A Song of You

Sometimes we get something so good we have to share!  This was written to Dad and I thought it was very inspiring.  Thank you Mimi!

A Song of You

If I could write a song of you
I’d do it all day long.
To celebrate your life my friend
and all you’ve meant to me.
I sat among your magic stars
with a hunger unrequited,
A thirst for life you instilled in me
that knows no bounds – no limits.
Not a day goes by I don’t teach your words and pass your torch along, and so my friend my song of you, is in my singing on.

With gratitude Zig,
Mimi Long – Atlanta

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3 Comments on “A Song of You”

  1. anita Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute to Zig.

  2. Sadiq Daba Says:

    This song… i just don’t know how you got inspired to write it but, all i do know is, is a lifting song and thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Andy Greider Says:

    Mimi Long, who wrote this poem, is an amazing woman – Google her and check out her background (great bio on the QAlias.com website.) Her lovely prose is rivaled by her far reaching ideas, humanitarian efforts and global outreach. Take a look – you’ll be even more amazed that you were at the poem!

    Andy Greider

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