It’s funny how hope works.  Without hope you have no reason to try anything different or new.  Why bother?  Sometimes people are hopeless and they don’t even know it.  Many call this “stuck in a rut.”  I think hopelessness is a better description.

With hope everything changes.  Suddenly the poor student has a reason to study.  The tired worker finds “pep” in their step.  The small business owner digs a little deeper, innovates a little more.  Things start to change.

Hope has little to do with logic, and everything to do with emotion.  When the feeling of hope starts to build, the mind and the hands start to move.  Hope creates action.  Action creates change.  Until hope enters the picture, change is unlikely because the action doesn’t happen.

Hope can come unexpectedly.  And when it does, it’s like a crisp spring day, clean and fresh, and full of possibilities.  Hope is also very contagious.  Hope can also be dashed easily, especially if you don’t know how to create hope or know the source of hope.

We received an email yesterday from a lady filled with hope.  She is between jobs, hunting for a new one, and realized she needed to have the right attitude in order to give a great interview.  She started listening to Dad’s program, How To Stay Motivated, and reciting the positive affirmations card we provide.

Hope is contagious.  Her boyfriend saw her doing this and liked what he saw.  He is a long-haul truck driver so he had plenty of time to listen, and he started saying the affirmations with her.  They both felt silly at first.  But hope kept them going.

The lady realized her man had trouble reading some of the words.  He didn’t have much hope in school so he finished only the 9th grade.  Seeing his hope rise she purchased a book so she could teach him how to read.  Now his confidence is soaring – all because of hope.

When you listen to the pure, the positive, and the powerful on a regular basis you create hope in your own life.  Hope is contagious – who knows, the person you give hope to could end up someday being the role model to your kids.

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7 Comments on “Hope”

  1. klemons Says:

    Wow, this is a good one Tom! So true.

  2. Archie Winningham Says:

    Ziglar Inc. = Hope. Right on Tom! Keep em coming Bro.

    Also, don’t forget, speaking of “hope”:




  3. Well, I was just sitting here feeling a little pitiful and then I saw your post on Twitter. I just posted that I was looking for a way to cheer myself up and there you were.

    I think I lost sight of my hope for a little while, but thank to ya’ll I see a glimmer of it, and I am sure that with a few good podcast listens I will be better than good again.

    Thanks, Tom & Zig!


  4. DFMESAS Says:

    Been following you on Twitter. Thanks for sharing all the great quotes from Papa Ziglar. I enjoyed this article on hope and I strongly agree with you on this sentence: “When you listen to the pure, the positive, and the powerful on a regular basis you create hope in your own life.”

    Oh so true my friend!

  5. Justin Pierpoint Says:

    Got here through a Twitter link.

    Hope is indeed vital for life – without it we may as well give up.

    Thanks to the Ziglars for providing the tools to gain it and the push to use them.

  6. Tom –
    Without Jesus, there is no Hope. Hope is a word that has been going around a lot these days. The President has spoken of it, Joel Osteen speaks of it, our own Pastor has spoken of it.
    I truly believe the economy is the six inches between our ears and what we choose to listen to. I’m a firm believer in my own economy and the one I cultivate in my own home.
    I just keep remembering that Jesus died on the cross so that we may all enjoy Eternal Life. Even the man who hung on the cross next to Jesus had Hope.
    Hope, in some cases, requires preparation. If you have a math test and you haven’t studied – there is a “chance” you can pass if you’re really good at math and are one of those people who don’t have to study. I had Hope that I really needed to study!!!
    We all have Hope that on the commute to work in the morning we won’t be cut off, tailgated, or be involved in an accident; when we’ve done all we can do to be safe, there is Hope we will arrive at our destination in safety.
    And we Praise God for all his blessings!

    With belief,

  7. Raghu Says:


    Though i trust and follow the principle, i could not articulate it to my peers and subordinates.

    The article has helped me a lot to do that and thanks a million.



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