When You Change What Goes Into Your Mind

Her is a letter of encouragement and triumph from a reader just like you:
Dear Tom

Thanks for inviting me to share your Dad’s impact on my life.

In late 2002, my daughter asked me the question I knew was coming, “Why do you smoke?”

Being the honest person I thought I was, I gave no excuses and said, “I really don’t know.”

So, with this in mind, she kept at me to give up.

I was very scared. To be honest, I thought I was not capable and would not last the course. That’s when Zig came in. Previous to my daughter requesting me being smoke-free, I had purchased a Zig’s Goals cassette.
I remember the story of Tom Hartman and his determination to lose his weight. When he saw himself as someone who could lose the weight, I thought I could use that example. I started seeing myself as a non-smoker.

It took a lot of effort.  Again, Zig, nothing worthwhile is easy and takes a lot of goals. This started with being smoke-free for 10 minutes, going to 15 minutes, and then gradually an hour, then a day. I have now been smoke-free since March 3, 2003.

However, that is just a start. You see, what goes into your mind really does affect the outcome. Through the tapes, CDs and books, I now know Zig is here just to help us all. My daily prayer is that I continue to seek and use Zig’s wisdom, stories and humor. He has sought a much greater wisdom himself.

And here’s my advice; Zig has to be used all the time. When you feel up, listen to him and read him. When you feel down, listen to and read him. If you are down, you can be caught up in a lot of things that are not your concern and could have a negative influence on you. You don’t drive your car and on purpose run out of petrol (gas) and place yourself at the mercy of others to help you. This is a Zig quote; however, I’ve only remembered it in part, not verbatim. More self-talk needed!

And it’s the self-talk that does it. Remember to talk to yourself in good, clean and positive language that will help you beyond anything you possibly hope for. “You put the good stuff in, you DO get the good stuff out.” Keep faith in what you do and hope the future can be even better.

To you Tom, again, thank you for the chance to share.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Here is a challenge for you.  Whatever goal or project you want to accomplish in the next 30 o 90 days, why don’t you add into the mix listening to Zig for 15 minutes a day while you are driving or doing something else?  That’s what Paul did.  The best part?  There are no downsides to this idea!

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5 Comments on “When You Change What Goes Into Your Mind”

  1. Chris C. Says:

    I have listened to all of Zig’s podcasts http://zigziglar.libsyn.com/, and read a couple of his books. The beauty of Zig Ziglar’s message is its simplicity. But we do need to keep reminding ourselves of what is important, and Zig helps us do just that.

  2. Paul Says:

    Again, Tom thanks.
    Its just a joy to share it and you never know it might just help. I know Zig will read this and that’s good enough for me.

  3. Paris Vega Says:

    Hey Tom,
    I started listening to your father at work and I’ve noticed a big difference in my attitude and general outlook towards my work and coworkers. I’m a graphic designer and website developer, so I spend alot of time on the computer. Part of my daily routine is listening to the podcast of your Zig’s live recordings. Thanks for this resource. You guys really are changing the world one person at a time.
    -Paris Vega

  4. anita Says:

    Tom, thanks for posting another inspiring story, – I never tire of hearing these!

    I have been listening to Zig regularly for many months (although 15 minutes would never be enough). In addition to helping me stay positive, I have found this daily attitude adjustment makes me more aware of my self-talk and helps me focus on responding rather than reacting. Most importantly, at the end of the day, it enables me to greet my family with a smile. Not an “I’m-putting-up-a-good-front-but-it’s-really-bad-out-there” smile, but a genuine heartfelt smile, accompanied by a funny, encouraging, or inspiring story, anecdote or quote.

    Truthfully, in this current climate of overwhelming pessimism, I would be lost without Zig! Thanks again for all you do!

  5. Steve Says:

    The Bible talks about the same kind of thing. Phillipians 4:6-7 states that we are to be continuously thinking about that which is true, noble, pure, lovely, excellent, and admirable. This would put the Bible first and foremost, but I think we can find some room for Mr. Ziglar on the list as well 🙂

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