Gun Control, Sex Education, Evolution, and Dog Poop

This post has some seemingly random thoughts, but I thought I would provoke some thinking.

Is it just me, or has gun violence just gone nuts?  I know many will call for gun control.  I am not sure how effective that would be since there are so many millions of guns out there.  There are also the cases where children find a gun and a tragedy occurs.  I think this is where we can learn from sex education.

Clearly it’s a good point that people make that sex education needs to be taught in schools because kids are going to “do it” anyway.  Well, since kids are likely to find a loaded gun (especially if they are looking), doesn’t it make sense to teach them safe gun handling techniques at school?  Perhaps a trip to the shooting range with an instructor will help prevent disaster?  Obviously, giving a 12- or 13-year-old the knowledge of how to handle a loaded gun, with instructions to just leave it alone, will cut down on the tragedy of using it incorrectly.  If they know how dangerous it is they will certainly not be tempted to try it, will they?  (Never mind that shooting a gun can be thrilling and really fun.)

And then there is the whole evolution thing.  This evolved into this and that evolved into that.  To me that is all boring talk.  What is mind-blowing to me is all of the natural laws that are involved that make life possible at all.  So, how does a natural law come into being, that’s what is interesting to me.

Finally, dog poop.  For some reason dog poop has become a symbol to me.  Imagine making your perfect gourmet meal.  Now bake a little bit of dog poop and crumble it up.  How much poop can you add to your gourmet meal before you won’t touch it?  Even though the poop is tasteless and harmless, if you are like me you won’t tolerate any of it in your meal!  So why do we allow negative and impure things into our minds and our mouths all day long?

Oh, and another random thought.  Why does it seem like the people who don’t want God telling them what to do are many times the same people who do want government to tell them what to do?

And since transparency is one of the things I believe in, here is where I stand.  Neither sex education nor gun education should be taught at school.  I have a concealed-carry handgun license.  I don’t believe in evolution.  I do believe in God.  I believe you can change your life by changing what goes into your mind – the choice is yours.

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6 Comments on “Gun Control, Sex Education, Evolution, and Dog Poop”

  1. preston woods Says:

    who knows who would rather have government control them rather than God? Certainly not me. I have more government control placed over me then most anyone could handle being a “rehabilitated sex offender” whos only crime was not pleaing my case in front of a second jury as God was instructing me to do. Maybe some day soon He will see fit to move the hearts of the parol and pardons board of Florida and my pardon requests from a “crime” committed 7 years ago will finally be granted and I can live my life in peace once more. Until that day I will praise Him just the same and rely on peace that passes all understanding!

  2. Tony Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

    I am fan of your blog and follow it on regular basis, but this is my first comment.

    I think Guns should not be a part of school at all, what signal does that send out? When do you need a gun really? In Sweden we don’t sell guns in stores at all, there is a lot of requirement before you even can get one. The parents are the problem, do many broken families create confused and unhappy kids. If you kid find a gun somewhere and use it, believe me you failed as a parent. Is the parent’s job to learn right and wrong and the governments job to set up rules. Exchange the idea of gun control with a class in etiquette and moral instead and the value of taking responsibly for your own life.

    Evolution theory is knowledge, does not matter if you believe in God or not. There is certain fact that has been present during years of study by the best people in the world. I think, as a believer is important to be open for all new knowledge.
    Otherwise it’s like that Karate black belt masters who everyone thought was extremely dangerous and unbeatable until the truth came as a thunder strike. The appearance of UFC (Ultimate Fighter), it was clear that any college wrestler could totally dominate them. Because the train harder and more effective.
    Don’t excuse you of not learning because of the bible, I think a part of life is to question and search for the answer. If not, why did we get this fantastic brain in the first spot. To limit people (even worse kids) of freethinking because of religion is not the right way according to me. I don’t tell my kids about the unbeatable Karate and Kung Fu master and make it as rule for the mind, I ask them to train hard and see for themselves.

    Tony, 34 year old
    Stockholm, Sweden

  3. Rick London Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Americans have the right to guns. It’s in our constitution. I am neither liberal nor conservative. I abhor labels as that is how Goebbels made the Nazi machine work. I do not give or take labels. Nor should any American. I am a strict Constitutionalist who happens to love our country. More often than not, my religious beliefs concur with the Constitution, occasionally not. That’s ok. We are not a nation of religious opinion but of laws; many coincide, thank God with the Ten Commandments. Good thing. I like your writing, Tom and admire Zig greatly.

    PS: You are right, sticter gun laws won’t deter gun
    crime. Gun safety education will help immensely plus a law making screening a necessity (buyers background) etc at gun shows (this is where most the SN Specials are so easily bought (and in quantity).

  4. Gina Says:

    The entire City of Pittsburgh is in disbelief this week with the shooting of three veteran Pittsburgh Police officers shot by a young man who obviously drew them into an ambush. I cannot even begin to fathom how their families are dealing with this very senseless tragedy.
    And do you know what over?????
    His dog peed on the carpet in the house. Even living with his own Mother, she was not able to control this young man.
    What even amazes me more is the fact that at the jail, this young man is under “suicide watch”.
    Am I angry? Numb would be more like it. All I can offer is a list of things as a family we do not tolerate in our home. Hopefully it can be of help to others.
    1. Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco use of any kind, any time, anywhere, end of story.
    2. No offensive language – have you ever tasted soap?
    3. We are never late for appts. It is unprofessional.
    4. We NEVER miss Church. The only time we miss church is if we are too ill or have a family member that cannot be left alone.
    5. Guns are not even a consideration – I cringe every time hunting season comes around. I don’t think I could shoot an animal who has not asked to be hunted down.
    6. We have one cat. She is loved and adored as one of God’s creatures. We could not have asked for a more loving animal than our Sarah. She is a beautiful cat who is fed and taken care of and we love her.
    7. We surround ourselves with good books & videos and participate in all the activities our church offers us.
    8. I just wish everyone could just know Jesus the way we do or at least strive to have a relationship with the Lord.
    Thanks for letting me write.

  5. Tom, another great post (and generating some interesting comments. May I call this a Tom Ziglar quote?

    “I believe you can change your life by changing what goes into your mind…”


  6. Archie Winningham Says:

    Hey Tom,

    The thing about this blog post I like most is concerning the dog poop! It reminds me of the story your Dad told about the young son that wanted his dad to not be so strict and “just this one time” let hm go see a movie with immoral content. His dad then put just a trace of dog poop in the brownies and told his son that surely just a trace wouldn’t hurt. Probably the crap at the movies was much worse the crap in the brownies!!!


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