Twitter – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A few days ago I read a post by one of my online mentors, Seth Godin, about Twitter.  I believe he is right in that by being free Twitter is potentially setting up for some major challenges.  I see no problem with Twitter offering different levels of use – free for people who want to connect with their friends and a fee for those who want to build or enhance their business.  The hard part is being able to tell the difference.  One thing is certain, the noise on Twitter is getting pretty loud. Some of my thoughts on Twitter:

The Good – Twitter has proven a great place to find people who have been impacted by Dad and then link them back to  I do this by following people who quote Dad, and by Tweeting Zig quotes which get re-Tweeted, enabling me to find others who have been impacted by Dad.  This is a perfect storm, finding those we need to find, and then equipping them to become megaphones for us.  Make no mistake, this does not happen by accident.  Our Tweets are a mixture of value and relationship-building designed to build trust so that people will link back to our business.

The Bad – the noise is getting really loud.  Now I see professional marketers operating numerous Twitter accounts using technology to Tweet automatically and build multiple followings at the same time.  I see this because I key word search Zig Ziglar and I will see the same Zig quote sent out at the same time by five different Twitter accounts, yet they all have the same picture or bio info.  This is spam and ruins it for everyone else.

The Ugly – I just discovered that we have a Zig Ziglar poser who is promoting a money-making scheme.  They “cleverly” posted Tweets linking to the real Ziglar website to make it seem like the authentic Zig, and then have promoted their own deal.  It amazes me that people actually believe they can steal integrity.  It is just not possible.

Whether you are on Twitter or not, here is the real-world application – integrity is the same in the real world or the virtual world.  If someone lacks integrity in the virtual world, you would be a fool to give them your real-world time and money.  Un-follow and Block are on Twitter for a reason, and you should use them in the real world as well.

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8 Comments on “Twitter – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

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  2. Well said. Integrity matters no matter the medium.

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  4. Great points, I find I am un-following more people these days than I am following. I’m whittling down to the people who post worthwhile stuff and dropping the promoters.

  5. Tony Halvarsson Says:

    I have no problem with Twitter. And I agree on the good and bad about it.

    But when I see people look down on their phone during an important meeting or a great speech to twitter, it becomes a big source of irritation for me.

    If a held a speech and half of the room was looking down on there phones I would leave the room.

    Use Twitter, but please do it with taste.

  6. Donna Martin Says:

    I will have to agree with you. I have observed the very same thing. I have seen some “amazing” ads on Twitter. Keep it real.

  7. Great post Tom, and dead on!

  8. Peter Horn Says:

    Its as if we vibrate in the same frequency band, Tom. Just yesterday I had a similar conversation with my sister-in-law, who is considering getting into Twitter. I’m going to send her a link to this blog entry, since I can’t seem to say it any better!

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