Why Are You Here? I Can’t Understand You

One of my pet peeves in both the virtual world and the real world is not being able to understand what people are up to and why.  Sometimes this occurs unintentionally and other times it’s by design.  A few examples:

I get a voicemail from somebody who uses my first name, wants to set up an appointment, but doesn’t tell me why.

I check out somebody on Twitter but their background is dark and the lettering is dark so I can’t really read their bio.

Sales calls that end with no clear next steps.

Sales calls that don’t ask me any questions.

People who use automated following programs on Twitter and then end up following people who are doing the same thing, and then point each other to a money making deal that is not even something they talk about.

The answer to this issue is pretty simple:  Understand your purpose for being “here” and then clearly let everyone know.
Dad figured this out a long time ago.  His purpose for being “here” is to make a positive difference in your life.  It takes about 30 seconds for most people to figure this out!
Since this is Dad’s purpose he decided to never divert from it.  You don’t hear or see anything coming from him that would make you doubt that.

On Twitter your bio should give your purpose for being on Twitter, and then your tweets should not conflict with it.  When you leave a voicemail, your purpose for the call should be on the message – and then the meeting should back that up.

All this reminds me of a story about a farmer.  He had three sons between 9 and 15 years old.  Every day he got them up early to work on the farm and every evening he spent time with them doing farm work.  One day his wife told him to ease up a bit, that the crops were looking good and the farm was doing fine.  The farmer replied to his wife: “I am not raising crops, I am raising men.”

What’s your purpose?  Can people tell?

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8 Comments on “Why Are You Here? I Can’t Understand You”

  1. Linda Says:

    Great piece! Know who you are and boldly live your life! Too many people are too busy trying to become what they think will make them ‘in’ or ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ rather than remaining true to themselves and making an even greater impact in the world.

    I’m an encourager and cheerleader of peoples’ lives… its who I am and fully embraced. And, my Twitter bio states it loud and clear!

  2. Enjoyed your excerpt – very succinctly put. Thank you for the reminder to stay focused.

  3. Burl Says:

    Great post! I love your(Your dad’s) comments on Twitter. Just a side point. Not all of us are online for marketing reasons. I joined Twitter because I knew a friend was having a baby and that he would twitter as soon as his wife came through delivery. He did…with pictures! Now I have found it an enjoyable way to see snippets of people’s lives. Some I admire, others I care about.

  4. Chris Watts Says:

    You are so right in what you say. Plenty of times we don’t stick to the main reason I think because we’re not focused. If we allow ourselves to remain focused it will be much easier to get our points across. It’s all about the Big picture in life. Thanks for reminding me to stay true and to the point.

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  6. This makes a lot of sense.

    There’s so many twitter accounts like that. The ones I don’t follow.

    As for the bio, way too many don’t have a well thought out bio. Sometimes they don’t have one at all. Which makes no sense.

    My opinion: To get value out of Twitter people NEED to take care of the bio, avatar and background. A bit of attn to the most important areas and a bit of common sense can yield big results.

    Loved your post:)


  7. GREAT article! Thanks 🙂

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