A Simple Success Formula

Right…. Ok, so there probably isn’t a simple success formula, but I think you will agree that without these four elements success will be very unlikely.  I also realize that there are more ingredients as well and I would love it if you would comment and leave the ingredients we should add.

(Hope x Attitude x Action x Skills) + Integrity = Long-term Success.

Hope – without hope, why bother?  Hope is the spark that lights the fire that encourages you to just start, to give it a try.  As John Maxwell says, “If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.”

Attitude – the right attitude keeps you going; the wrong attitude shuts you down.  Hope may get you started, but keeping your attitude right pulls you through the tough times.  Your attitude is your choice and your responsibility.  Once you realize you “own” your attitude, you can then create a winning attitude by filling your mind and your life with the good, the pure, and the powerful.

Action – nothing happens until your thoughts turn into behaviors – action.  The right actions done in the right way get results.  Even the right actions done poorly will get more results than taking no action at all.

Skills – learning new skills, honing the ones you have, preparing to be the best in all that you do, this separates the good from the great.  To go to the very top, attitude and action are not enough.  They both have to be driving great skills.

Integrity – who wants fleeting success? No one.  As Fred Smith said, “Every great failure is a moral failure.”  Don’t waste your time developing your attitude, your action plans, and your skills if you don’t do everything with integrity.  Your success will be fleeting and your life will be unfulfilled.

Recommendation: Review these five things every week and pick one to work on.  If you ranked your attitude as a 1 for the week, how much more would you have gotten done if your attitude was a 2?

So what other things do we need to add to our success formula?  Please comment!

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13 Comments on “A Simple Success Formula”

  1. Anish Dave Says:

    Excellent post as always. Simple, practical, yet profoundly important. Love following you on Twitter.

  2. Archie Winningham Says:

    Not much to add to this Mr. T.Z. except, A-M-E-N!!!

  3. Mike Says:

    God. Trying to appreciate success without God is like trying to live off cotton candy as nutrition. It tastes great, but it cannot sustain you.

  4. This is quite powerful. These things do get you closer to long term success. Skill, what successful person is not skillful?:) And then attitude, most successful people from my understanding have a positive thinker’s attitude. Action is a big one also, what is faith without action? The physics formula for POWER is WORK/TIME. How well a person can act on goals kinda determines how powerfully s/he is trudging forward.

    I want to burn this into my brain:D:D

    (Hope x Attitude x Action x Skills) + Integrity = Long-term Success
    (Hope x Attitude x Action x Skills) + Integrity = Long-term Success
    (Hope x Attitude x Action x Skills) + Integrity = Long-term Success

  5. Russ Riddle Says:

    Great advice, Tom!

    If I could add one thing, it would be “sense of humor.”

    The ability to laugh at yourself helps when you inevitably skin your knees along the way.

  6. suba Says:

    Malcolm Gladwell already made a name expanding on an already known fact that there is much more to success than a set of numbers or formula. Of course, that doesn’t mean that one should not have or try hard on these qualities. They increase the chances of success. Anyway, luck do matter. But better not to pay much attention to luck.

  7. Ruth Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I like this formula. I would add perseverance. Never every give up on yourself or your dream.

  8. […] post it here. Zig Ziglar is a Christian motivational speaker with high ethical values. Here is his formula for success. __________________ Kim Staudenraus Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor & Life Coach […]

  9. Pat Anderson Says:

    Great words to learn and live by. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so our lives can improve!

    Create a Great Day!

  10. Susan Martin Says:

    I like your formula and your article. I have a couple of things in mind, but the more you add, the less ‘simple’ your success formula will be. That said, I would add motivation, desire, effort, and having your will aligned with the will of the Lord. We also must consider natural ability or talent. For instance, no matter how much hope I have or how great my attitude is, or how many lessons I take and how much I practice, chances are I will never be successful as a country music singer. I don’t have the natural talent to do that.

  11. Kim Says:

    What about belief…I have seen ordinary people experience extraordinary results…because of belief.

  12. anita Says:

    Hi, Tom –

    I once heard Rabbi Daniel Lapin say that people who are enslaved, (be it to drugs, debt, alcohol, pornography, etc.) don’t have a dream. He went on to say that people who are truly free are in pursuit of a dream.

    Having a dream + the hope to achieve it, …helps with direction and purpose.

  13. Tammy Says:

    I liked the article, too.

    How about “courage”? I have discovered that it does take courage to have integrity and to stick with it, even when we are afraid of someone threatening or hurting us for having it.

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