the strengths that they possessed and she gave each one of them a charge that was unique to them to carry forward the ministry.

Then it was our turn to see Amy.  She told us how much she loved us, and she told Dad what an impact he had on her.  We held hands and talked.  I teased her, as is my custom, and said “Amy, 12 disciples was good enough for Jesus, but you needed 14!”  She smiled.  Somehow, on this incredibly hard day, on this incredibly tough journey, Amy filled everyone with hope and love.  Nothing about the goodbye was about Amy, Amy made it about everyone else.  Her peace was perfect and her words were pure.

One of the most difficult things for me these last few months has been how “unfair” this has been.  Amy is good, pure, sweet, even fragile in all of the right ways.  She is someone you want to protect, someone you want to take the place for.  She reminds you of Christ, who paid the ultimate price for all of us — pure, innocent, and loving.  On the way out of her room her mother told me, “After everyone leaves tonight they are going to increase her pain medication so that she will no longer suffer.  This will allow her to sleep, and when she wakes up, she will be with Jesus.”

I realized then that I had not been standing at the bedside of a fragile girl; I had been standing at the foot of a giant.

Amy = Hope

Amy = Hope

Update June 19  – Amy went to Heaven this morning.  She will be with her earthly father and her Heavenly Father on Father’s day.   Please continue to pray for her mother.  For additional updates go here.

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67 Comments on “At the Foot of a Giant”

  1. dano smith Says:

    This is a great tribute to a mighty Oak disguised as a Willow. From the way she is described, she really is a great woman and she is great because she is good.

    May the God of all comfort be with her now- My heart knows He alone can give us What we need at this time.

    God hold her and bless her, her family and all who love her.

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for sharing this incredibly moving story. As always, the impact your family and your team has on the world continues to grow. Our prayers are with Amy’s family and the entire Ziglar family as well.


    David G. Johnson

  3. Kathy Snyder Says:

    Wow. Thank you for introducing me to such a phenomenal lady. My condolences to all at Ziglar for your immense loss.

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  5. scootersav Says:

    Truly acting and living with the heart of God. I know she will be missed … but what an unbelievable legacy! She reminds me of Mother Teresa – am reading about the beatitudes and Mother Teresa even had some of her own. Your story is so sad, but uplifting at the same time. Thank you for sharing,
    Cathy @rodgersrave

  6. Thank you for this courageous and beautiful post. Amy fulfilled her divine mission and what a blessing it must have been to have been graced by her presence.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

    With love & light
    Jen Charbonneau

  7. Tom, thanks for introducing us o such a great Lady. My prayers go out to her, the family and the team.

    Wendy M. Reynolds

  8. Russ Riddle Says:

    Very nice tribute, Tom . . . well said!

  9. jim ottinger Says:

    I had the pleasure of attending the “Get Motivated” seminar in Philly on 6-17-09. Wanted to share my best wishes to Zig and the team! It was great to hear him speak with love and passion. My prayers are with him for Gods peace, love and healing.

  10. Greg Barron Says:

    My wife and I have known and worked with Amy since she was 12. Gloria taught her ventriloquism and mentored her through the pageant years. We were there in the college years, her marriage (my wife was matron of honor…8 months pregnant!)and ultimately she and her husband moved close to us in the town of Aledo. Many nights, after her husband left, we sat on the porch for hours, just holding her, listening. She was a born “Polyanna” and even continued through her intial tragedies while her husband went on the missing persons list.

    Amy was a fixture in our lives and always late. We laughed together when she told us she was speaking on time mangement. “Can you imagine that?” she would say. She was there for the birth of all our children, their baptisms, graduations and most special occasions. She was family.

    Sunday when I leaned over and said goodbye for the last time, she whispered how proud of me she was for our missions work, how she loved me and then she looked me right in the eyes and said “and you will sponsor a table tomorrow night for the banquet, right?”. That was Amy.

    I will miss you until the other side of heaven Amy. I truly love you.

  11. tshombe Says:

    I feel honored to have read this beautiful tribute to Amy. The images of her seem to jump off the page with life.

    What a great reminder that we are not promised tomorrow, or even the next minute; we only have now.

    I also feel honored to have read your words, Tom, as I feel I know a little bit more about your own amazing character and compassion and love.

    Thank you.

  12. Christy Atkins Says:

    I was a classmate of Amy’s in high school and hadnt seen her in years, but reaquianted with her while planning our 20 yr reunion. She immediately offered any assistance she could give. After many emails of planning we finally met at the homecoming game on the reunion weekend. We talked as if we had been friends for years- that’s Amy’s style! I followed her on the Ziglar website and felt very proud for her of the successes she accomplished. I remember back in high school and her pageant days- she had such determination then, at such a young age! She is a true inspiration.

    I was not aware of her illness, and find this incredible loss painful to read- I can only imagine how those close to her are feeling today. My heart and tears go out to them. I do know for certain that God has a special place for her with him and she will continue to do greatness with him.

    An angel on earth and in heaven.

  13. Charla Shults Says:

    I was also a classmate of Amy’s and I am sadden by her untimely illness and passing. Zig, I truely hope that your organization will find a way to continue her mission in life. She was such an inspiration and a light in this world that should not be dimmed! My condolences to her family and her Ziglar family as well!

  14. Dan Snell Says:

    Thank You for the moving testimony to a special person Amy Jones. I DO remember seeing her speak at a Get Motivated! event. The JOY of the Lord, and her enthusiasm for Him, and life, shined forth brightly on her countenance and filled the arena.

    I recall thinking…’Wow! That young lady will be a long-time fixture with Zig and in national speaking’.

    This day…she is with the Lord, and her face shines even brighter. Thanks for the blog. The Ziglar’s made Amy’s time here one even more special as to her purpose under Heaven.

    God Bless Amy’s family and all of you.

    Dan Snell

  15. Tom,

    As I sit here crying I can only remember the wonderful smiles and hugs from Amy. She was so beautiful inside and out.
    I’m convinced my tears can only be for everyone except Amy. My Lord and faith assure me she wouldn’t trade places with any of us. Happy Father’s day Amy, to you and your father(s).

    James A. Smith

  16. Rena Arnold Says:

    I volunteeered with Amy during her Grubbs days. She was a light always with that beaming smile. I was so sad to hear about the trials she went thru with her husband. And her death, so untimely, has deeply saddened me. My prayers are with her Mom and friends and family. Blessings

  17. Amanda Says:

    Such a beautiful person inside and out.

  18. anita Says:

    Tom, this was beautifully written. I am deeply sorry for your loss, both personally and professionally. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and her family.

  19. Paul Simon Says:

    Thank you, Tom, for these powerful words and for sharing with us your insight into someone who clearly was a beautiful person.

  20. Brooke Staudt McDowell Says:

    My precious Amy was my ventriloquist coach for years. I started working with her at the age of 9 and now I am 31 and a wife and a mother. She was always one of my role models for so many reasons. She truly was a woman of faith. She worked through many obstacles with strength and a smile. I love her dearly and will never forget the impact she has made on my life and so many others. I am honored to call her my friend. Thank you for such a great tribute to such an amazing woman.

  21. Harry Tucker Says:

    Dear Tom,

    What a powerfully moving story. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of someone so wonderful in Spirit, so pure of heart and so loving to everyone around her.

    Please accept my deepest condolences. My prayers are with you, with the people she touched in so many transformational ways and with her family.

    God Bless you and thank you for sharing Amy’s life with us.


  22. Mike Graham Says:

    Amy Jones was a breath of fresh air from the first time I met her until the last time I saw her, which was about 2 years ago. She was always smiling, always happy, and always genuine! I watched Amy compete in the Miss Texas Pageant (which is how I knew her) and saw her just get better and better each year. She may not have ever worn that crown, but her heavenly crown is far more ornate and meaningful than the Miss Texas crown. She was truly an angel, and one that will be missed by her family, co-workers and friends. She was special.

  23. Cindy Says:

    It’s hard to write about how Amy touched my life. Amy was just Amy. She was beautiful, funny, transparent and one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. She had an amazing ability to look at a situation and come up with the most wonderful and clever ideas – right off the top of her head! I think the biggest compliment Amy ever gave to me was when she gave me a bunch of her beautiful clothes and thought I could actually fit into them. Amy, size 0. Right. I had the pleasure of working at Ziglar with Amy for two years. During those two years, she always made a special effort to talk to me whenever she was in the office. She would prance by my office in her oh so upbeat Amy way with that big beautiful smile spread across her face. She was always dressed to the nine’s – no matter what she wore, she looked like a million bucks. Of course she always had a story about what a great deal she got on her purse or her shoes or her clothes. She was an inspiration in every way possible. One look at Amy and you saw Jesus. I already miss her terribly. Donna, thank you for raising such a fine daughter – your butterfly. Thank you for writing about Amy, Tom. It was beautiful – just like her.

  24. Holly gaston Helsten Says:

    I went to school with Amy. I remember most her smile, it always was there and lighting up the room. I have fought colon cancer this year, so this hits home. I am thankful for knowing that she is with her fathers in heaven, and sad to know that her life here is done. I pray peace and love to her family, may they know God’s love and understanding right now. Peace be with you all. Holly

  25. Elizabeth Edmonson Says:

    I am just in shock. I met Amy at the Grapevine Opry in the early 90’s. I’d see her at other opry shows as well and we would laugh and cut up and talk about getting good deals on clothes or accessories. She’d fix my hair for me. She’d poof it all up on top. She loved big hair, jewelry and makeup as much as I did. We’d talk about the Lord and how Jesus touched our lives. I regret that I hadn’t seen Amy since 2000. She only lived a few miles from me but we were both busy. I am so saddened that she is gone from this earth. We need more angels here but I know she is with Jesus and will never hurt again. I will pray for her mother as well as the rest of the family. Thank you dear God for sharing Amy with us. She touched many and she did your will. We will miss her sweet smile and tender heart. I love you Amy!

  26. R. Lynn Lane Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Thanks so much for sharing that story and message.

    My wife is also going through stage 4 cancer and yes Life is not Fair. My wife and Amy sound so similar.

    Thanks again.

    R. Lynn Lane

  27. Charity Says:

    I didn’t know Amy but it sounds like she was truly an amazing woman. I pray for comfort and peace in a time when only knowing where Amy is now will be a salve to the pain of her not being on earth now.
    I will remember her family in my prayers.

  28. It is with a sad heart that I hear about Amy’s story. We were close friends in college, she was even a bridesmaid in my wedding. Almost ten years ago I moved to Nashville, TN and I regret to say we lost touch. I didn’t even know she was sick. Amy was a special lady and I’m thrilled to learn she was part of the Ziglar organization. I’m sure her speaking influenced many.

    As I look at a photo of the bridal party from our wedding, reflect on many wonderful memories with Amy and regret that I was unaware of her illness, her career in speaking and her recently released book… I realize there are others who I need to reconnect with. Life is short!

    I’ve ordered her book and look forward to reading it, with a box of tissues in hand. Her family will be in my prayers.

  29. Barron Klopfenstine Says:

    Wow!!! I know Amy’s mom and several mutual friends. This woman was incredible and I only wished I could have known her. To be on her death bed and to minister to those in the room really tells the story. She had such an impact on others because that is what her focus was, others. What a selfless person. We will be praying for Amy’s family and circle of friends. What a loss to all of you.

  30. Mike Says:

    My prays go out to the family and friends of Amy, May God find you peace

  31. Archie Winningham Says:

    You talk about angels in Heaven rejoicing! I’ll bet this is a glad day up there!
    Man, Ziglar Inc has to have some of the greatest folks in the world working for them, without a doubt!

    Thanks Tom for this post. And Happy Father’s Day.

    Archie W.

  32. Johnny Campbell Says:

    What a beautiful story, I did not know Amy but it reminds me so much of something a friend in a similar situation once told me. Her thought was that physical healing, though we so fervently pray and hope for it, is not the ultimate miracle. What God does in and through a faithful life far exceeds the physical miracles we hope for. Our prayers are with you, continue to share what God did through her!

  33. God is always at work weaving His beautiful tapestry. Amy’s life is a shimmering thread of hope and joy that God used to connect many souls to Him and to each other.

    I’ll never forget when I met Amy. For some 25 years, I had known of her, and she of me and my family. But we had never had the pleasure of meeting until about a year ago. When we finally met, it was as if our hearts had been knitted together in another time, another place. This is the supernatural work of God. I am just one of many blessed to have had this experience.

    Her legacy is so vast, touching millions of lives with hope, love, and joy – and accomplishing Twice As Much in Half the Time.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have no idea what it means for me to read this and know how happy Amy was even in her last hours. She was always such a fun loving person and she will be missed so much. I have many memories of her. Laughing together and watching her pageants. She was always so much fun to be with. May God be with you and Amy’s family through this difficult time, and always. God Bless.
    Mandy Fisher Mester

  35. Seema Says:

    Thank you Tom for sharing this wonderful story of a woman who made it her life’s work to touch as many people as possible. God Bless…

  36. Heidy Arrieta Zárate Says:

    Brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I am from Costa Rica. God bless you so much in this moment.
    Heidy Arrieta Zárate

  37. pbanks Says:

    Amy as her names sounds, and from what I read about here, she’s proved that while passing through this world, we all need to remember that one day we will not be here anymore, and that we should be conscious of the importance of making good impact on other people. We should be aware that whatever good or evil we might have done, someone, somwhere is watching, and watching to write down something that will be passed on when we’ve passed on

  38. Azubogu Ikenna Donatus Says:

    I really haven’t heard or read anything about Amy until now.What can i say, it kills me to know that a woman this brave,this courageous would leave a world so desperately in need of trail blazzers cum life changers like her.

    The Journey of the Sisters Web page bares it all.It’s clear illumination of what our Lord Jesus Christ imbued in those 14 women as well as their tenacious commitment to replicate same to both willing and unwilling persons is simply out of this world.

    Rest in the soft and gentle bossom of the Lord Amy, until we meet to part no more…Amen

    Many thanks for your one in a million tribute Tom;it sure sparked a huge reality check for me as well.
    Azubogu Ikenna Donatus

  39. I had the privilege of being Amy’s long distance Friend. My husband introduced her to me some years back at a Ziglar speaking workshop in Dallas…just before she was given the great opportunity to work with Ziglar Training.

    She welcomed me into her life like no one I’d ever known. She invited me numerous times to go to one of her conferences…and finally, my husband and I had the privilege of being her guests at a GM seminar in Topeka, KS.

    Man, was that fun!

    She wore me out with her energy! I just love her to pieces…and one additional neat thing, I spoke to my Mom about her numerous times. And my Mom went to be with the LORD two years ago…And now, they finally know each other in that glorious REST called Heaven!

    Shalom aleichem, Amy’s family…there is a big gap in this present world.

  40. Brian Byrd Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Amy’s story with us. I listened to a presentation that she gave on Time Management. She not only motivated me during and directly after the meeting, but still motivates me to this day. Her charisma is unmatched. I hope the presentations I give are 1/4 as meaningful to my audiences as hers was to me. Enjoy your REST Amy!


    My her soul rest in perfect peace. I love her already from the words written. GOD BLESS HER!!!

  42. Royann Williams Says:

    I am shocked and saddened to hear about Amy’s death. I am so honored to be able to call her a friend. I just found out today that she had stage four cancer and immediately wanted to call her, but it was at 6:40 this morning, so I went to the website instead and found out I was too late to talk to her. We had been playing phone tag with each other starting in May and she told me on my voicemail that she had something to tell me, but we never got to personally speak to each other.

    I just can’t believe I will never talk to her or see her beautiful face again.

    Thank you, Tom, for writing such a beautiful piece about her. She will forever live with me! I love you, Amy.

  43. John Says:


    Thank you for sharing that story and I will be saying a pray for all those who met this increadible person.
    I believe that her contribution will resonate thru out your organization for a long time. God continue to be of guidance and wisdom for all there. With kind regards

    John Newkirk

  44. Tom,
    As I read this amazing story about Amy, it made me wonder what people would have to say about me in that same situation. As you know, my parents started an orphanage in Honduras, taking in street kids. As my father was telling me stories and showing pictures of the kids, I was awed that he had done all of this on his own. (with my mom of course) I said, “Daddy, can you believe you have done all of this?” “No,baby, I haven’t done a thing. God has done it all through an old man who was just willing.” He’s right, but really, if they had not been willing to give up there lives here in America to go to an unknown country and start this orphanage, these kids would still be on the streets, or worse, dead.

    I want my life to count like that! May we all reflect on our own lives now and make each day count for all eternity!

  45. John Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute to Amy. Her love for Jesus was so evident in your post and is a wonderful reminder to us all. We are all leaving a legacy…this was an inspiration to allow God to use each of us as only He can. Our prayers go out to Amy’s mom and her family and friends.

  46. Brenda Says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with you, the Ziglar team, and all of Amy’s family and friends.

    Thank you for sharing the story of a truly amazing woman. I was very touched by the outpouring of love and respect shared by you and all the other posters.

    I for one will be forever inspired by Amy’s story.

    God Bless Amy.

  47. Geoff Koerner Says:

    Dear People, those who die in Christ are okay now, and those of us left behind are in pain. Here’s a poem I wrote for times like this. I hope it gives comfort. geoff koerner

    For Those Who Grieve

    Waves of deep feeling
    then surreal doldrums.

    Sympathies extended from friends
    appear as ghosts in an icy mist
    then disappear.

    Times of distraction and work lead one to forget
    for a time
    then it all comes crashing back
    tearing the wound open.

    Grief comes in waves
    of minutes,

    Despite all best efforts
    none can reach across the chasm and carry the pain
    for it is Designed that each must bear one’s own.

    The Everlasting One has led you
    through many darknesses before
    and remains faithful to do so now.

    We weep with you.

    g.b. koerner 2006

  48. Christopher Uy Says:

    To paraphrase St. Therese of the Child Jesus: “without suffering, we will never learn how to love.” I may not have known this woman, but the way the article is written seems to imply that she has been purified by circumstances and the same purity she attained, she made available to everyone. Thank you and rest easy knowing that you have touched a lot of lives.

  49. M Griffin Says:

    Amy sounds like a blessing to all those people that she touched in her lifetime.

    God bless her and may she have eternal rest.

  50. Daniel Mogere Says:

    This is really moving and touching. I believe that what Amy did to people’s lives is very great.
    When one reads Amy’s story(Eulogy) You are only left to say a short prayer for the her family and the Zig family at large.

    Together we will be at this perion of mourning.

    D Mogere-Kenya

  51. ibitayo Says:

    wow,from the write-up done by Tom and things said by other people, she just appears simply amazing to me, sweet and full of life.
    It reminds that I have now to live and make all the impact, treat people with love and respect..Happy she’s with her fathers.May the Lord comfort her mother and everyone else close to her in Jesus name.amen

  52. Tom & the Ziglar Team:

    Being a graduate of two Born to Win Seminars, I feel extremely honored and blessed to have had the great opportunity to have known Amy and to have learned from her.
    Your column was deeply touching and emotional and I do not believe anyone who has read this article could have walked away not being empowered by Amy’s enthusiasm for life and her commitment to following Christ.
    My personal condolences to the family of Amy Jones and the entire Ziglar staff.
    With love & total belief,
    Gina M. Bricka

  53. Thanks for sharing this. I believe Jesus pick up His son whenever He wants to and all we can do is cry for the missing and remember the great love history the person left in earht, its fears, its attributes, its grace, the pleasure of the day-by-day with it.

    I’ll pray to Amy’s mom. May God confort her heart with His wonderful grace and peace.


  54. sapphire14 Says:

    i think one should be happy that she has gone to her parents in heaven..


  55. Bob Says:

    The only thing I can offer is a sincere thank-you for sharing this and allowing us an ever-so-brief glimpse into the life of a young woman living out Gal 2:20. Blessings to all who were fortunate enough to have known Amy.

    Most Sincerely,

    Bob Martin
    Eagan, MN

  56. Jay Says:

    I wasn’t even planning in reading this. Just saw the title and here I am. May God comfort family and friends of this beautifull person. Great story.

  57. Alan Says:

    You guys rock and prayers and wished go to all of you

    You’ve been a delight through the years in my life


  58. To God be the glory, I would have been happy to meet Amy Jones .just reading the life story really touched my heart. I know her hands was in jesus hand. rest in peace. To her special friends hold up your heads and thank God Amy came in your lives……..PEACE BE STILL.

  59. Wow is all I can say. i read this word for word and felt that indeed she resonated christ. i love zig ziglar and am been subscribing to the newsletter for awhile now. I read it!! Mh prayers and condolences to her mother, fans and sthe 14 friends. I am going to check that out next

  60. Ted Shaw Says:

    As her heavenly Father gave us Amy as a wonderful gift, her heavenly Father now accepts Amy as His wonderful gift to Him. Miss her presence. Celebrate her life.

  61. Ed Williams Says:

    What a wonderful, moving and motivating tribute to a wonderful person! Your words carried such a powerful meaning for me. Thanks so much for sharing her personality, integrity and character with so many of us…
    Her family, friends, Zig and the world cry, but heaven smiles.

  62. angela Says:

    thank you for sharing this information about this wonderful person. May the God of Peace give comfort to all of you during this difficult time and may God help us to trust and know that He has us in His Hands. This information helps us to take a look at our own lives and ask ourselves if we are following Gods plan and touching other lives so that other people can reach their potential. Blessings to all of you-

  63. Barry Jones Says:


    Thank you so much for this moving tribute to my sister. Your family meant so much to her. We are deeply grateful for all the ways each of you contributed to Amy’s life and legacy.

    Warm regards,

    Barry Jones

  64. Tom: I had an opportunity to see and hear Amy speak at a Get motivated Seminar in Fayetteville NC a few years back.
    I remember her passion as she spoke and how she captivated the audience with her stories.
    I will keep all in my prayers.

    Kind regards,

    David Maxwell
    Fayetteville NC

  65. Tom,
    Thanks for bringing Amy to the forefront of so many with your wonderful tribute to one of kindest and loving people I have ever met. God’s blessing of bringing Amy into my life means so much to me.

    As you know I was there that first speech, helping keep the fears away as she was trying to keep her thoughts on your entire team and your Dad (Zig) had taught her. The butterflies were flying all around her as we prayed just before she was announced. There were so many child like questions as she tried to overcome those as she was being announced. Oh, that beautiful smile, the nervous laugh, the clutching of my hands. There was the giddy laugh and thrill of “I did it” as she came walking off the stage. As I met her at the stage the and her big smile she asked “How did I do?” “It was great and they loved it., but if I can give you so friendly advice, if you are going to talk on time management, you can’t go over your time”. It was such a wink from God for me for you to write about this. I will always have the vision of her “OH my gosh” as she pulled her hands to her face, all worried as if this would be the last time she would ever speak again. Of course over the years we laughed of this and it forged such a close bond. As you know each time just before she went on we prayed asking for the courage and that her words would reach those in attendance. I will also have the vision of her infectious smile when she would see me and we would laugh so much each time we were together!

    Thanks again for making me smile today, as it has allowed me to spend a little time with her today. Amy, miss your smile but have you in my heart. Someday we will be together again.

    Your Brother in HIS Arms


  66. Thomas Hurtt Says:

    Tom, thanks for this tribute to an amazing woman… I didn’t know her untill I read your story of her fulfilled life… I feel that Amy was lucky, to have lived a life so full of Gods Grace and Mercy. We all should be striving to live a life as she did, concerned with her fellow man right up till the very end. She obviously was in the hand of Jesus as she led others in His love and care… While we miss her and feel that it is unfair that she had a shorter time here on Earth than what we think is right, I believe that God in His wisdom Has more important plans for her in Heaven. Maybe God wanted a supreme new teacher for his Angels…. With prayers of comfort for Both her families,

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