Sales, Integrity, and Transparency

One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar (Dad) is “With Integrity you have nothing to fear because you have nothing to hide.”  In fact Dad has a sales CD program that has this quote on the cover with the picture taken of him from behind with the audience in the background.  There he is on stage, upright, in front of thousands of people in a huge arena, absolutely FEARLESS.

Are you fearless in your sales career and in your life?  Dad’s fearlessness comes from several things, but primarily because of his preparation, his integrity, and his faith.  These are three things that he was not born with!  He has had to develop each one of them – by choice.  The good news for all of us is that just like Dad we have this same choice.

This combination of preparation, integrity, and faith has given Dad a huge advantage in today’s world, something that really sets him apart, and that is Transparency.  Do you know anyone who is completely transparent?  Somebody who wears no “masks” and is just themselves all of the time?  Somebody who speaks fearlessly about every subject because they have nothing to hide?  Why not make that somebody you?  It’s amazing how much more energy you will have to do the things that matter.  Who knows, perhaps you could end up writing 28 books after the age of 40 and still be speaking all over the world at 82!

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3 Comments on “Sales, Integrity, and Transparency”

  1. Jim Thornber Says:

    As a minister, my pursuit of transparency is born directly out of my faith in God. However, I’m discovering that transparency and holiness is a gift of getting older, because pride and the need to prove myself successful isn’t the precious commodity it once was.

    Thanks for this post. It reminds me to continue to make purity of mind and transparency of heart life-long goals.



  2. ahrcanum Says:

    OMGoodness, hadn’t thought about your dad in years. I had to take his course almost 20 years ago to complete a GMC Truck Sales course program to get certified. I did, and sold more trucks than you can imagine.

    82 yrs young- wow. Hope the footsteps you follow in bring you great journey’s of happiness.

  3. ahrcanum Says:

    Maybe you would want to add a subscribe button that brings posts via email or to a reader like Google. just a thought.

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