Zig Ziglar talks about Twitter

Dad and I had a short conversation about Twitter and how it is impacting our business and our messaging. Check out the Video.

Many people ask me almost every day if Dad uses Twitter. He is not personally on Twitter, but he and I do talk about it regularly and he loves the fact that his message is reaching thousands of people in a new way. It always amuses me that people think Dad is “old school” just because he is 82 and has been in the public eye for over 40 years.

The reality is, Dad is one of the most creative, innovative thinkers of our time – not because he invented something, but because he is able to communicate the things that never change — principles, values, and truth — to a world that is always changing.

This is the sweet spot for Twitter and your business. Twitter is an awesome tool that enables you to reach a rapidly changing world real-time. If you ignore principles, values and truth, then Twitter will not work for you long-term. However, if you use it to share truth and to serve your fellow man first, then you will create a great Twitter reputation that will help you in everything that you do.

Like Dad says:

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

Success with Twitter is all about trust. Trust is built when you share truth and your focus is on helping the other person first. So the question is, is your Tweet, or your email, or your marketing piece, or your phone conversation, or your group presentation, building trust?

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8 Comments on “Zig Ziglar talks about Twitter”

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  3. Matt Domerofski Says:

    Thanks for the video! I really enjoyed it. I’ll be looking for more in the future.

  4. Darla Says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great message Tom 😀
    My son and I enjoyed
    watching you and your
    dad’s video about
    Twitter. We also
    enjoyed the video
    about The Wise and
    Foolish Builders.

  6. Twitter is revolutionizing social media and communication. It’s one of the only social networks I use and I find that it’s a great to to connect with your friends instantly. It’s also a great way to spread the word (like you do with your Twitter account) to massive amounts of people. Of course having 2,000 followers doesn’t mean that 2,000 people are reading what you say, however that is a great number even if there’s a lesser percentage watching.

    Twitter is another one of those things that is so crazy that everyone doubts it at first, and then joins it later. Like, for example TV, the phone, etc. All those inventions that eventually rocked the world.

    I think it’s great that your dad is talking about Twitter. It is getting a lot of attention these days. In Feb it hit 19 million.

    If your dad does decide to get on Twitter make sure you let me know!:) I’m usually on it: @clintonskakun


  7. Sean Wood Says:

    You are doing a great job in bridging Zig’s message of principles, values, and truth into a web 2.0 world. No matter the medium, integrity must remain.

  8. Tom – everything is about trust. Twitter is no different. It’s hard to watch all the charlatans out there pretending to be someone/something they are not. Thanks for sharing the straight truth from the Ziglar family.

    How do you decide who to trust? A pattern of behavior, over time. A gut feeling. And, when you can, by looking someone in the eye and peering deep into their soul, to know who they really are.

    Best of luck to you. Please let me know if I can ever be of service.

    @philgerb on Twitter 🙂

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