Just Thinking….

I heard a quote similar to this one on a podcast this week:

You can tell when truth finds its mark, just like a stone thrown at a pack of dogs, by the one who barks the loudest.

Take a little bit of time after you read this post and ask yourself two questions:

     Is there something you have heard recently that is making you “bark”? If there is, you need to consider it, because you could be on the wrong path, or you could be right and you need to stand up and speak out.

    What makes our culture, our media, our government “bark”? Don’t join the “barking,” instead pick up the truth.

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2 Comments on “Just Thinking….”

  1. Archie Winningham Says:

    Yep, that’s definitly something to consider.

    Speaking of “culture, media and government” someone will be “barking” on April 23rd when Dave Ramsey addresses our whole nation. Have you heard about this? http://www.townhallforhope.com/index.cfm?event=displayHome

    Thanks Tom for this awesome blog site!


  2. YES – I went to my church to watch the Dave Ramsey Town Hall for HOPE. His presentation was awesome! Dave is straightforward and to the point – he takes no prisoners where finances are concerned.
    And . . . if anyone out there doubts anything that he said or questions his methods, e-mail me because I know, believe me, I know the heartache of not following his practices to the letter.

    I wrote Dave Ramsey a letter not too longer after my husband and I finished his 13 week Financial Peace University Course to thank him personally for leading us to the Lord. A few months later, a letter came in the mail to us from Dave – it was awesome.

    That story is a little too long for this forum, but I do want you to know that this works:

    Knock and it will be opened unto you.
    Ask and ye shall receive.
    Seek, and ye shall find.

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