Ziglar Success 2.0

(a sneak peak at today’s newsletter announcement)

This week is a momentous week at Ziglar as we introduce our new cornerstone program – Success 2.0.

The name Ziglar is synonymous with success, so much so that in 1998 the publishers of the … for Dummies books invited Zig Ziglar to write Success for Dummies.  In fact, all of Dad’s writings, speeches, and recordings center on the subject of success – how to get it and how to keep it!  But not just success as the world sees it; rather, as balanced success that covers every aspect of life – physical, mental, spiritual, personal, family, career, and financial.  As a reader of the Zig Ziglar Newsletter you know that we cover all of these areas on a regular basis.

So how is Success 2.0 different?  As you know, we now live in a 2.0 (two-point-oh) world where things are changing rapidly.  The economy, the political landscape, globalization and technology are rapidly altering the way we live our lives and impacting the decisions we have to make.

Success 2.0 recognizes that the foundational keys to success never change – honesty, character, and integrity — but that the way to access, learn and adapt success principles is changing at nearly warp speed.

Success 2.0 is simply a program that delivers the truths that never change on a technology platform that brings live, interactive webcast training to your computer.

Last year we surveyed you, our newsletter subscribers, and asked this question:  How can we better serve you? The answer that came back over and over again was this – Can you deliver personal and professional instruction through the Internet so that we do not have to spend so much time and money getting access to what we need?

Oh, and you asked one more thing:  Can you make it personalized and timely, based on what is going on in the world today?

I am proud to say that this is what Success 2.0 delivers.  Live, interactive video training on your computer.  Here is how it works:

*Have you ever watched a video online, like on YouTube?  Success 2.0 is live streaming video delivered in very high quality.

*To access the live Success 2.0 webcast all you do is register and then log in at the time of the event. Life-changing training is delivered to your computer – live.

*Success 2.0 training is interactive.  Once you register for the event you can send in questions ahead of time to the presenter.  Not only that, but our special chat feature allows you to ask questions during the presentation. Every Success 2.0 session will conclude with answering your questions.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I sure would like to go to that event, but I just don’t have the time or money,” then Success 2.0 is for you.

Success 2.0 comes to your computer, live, and you get to ask questions!  How sweet is that!

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing the first Success 2.0 webcast event in the next couple of days.

Best of all, your first experience will be as our guest!  We want you to experience the benefits of Success 2.0 first-hand.  I look forward to seeing you soon, live, on Success 2.0.

To your Success 2.0 future!

Tom Ziglar
Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

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15 Comments on “Ziglar Success 2.0”

  1. Philip Says:

    This sounds excellent. You can bet that I’ll be back to check it out.

  2. anita Says:

    “The more things change, the more you must depend on those things that never change.” – Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Tom, this sounds like a great program. As funny as it seems, I find myself increasingly grateful for the internet and the opportunities it affords for learning and connecting to others who inspire and challenge my thinking. We are looking forward to Success 2.0.

  3. Nelson Says:

    Can’t wait for success 2.0!

  4. let me know more on 2.0 program.
    pat bricker

  5. Bill Wallin Says:

    I am really looking forward to the Success 2.0 webcasts.

    Thank you Zig Corporation for bringing this new learning technology to us.

  6. Tom, I’m looking forward to Success 2.0. I love your newsletters and often share it with my training team and students. I’m looking forward to going to the next level with my Training business. I want to learn how to market my skills and turn them into products and services that I know will benefit others.

    I’m keeping your dad in prayer! Thanks for investing
    in us!

    God bless you both!

    Freya S. Williams, Author of Pray Before You Vote
    Adult Learning Coach and Trainer!

  7. David Says:

    What a GREAT idea! Once again, you are over the top, pulling us up. Thank you.



  8. I’m very excited about this. I’m in education (Technology Ed) and we are pushing more use of web 2.0 skills in the classroom. I hope to change careers within a couple of years and I am willing to make the investment in my future in the same manner we are encouraging educators and students. So bring it on, I’m ready!

  9. pincbubble Says:

    What an honor to have seen and benefited from your Dad’s teachings… and to you Tom for this amazing experience you are sharing with us. It just doesn’t get any better.

    All the best,
    Mimi Long
    Atlanta, GA

  10. Martha Dominguez Says:

    How much money is going to cost the Success 2.0?

    • Tom Ziglar Says:

      Martha – I love a direct question! Success 2.0 is a monthly subscription of $17.00. You get two live webcasts (think live interactive tv on your computer) and 24/7 online access to the Ziglar Vault which contains over 100 hours of our best audio and video training material. You can cancel at any time. Our marketing concept is simple – try it first on us at no obligation. We are announcing the program in the next 48 hours and you will be able to register for a free webcast so you can see how everything works – by experiencing it. We don’t have any fancy bonuses or extended free trials (not simple enough) – just a free guest pass – and then we ask you to become a member. When you sign up we charge your credit card immediately for $17.00, and then every month at the same time for the $17.00 (unless of course if you cancel). If you cancel, there are not refunds – that’s why we encourage you to test drive the free webcast first. Hope this answers your question!

  11. RbT NvRO Says:

    Tom, great job creating this. If I read the reply to Martha Dominguez, in this Success 2.0 subscription of $17, we also get to enjoy the Ziglar Vault too? if this is true, I’m completely sold my friend! This is too good to be true.

    2 Live Webcasts every month + Ziglar Vault = $17/month.


    I love you Zig! & all Zig corp. You guys are my HEROes!


  12. Jason Says:

    I think Success 2.0 sounds like a fabulous idea; I’m looking forward to joining in on some sessions very soon!

  13. Mark Bowser Says:

    Awesome Tom! I look forward to it.

  14. Tom Schulte Says:

    I think that I just might tell the folks at http://www.linked2leadership.com about this! I like it!

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