Well Done

I love doing what we do.  I especially love working with those on our team.   Sometimes it’s tough working for Ziglar because in a way you always have to be “on”.  Many times I think we are held to a higher standard than the rest of the world.  That’s a good thing!

Our info email inbox got this message last night about one of our team members, Krish Dhanam.  A letter like this really makes my day:

Subject: Krish Dhanam

I just wanted to give a word of praise for Krish Dhanam.  Ordinarily, in my job in the service industry, I am the one that receives letters.  But I need to reverse roles.  Recently, Mr. Dhanam was a passenger on a flight that I was working as a flight attendant.  Unfortunately, he was seated beside a very agitated and not to be satisfied passenger.  My efforts to placate seemed to be ineffective.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was that Mr. Dhanam took the initiative to interact with his seat partner. His effect was totally calming and certainly turned what could have been a very long flight into a much more pleasant experience. How very refreshing to see someone actually live what they preach and walk what they talk. My hats off to him and many thanks.


A letter like this is what life is all about.  If you want to find meaning and purpose in your own life, a great place to start is by lightening the load of someone else.  Perform a random act of kindness today.  Helping yourself starts with helping others.

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2 Comments on “Well Done”

  1. Uday Nayak Says:

    Wow! Its such an amazing comment on Krish. I had the privelege of watching the webcast by him on “Finding Hope In Turbulent Times “” and it was so full of knowledge. I sincerely had a desire to watch Krish talk because he is an inspiration to me, Ii used to always wonder how can an Indian be at the Top of an American corporation. Hats off to you Krish and to you Tom, you both work great togehter and it showed in the webcast. I am sure this new venture will surpass all your expectation. Would love to be a part of it.I am sure ZIG would be proud of you both.

    Cheers…and SEE YOU AT THE TOP.

    Uday Nayak

  2. Richard Bates Says:

    I have followed Zig’s writings and speeches for over 20 years. I had the privilege to be close to you and your team while Marge worked with the Ziglar Corporation. That was a real treat. I had always known that those you associate with will form you in ways you may and may not see. So the chance to be around this team as much as possible was a pleasure and I learned so much. Krish was such an inspiration and I can just see him being able to calm an irate passenger. He has a charisma about him that can put you in perspective and make you think about what is right. I always loved to sit next to him and listen to his words when we had the chance while he was not on stage. I got one on one words of wisdom during the breaks at the functions that were over and above the treat that the audience had listening to him. Krish is a great man not just a speaker. I am proud to have known him, and proud to have had the opportunity to know you all. Hope to see you again soon.

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